November 2001 Questions

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sir, i am asking about a dark blue rectangular rather long neck bottle i have with "a. chevalier" on it. i was wondering if you could tell me anything about this bottle. it has a thick smooth lip that appears to have had a cork as a lid. it's a very attractive bottle and i think it might be quite old i've seen pictures of this type of bottle before but never took much notice until i acquired this one. i would appreciate any help you could give me. thank you so much for your time. gratefully, laura dresser

My best guess is that the bottle is a hair bottle - "S.A. Chavalier's Life for the Hair." The product was made from about 1860-until past 1916.  Yours is possibly a later bottle since the earlier ones are embossed as stated above.  They, unlike yours however are not cobalt but aqua. Digger

This is probably going to be an easy one for you. My wife and I frequent estate sales here in our locale, and we recently found this piece (photo included.) We actually only bought it because it was an attractive piece, but I would like to know what, if any, History or value it might possess.

Your milkglass jug is clearly an alcohol container since the picture of the base you sent clearly shows the "Federal Law Forbidss the Reuse or Resale of this Bottle." As stated numerous time before in Ask Digger months, this means the item was made between 1932 and 1964. The picture of the base also suggests you bottle might have been made in 1957. The glass is beautiful in the opalescent coloration. Maybe a reader can help. I'd suggest it would have a value of $40-50. Digger.
Reader's Response:
This Bottle is a Jim Beam Bottle and can be found in the Evergreen Jim Beam club site. Here's the address:
This bottle is called the 1957 Royal Opal. Thanks, Al Kuehne

Thanks Al your help is greatly appreciated. Digger

I bought a box lot at an auction and found a bottle I just can't identify. Can you help?? General Description: A WW1 single engine monoplane with the pilot's head & shoulders on top. It's one piece with the fuselage sitting on two main wheels and the tail. Where the engine is, a metal screw on cap with prop. Bottle Color: Clear glass with top surface of wings painted silver, wheels painted red, pilot helmet head & shoulders painted black, pilot's face painted tan. Cap: Silver painted metal with red painted, spinable (stamped metal) prop attached by rivet. Bottle Type: ABM Measurements: Nose to Tail - 5" Height (to top of pilot's head) - 1 5/8" Wingspan - 3 3/4" Mouth of Bottle - 13/8" Markings: Top of wing - WWI era roundells on both left and right sides of wing (large star inside circle) Fuselage Sides - VICTORY of one side, and SPIRIT OF GOODWILL on other. Underside of Wing - U.S.A. V.G. CO. 3/4 OZ. J'NE'T AVOR. PENNA That's all I have

Candy container like yours became quite popular after the First World War. Yours was made by the Victory Glass Company (V.G.) and dates from 1928-1931. This company was located in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. These sell in the $44-50 range. Digger

Thank you for reading my email. My boyfriend is working on the Big Dig in Boston and they have found some bottles around the Boston Harbor. The one that he gave to me is quite unusual in that it cannot be stood up as the bottom is not flat, but rounded. There is a seam but it is primitive and does not extend over the top of the bottle. The top "lip" of the bottle is quite fat. The bottle is about 6-8" cylinder and about 3" around. The glass is extremely thick throughout the bottle. It is sort of blue green. There is no writing on it at all. He seems to think that it might have come off one of the old ships and instead of standing up, that it might have hung from something. Any information that you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you Have a great day :)

He found a round bottom soda bottle. You'll find many of them referenced here in other Ask Digger months. I'd suggest you tell him you want one of the pretty deep blue ones with writing on it. Hold out for a good one. Try a search on my site using the words 'torpedo' or 'round bottom' to learn more. Digger

I have a bottle of which the base is about eight inches across with the total height being about 24 or so inches as it goes up from the base it balloons out to a mid diameter of about 24 inches then tapers of for the last 6 inches to dorm a neck with an inside diameter if about 1&3/4 inches then has what looks to be a top shaped similar to a coke bottle as to be able to accept a cap or top of some kind the size of the top ia about 2&1/4inches again with an inside diameter of about1&3/4inches.The bottom as I stated was about 8 inches and has a obvious spot where it was terminated by the glass blower, O yeah it is hand blown, it also ha lots of little bubbles in the glass and it is green a little darker than coke bottle green. Years ago I was told it was a wine nectar bottle I really don't have a clue. It has a capacity of about 7&1/2 gallons. Got any idea to what I got. Thanks Bob

Sounds like a demi-john or carboy to be exact. These were made to hold chemicals. Yours probably dates in the 20th century between 1920-1940. Often these bottles originally were surrounded by a wooden crate to protect them from breakage. They were used in companies employing chemical or chemistry departments. Value $20-30. Digger

Good evening, I have a bottle that I can not locate any information on at this time. I am hoping that you can give me a hand. the bottle is marked with a capital B then W. H. Borchardt next line Registered next line Waterbury, next line Conn. The bottom is very much like a smooth base with a circular mold mark that states 80, It appears to have been marked twice, it also looks like it has a c, also marked twice. It looks like top is either an applied blob or and applied double collar. I am very interested in knowing what the bottle was used for and it's age. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Sincerely, Dennis Wolfe

I'd bet it is a soda bottle but I could not find the company listed. It sounds like an 1880-1910 bottle. Digger.

I have a set of milk glass spice bottles in a rack. They appear to be really old. They are approx. 3 to 4 inches tall with red tin lids. The names of spices are written in red. The figures on each one are Dutch people painted in blue such as woman and goose, windmill etc.. There are 8 bottles--salt, pepper,cinnamon , nutmeg, cloves mustard, ginger and allspice. On bottom it says made in usa with 2 numbers on each bottle one number beneath the other. The rack is about 8 inches wide and about 4 inches at tallest point. Do you know anything about these, value etc.? Thank you barry

Milkglass spice bottles like you describe are fairly common and typically date from the 1940-1950 period.  The sets shown above sell for $20-40.  Digger.

I have a smooth straight bottle ,cylindrical about 2 inches wide,8 inches tall, clear with embossed numbers on the m in the middle of an almost square box..... bottom narrower than top of box. top corners of box are not squared off curved in corners. also has a 2 under the  M  with te 35210 over M.   if u could fid or have information for me on ths bottle that u could send me i would be most grateful. thank you faith davis  

I could not find the glass mark and without a picture, I can't tell you much sorry.  Digger

My husband found several old bottles under the streets of New Orleans while working and we would like to get an appraisal on them has the pontil mark on the bottom it is a  light green in color and has  the blob top, on the front it says FACONANT, next it has a  N 252  i can not make out the next word, but then it has a N.O. under that word . The other bottle has a blob top ,but no pontil mark and no seems. It says  MICUELPIRIS MINERALWATER No 334  Royal Street N.O.  Thank You very much.

F. A. Conant was an early manufacturer of mineral water in New Orleans.  He began manufacturing about 1842 but he was not at the 252 address until about 1851The oldest bottles of course are pontiled and common in several colors.  In aqua, they sell for $100-175.  Condition is very important especially since there are a number of these around.  I am not familiar with the other company it could be rare.  with a smooth base I would say the value is limited to $100-125 max.  The actual value is probably in the $30-40 range.  Digger.


Hello We recently helped our friends out by tearing and burning down their old house. When they were digging out around the basement they found a bottle. It is completely intact no chips., although it is a strange color. It is kind of comparable to blue carnival glass. Anyway the out side of the bottle has that name Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure and underneath it Rochester, NY. It has a picture of a safe with wheels on the front. We were wondering if you could give us an idea of its approximate date and maybe value.Your time to this small but interesting find is appreciated Sincerely,Stacy Darrow

I am guessing that the strange color is a discoloration caused by time in the ground.  this iridescences can have a sort of rainbow effect.  If the bottle is wet and held to the light I am sure you will find it to be amber colored.  If not then it is relatively new circa 1970 or so and a reproduction.  Warner's Safe bottles from Rochester, New York are known in aqua, shades of amber and clear.  Click on the graphics below to see a larger version of the trademark (left) and and 1900 era newspaper ad for the product.  Warner's began in business in 1878 but the business did not take off for a few years. Value in dug condition is about $15-20.  Digger.

wpe9.jpg (36967 bytes)

warnerad.jpg (197463 bytes)

Do you have any information about this jar - The Dominion Wide Mouth Special" It was made by the Dominion Glass Co. based in Canada and I think production started in the early part of the 20th century.Thanks Francis

The jars lists in the Red Book of Fruit Jars for $1-2.  From that I gather they are common and easily available.  Yes it is a Canadian jar.  Digger

Hello.  My name is Jeanine Murphy.  I live in South Central Pennsylvania.  I am in a desperate search for an antique bottle, I am not really sure what it looks like.  I do know that it is a soda bottle.  The name of the company was Whitsel's bottling works and that it was bottled in Three Springs Pennsylvania.  The company was later sold to the Wible's.  The Whitsel's are my family, so I am looking for a piece of my heritage.  They are difficult to come across, so I am seeking out ways to purchase one.  That is why I am emailing you.  Do you know where I might be able to find one in good condition?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jeanine Murphy

There are lots of bottle shows and collectors in Pennsylvania.  You can begin your search by attending any of these and talking to collectors.  The best place to find one yourself is in the town of Three Springs.  Try any antique stores or mall in the area as well as tracking down local collectors.  I'll leave your question posted.  Maybe someone knows of one.  Digger.

Glad to find you for I haven’t had any help anywhere...yet. I'm sure you'll be able to recognize my items: Two glass milk bottle covers 1. Sanitary milk cover 2. Handy milk bottle cover. I know these are old (I remember glass milk bottles delivered to the house early in the morning, and on a cold day, the upper frozen cream (1inch or more) is still fresh in my memory for it was delicious) What can you tell me about them? Thanks Barbara

I am not sure if the covers are glass or the milk bottles from your description.  I am not an expert on the milk category and I know there are thousands of covers around.  Your first one sounds like a generic cover. the United Dairy of Barnesville, Ohio trademarked and used the word "Handy" for their products.  They had been using it since 1930.  I do not have any idea about price.  Digger

Hi!  I am hoping you help find information on two bottles that where given to me. One is a McCormick & Co., on the back of the bottle it has McCormick & CO. Extracts, Spices &, Etc., Balto,MD. It has no patented markings on it, I looked & cannot find any.   On the front, it has Sweitzer's Compound 15% Alcohol, ESS. GINGER, for Cramps, Colic, Loose Bowels, etc., then the dosage to take & the Company. The other bottle is Regent Supreme Imitation Cherry Soda. Net. 32 Fl. Oz. (Qt.), Regent Bottling Co. Pittsburgh, PA Patent: 1   65             1571-4 I took pictures of them & they are being developed. When I get the pictures, may I scan & e-mail them to you? The pictures will help identify them better for any information you can provide. pix speedgun

See the link below for information on your McCormick bottle.  Your Regent Soda bottle is a product of the regent Bottling company apparently doing business from the mid 1950s-1980 or so. If the bottle is a painted label soda and lacks a picture it probably has a very limited value-maybe under $10.  Digger

This is new to me & I stumbled on to your website. Not real sure of the years of the bottles. I E-mailed the McCormick Co., but they said take it to an antique dealer. A few other sites I. E-mailed told me the same thing. So its not that I haven't tried to find information about them, I just keep running it to road blocks or dead ends. My Uncle gave me the McCormick bottle, so I can sell it & get something for it for him.  I just don't want to disappoint him.  He keeps asking me about it.   I just hope it is worth something. Sorry, to ramble on.  It's just very important for me to find out, without going into more details. Thank You for taking the time read my E-mail & thank you ahead of time for finding out any information. Most Appreciated, Kristie Gunsallus

Prices of these bottles depend upon collector demand.  Given the category, I'd say the labeled specimens would be worth in the $15-20 range.  Here's an article reprinted from Antique Bottle World August 1975.  Digger

McCormick & Co.

My name is Pappy. I found a old bottle in a old civil war dump in north Ga. It is a BIM whiskey bottle. Embossing is on the bottom it reads as follows: REGISTERED TRADE MARK C.O. TAYLOR 1000 REWARD FOR??????THE PERSON WHO REFILLS THIS BOTTLE LABELED. The neck is not straight and it looks like someone sanded the neck air pockets in the glass. Here are some photos Thanks Pappy

Your bottle might be a product of Taylor and Williams of Louisville, Kentucky.  They were in business at least as early as 1878 and possibly earlier. The embossing is great with the exception that it is on the bottom of the bottle which hurts its value greatly.  The style of the bottle looks to be about 1880 or so.  I'd estimate it in excellent condition at around $30-40 Digger.

Hi, I have a bottle similar to one that someone else is asking about.  It's about 4" clear glass with Pain Expeller-Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. For Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Colds, Etc. on the front. On one side is F.A. d Richter & Co. and on the other side is New York.  All embossed.  Also on the front ( embossed) is an anchor.  Can you please help me with this one, I can't seem to find anything about it.  Thank you so much. Annette

Your bottle is very common but attractive.  They usually sell for $3-5. F. Richter & Co. of Brooklyn were still advertsing this brand in the 1930s.  The bottles are known both machine and non-machine made in clear and in aqua.

About 20 yrs ago I dug up a bottle in Mass and would like to know what it was used for.  I can't find out any info on this and was wondering if you might be able to help.  It is a clear square bottle that is 6" H and 2 1/2" W.  On the front it says:  A.S. hinds on the top, in the middle are the letters A S H intertwined and under that says Portland, Me.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I have a friend that found a bottle that says A.S. Hinds Honey Almond Cream A. S Hinds Portland Maine. USA  What can you tell me about this bottle?

A.S. Hinds bottles are very common.  The A.S. Hinds company was started in 1875.  they were bought out by Lehn & Fink in 1907. The honey almond cream product was still available in 1948.  Sample bottles about 1" tall of the cream are the most common. Digger

Hello! I have a bottle that i can't find any info on. Maybe you can help? First of all, it's 9 1/2" tall, is light aqua, and the mold seam stops about 1/2" from the bottom of the applied blob top. The bottom looks like it has a slight indentation (no kick-up) and maybe a mold seam higher on one side than the other. It really is a beautiful bottle. It has lots of air bubbles in it. That probably isn't a feature that people look for though. It states on the front in a circle- engelbert bick 703 & 705 wythe ave. Cor. Hewes st. Brooklyn n.y. Registered and just outside of the circle it says "registered" again. I am new to bottle collecting, i'm not sure if i've described as needed. I don't even know what it might have held at one time. It looks like a soda bottle. I have a book on bottles but i haven't been able to find any of what i own in it. I guess that means i don't have anything worth looking up! Any help you could provide would be most appreciated! Thank you so much! Lori

Lori, It is not that you do not have anything worth looking up it is just that soda bottles are so plentiful and varied no one could list them all in a book anyone could afford to buy.  I'd say your have a soda and I am not going to be able to help much. Since you find the bottle attractive then others would too, so the bottle would have some monetary value probably under $20.  Digger.

Hi!  My name is Janice and I got your email address from a web site about bottle collecting.  My question is about a bottle I found in the ceiling of a house we were remodeling in northwestern PA.  The embossed lettering is on three sides.  On the right side it says "with lime and soda".   On the left it says "cod liver oil".  On the back it says "Scott's Emulsion".  It has a label on the front that is in very good condition.  The date on the label of the bottle is 1876.  On the bottom of the label it says "Scott & Bowne, Manufacturing chemists, New York".  I cannot find anything about this bottle.  I don't know if it is rare or common.  It is approximately 10 inches tall.  It has a tooled, plain broad sloping collar.  I believe it is BIM as the seams stop below the lip of the bottle.  I believe it has the original cork in the top as there is still some liquid in the bottle.  The bottom has an indented circle with "C2"  embossed in it.  There are no scrapes, cracks or other damage that I can see.  There is an imperfection on the front of the glass near the lip.  If you can tell me anything about this bottle I would greatly appreciate it.  I am new to bottle collecting.  You could say that this bottle got me started.  If it would help, I can scan the bottle and email the picture to you.  Thank you so much, Janice Crosby  

I have posted quite a bit about this company.  Here's a link to the answers I have given about this bottle from other questioners.  Scott's Emulsion

Dear Mr. Odell:

I have a 88 proof Jim Beam Series "Rocky Marciano--The World's Only Undefeated Boxing Champion" decanter.  It has the complete listing of all his fights with the rounds and type of win each fight and fighters' name that he fought on its back. It has most of the Federal Stamp across the top of the boxing glove stopper, it is in relatively good condition.  On a scale of 1-10 the entire bottle is safely an 8 1/2- not a chip or knick on it and all the ribbons still intact as is the ceramic style face. It has the following marks on it: 100 month old whiskey.   On the bottom of the decanter it has the following: Creation of James B Beam Distilling Company,  Ky-DRB,   220 C. Miller,  Royal China Corp.,  #145,  signed by: DHN. I have looked all over for some type of price for this bottle but have found none.  I have showed the bottle to many people but no one has ever seen this bottle before.  Could you possible tell me it's worth and is it a rarity? Any light you can shed will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Marilyn J Kendall

I looked but could not find anything either.  It might be a rare one.  Digger


Digger Odell:         Hi! I have this bottle we found in the wall of our house doing some remodeling ... along with other items ... some really weird canning jars that I think get waxed to seal .... Anyway!! is there anything you could tell me about this bottle in question If so I sure would appreciate it. Thank You! for your time .... have a GREAT! Day

Your bottle which appears to date sometime between 1910-1920 was a product of the Meyer Bros. Drug Company of Stain Louis. they were wholesalers who sold to drugstores and others shops throughout the country.  the Red Diamond brand was their generic brand if you will.  They either owned outright or controlled interest in the company which produced the line of goods or they ha a strong agreement with that company.  At any rate they advertised the "Red Diamond" line of godds which they heavily promoted separately from national brands, which would have had a lower profit margin. The 1909 ad above shows an assortment of the many products produced under the Red Diamond label.  Digger

Hi, I have these four bottles that I have had for years but know nothing about them. I have sent these three pictures but will send as many as needed. Here is some of the writing on them: on the bottom of two it says  Wheaton, NJ, on the bottom of the other two it has  Nuline, NJ. On all four the embossment says Roger's Bros  1850  Salem, NJ. I know that these aren't from 1850 so I assume that these are some kind of whiskey or something. The closures were cork, long gone, and they are no cracks or chips that I can see. I'd like any info you can provide including value. They are about 9 1/2" in height. The colors are amber, aqua, green and amethyst. Thank you, Julie Weir 

Julie your bottles were made as part of the Nuline series by Wheaton Glass Company in the 1970s.  these bottles were made to look like a sealed whiskey although no such bottle actually exists so they are a fantasy bottle.  The seal on the bottles is molded rather than applied separately as an antique sealed bottle would.  The value for the four of them would be $15-25.  Digger.

Dear Digger,     I've had in my possession for many years, an old antique bottle. Around the neck the word Macdonald's is painted in yellow and it has a blue line framing it in. On the opposite side of the neck it says 12oz in blue, and is surrounded by a yellow circle. Now on the front of the bottle it says Macdonald's near the top and BEVERAGES near the bottom on the left side of that it says EST. and on the opposite it says 1907. In the center of all this it says 12oz. Keep in mind that all of this is painted in yellow and blue. On the opposite side of the bottle it says Made With PURE CANE SUGAR and NORTHERN ONTARIO'S Finest CARBONATED WATER, once again all painted in yellow and blue. On the bottom of the bottle there's an upside down triangle and a symbol on the left, right and on top of it, on the bottom of the triangle there is the number 4905. Any information you could give me on this bottle would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Your bottle probably contained MacDonald's Scotch-Soda (see trademark above) which was produced from 1937-1980 or so. the company was MACDONALD & SON, LIMITED Oak and Murray Streets North Bay, ONTARIO. Digger

I have an amber bottle with a label marked Golden wedding Bourbon, j Finchely I know the bottle is at least 50 years old. It is empty, but the bottle, label and cap are in excellent condition.. could you give me a value please. I understand the glass bottle was produced by carnival glass. thank you.

I am not certain that your bottle and the carnival glass bottle were made by the same company.  The carnival glass variant was made in the 1930 period.  The Golden Wedding brand was trademarked by Jos. Finch in 1932 and used through about 1975.  I would date your bottle after the carnival ones.  Value if made between 1940-1970 would be $10-15.  The brand goes back to 1869.  Your description makes me think your bottle is one of the newer ones.  It could be fifty years old easily.  Digger


I have found a half-pint bourbon bottle which reads

Inscribed on back label -- "this special gold bottle of 8-year-old walker's deluxe bourbon was filled on January 23, 1973, from the 8,000,000th barrel of aged whiskey produced at the world's largest bourbon distillery, at Peoria, Illinois. It is presented with appreciation and pride to the Hiram walker team whose efforts made possible this historic milestone." Any idea of its worth? Many thanks for   your time. Diane

I have no idea.  It might be $25.  It might be $125.  Sorry.  Digger

Hello, I have been a serious digger and collector of Western Flasks for many years, but have recently dug an Eastern hair bottle that everyone I show it to, has not seen before. Maybe they are plentiful in the East.          This is a 8.5inch tall, flint type clear ,indented panel medicine type. It has a smooth base, and a very crude top. There is a "ring" half way down the neck, and the embossing is "Carboline for the Hair" Kennedy and Co. General agents, Pittsburgh, Pa." It came out of an 1870s to 1880s hole in Southern Oregon. It is actually quite crude. Any info you could supply would be much appreciated.   Thanks, Dale Mlasko

Carboline was billed as the "Great Petroleum Hair Restorer.  Robert Monroe Kennedy sold patent medicines in Pittsburgh from around 1870.  Carboline was one of several brands he had acquired rights to sell.  He began selling the hair restorer in 1877 the same year he trademarked the name.  Kennedy sold the brand until 1888 when he was bought out by another entrepreneur who apparently continued to produce the product through the 1920s.  In 1933 the product is listed for sale by the Kells Company of Newburgh, New York.  The clear non-machine made bottle has a value of $15-25.  Digger.

Dear Sir,

My question is probably not even worth your time but I really need an answer.  I am in the process of remodeling my house.  I am making one of my rooms into an old west saloon with sleeping quarters.  I have been going through abandon houses (w/permission, of course.) and collecting the old hinges, light fixtures, nails, screws, and in some cases the lumber itself. Anyways I went to this old house and hit the mother load.  The landowners told me that I could have what ever I wanted out of the as long as when I was done I would  make arrangements with the local fire department to burn it down when I was through.  I have been hauling stuff out of that house three weeks to my barn.  I am currently tearing out a rock fireplace out of the basement. Now comes my BOTTLE Question.  I hauled out 45 to 50 old milk bottles but I found one bottle that resembles a flask.  It is clear glass, 7-3/4 X 2-3/4 X 1-3/8,  and has raised letters saying  K  K  K. The bottom has a diamond shape figure with the number 1inside. Could you please tell me about this bottle. it has really been bugging me. Thank you,

I am afraid it will remain a mystery for sometime.  My 1912 Druggist Circular lists a KKK being sold in either liquid or paste form but does not mention what it is.  I have seen several medicine bottles with KKK embossed but yours does not sound like a medicine shape.  Digger.

A friend of mine found a milk bottle that has the following on it. On the front it has Southern Dairy’s Milk On the back it has a picture of an airplane and words about war bonds On the bottom of the bottle it has a patent date of 1925   Can you tell me more about this bottle? Thank You Robert Freeman

Milks with war slogans and airplanes generally bring very good money, often in the hundreds of dollars.  Value depends very much on good condition and the pain being in excellent shape.  Without a town reference it will be difficult for me to find out much.  I suspect the bottle is scarce to rare.  Digger.

Hi, I found a 7 3/4" tall bottle that has words "Jno Greenshow Winsburg 1770" on the front and comes with a concave bottom. The raised letters "RL" are printed on the bottom. The lower part of the bottle is eight sided. I have no information about the bottle, except that it is a very pretty bottle, when the light comes through it. There is some residue inside the bottle shoulders. It is purple amethyst in color. Would appreciate if you can give me more info and value of the bottle.

Your bottle is repro made by the park service associated with Historical Williamsburgh, VA.  You will find more information by using the search feature on this site.  Yes, it is a pretty bottles and fools many about it's origin.  Digger.

We found a green bottle that says Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Can you tell us what it might be worth? It was on the market from 1876-1926

On Ebay on any given day you can find these offered for sale.  Today there were seven of them with asking prices from $3-$49.  The only one with  bids was a variant made around the turn of the century which lacked the word Vegetable. the value is about $3-4.  Digger.

Hello, Could you please tell me the meaning of the numbers and letters that are marked on the bottom of McCormick Corn Whiskey Jugs. I have several that are marked with 135-53 and 11-D-16. I think the 53 represents the year, but really am not sure. What do all the other numbers mean? Thanks! Your site is great! Erica

I do not know. I am sorry maybe another reader has an idea. Digger

I am enquiring about a bottle my friend and I dug up today, it is cobalt blue wasp waist poison, about 4 inches tall, has poison on the front and back at the top, the sides are chamfered and has STEPHENSON PAT 6324 on the underneath. I think it is one of the early ones because it does not have any cross hatching on it at all, it also has 1oz on the side at the bottom. If you could possibly help out with any information i.e history, value, as I am putting up for sale, I would be most grateful.

I look forward to your reply,

Thank you

Very Rare..$300 and up.  Please send a pix  so I can post this question (with or without your name).  I think my readers would be interested.  It may have had a stopper, which if missing will affect the value.  I expect that despite it being the early one, many collectors would like the cross hatching.  Given all that GREAT FIND.  

i have found 2 bottles that was made by the e.r. durkee & co on april 17 1877 . one says salad dressing on it and is about 6 inches tall and cone shaped . the other is also cone shaped but only about 4 inches tall . both say they were made in new york and have twist on style caps. both have a symbol of a baseball diamond on the bottom . i would like to know more about these bottles as in price. thank you

Very common in 1900+ dumps.  $2-3 each.  Digger

can you tell me if there were many counterfeit flasks that came from the Albany glass works in New York? what was the time frame that Albany glass works made flasks bottles? we have one and we are trying to determine if it is a fake or not. if it is counterfeit could you tell me what our bottle would be worth? description of it:  pint bottle ,yellow or amber, w/George Washington w/sailing ship & eagle on it, w/words  ALBANY GLASS WORKS, ALBANY, SEEM THAT STOPS RIGHT AT THE BASE OF THE LIP. GREAT CONDITION!!!!! AS YOU CAN TELL WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS FLASK. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!!!!! ALSO WE HAVE A VERY RARE PEPSI-COLA BOTTLE, MADE FROM THE EARLEY 20'S.  HAS PEPSI-COLA EMBOSSED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, 6OZ GREEN, NEVER SAW ANOTHER ONE LIKE IT. WE WERE TOLD AT ONE TIME  THERE WERE ONLY A HAND FULL STILL AROUND. THANK YOU,JEFF & KANDI TIPTON

Yes, there are reproductions of the Albany Glass Works washing GI-28 flask. No one knows who made them but it is believed they were made in the 1930s. There is no way I can tell you without seeing the bottle if it is a repro or not.  I'd recommend you go to the local library and check out a copy of McKearnin's American Glass.  You will find the information for which you are looking.  Your Pepsi sounds like a North Carolina bottle presently worth $1500+ but again without a better description I cannot be sure. Digger

Dear Digger, I am trying to locate a large whiskey bottle (look like a jug) made by one of my ancestors R.F. Rakes.  These bottles date around 1910.  I suspect this date is accurate since I found a newspaper add where Rakes was advertising he was a retail liquor dealer from Rocky Mount, Virginia.  Rocky Mount, Virginia is in Franklin County, well known at one time as the moonshine capital of the US.  The bottle Rakes used had embossed raised letters saying R.F. Rakes.  The bottles are large around 10 inches tall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, David Rakes in Bishop, GA

I will leave your message posted in hopes someone who has one see this.  Digger.

I have a friend who is in possession of a bottle of Crown Royal from the original packaging...the item is in outstanding condition..... Where can I find the value of the item ?  Do you know the value of the item ? Linetta Weiland

I am not sure what you mean by the original packaging. The typical RC bottles have a yellow and red painted label. Empty they are hard to sell.  I'd guess about $15 full.  The embossed and painted variety with a star would be much better.  full probably $20-30 range.  Digger.

I recently found a bottle (4 different ones) under our hunting camp in Hampshire Co. WV.....I found it interesting that a soda bottle had a cork in it....I will try to describe it so please bear with me.....The color is clear with a slight light green is eight and a half inches high....the two seams on the bottle run up toand including the lip.....keeping in mind this is a standard shaped coke.....----as you come down the bottle where it starts to flare out there is a design....alternating raised dots about one quarter inch around and triangles pointing down about a quarter inch across the top and extending down to a point about seven eights inch long.....the front on the bottle is printed "TRADE MARK" and below that is about a three and a half inch tree with bark on the trunk.....the reverse of that says  "MAYPOP" the bottom in about three eights lettering  it says  REGISTERED     U.S. PATENT OFFICE"  .......below the lettering at the bottom it has  ......2823E     2     G26...........the bottom of the bottle has a tree on it also...but even though its the same style as the tree on the has different limb positioning.....probably nothing but was just curious.....any information you can give me would be appreciated......have a nice day................Matt

Matt, you are about the third person to ask and one sent a picture (which I cannot find at the moment).  I hjave looked repeatedly in the trademarks for this one and come up empty.  It must have been some kind of soda.  I wondered if the tree-like design was a May Apple plant.  It is an interesting bottle and looks to date in the 1920-1930 era.  I'd guess a moderate value of $15-20.  Digger.

Found a Hering & Carpenter Cumberland Maryland (embossed) crown top, soda or beer bottle, found in Bedford Co. Pa. Mold seams stop at shoulder light green glass. Good condition no cracks or dings. Can I get a basic history of company and approximate age and value? Thank you. Rob Horn

Rob your soda bottle will be difficult to track down.  Given that it is an embossed crown you can narrow the date to between 1900-1918.  The only place you might get any company information would be the Bedford County Historical Society or local library.  Value I'd guess is $10-15.  Digger

Which is the best way to find the company on the bottles? I have one from Cowdy's medicated beer reg date of July 1890

Without a town name it will be very hard.  I checked the patent records without success. Digger. 

Hello, I was on you site looking for info on a cobalt blue bitters bottle that I acquired from my grandfathers estate after he past  away in 94. It is a "Ball and Claw Bitters World's Best Remedy". Around the bottom it reads "Indian Drug Specialty Company St Louis and Indianapolis" and at the bottom "Wheaton, NJ.  It has no number or date on it and it had residue in it that looked like bitters. I do not think it is a reproduction. If you could tell me a little more about them. I love this bottle it is so cool. Thanks, Sean Frank

Your bottle was made in the 1970s along with a number of other reproduction bitters.  You are lucky to have something from your grandfather's estate.  Digger

Digger: My wife and I recently bought a home in Toledo, OH and as it is an older home I decided to get into the crawl space to check the heating ducts (make sure there all sealed as winter is coming).  Anyhow, while moving around down there we discovered about 120 Mason, Bell, and other assorted jars/bottles just beneath the surface of the dirt.  Among them were two beer bottles; one Stroh’s (with a label that states "internal revenue tax paid") and one called "Buckeye Beer".  Of more interest to me are four small clear bottles we found (Approx. 4 1/2", Square and printed on all sides with raised lettering).  These four bottles all say the following (each phrase is on one side) "Manufactured by the Charles E. Hires Co.", "Philadelphia, PA. USA", "Hires Household Extract" and "For Home Use". The bottom of the bottles all contain a number (the one I am looking at is "47", the others are downstairs!   We were wondering what they are.  I am thinking that they are syrup bottles.  But, if possible could you tell us how old they are and if they are of any value.  Thx- Will and Tonya  

You can find an article on this site, Hire's Story.  These bottles were a condensed mixture to make home made root beer. That your bottles are clear and lack the embossing "makes Four Gallons of a Delicious Drink" makes me think they date in the 1920s or so. Digger

Hi, I have a SCALF's Indian River medicine bottle in package and unopened. it has all documentation and is still full and I would like to know a little history and value of this medicine bottle. It seems to be a herbal remedy for all ailments but I can only go by the propaganda on the box and inserted paper. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick

Scalf's Indian River Medicine Company was in La Follette, Tennessee.  The local library had very few resources to help but they did locate the business as being operated between 1955 and 1962 by Mrs. Dessa Scalf.  The bottles are not that uncommon to be found with label and contents which included about 8% alcohol.  Digger

    Dear Digger,   My dog recently dug up a small clear bottle that says Sauer's Extracts on both sides. I live in central western Florida and I know my community has been around for a long time. The only info I have found on Sauer's on the internet is an advertisement on an antique Gilbert clock. I also found some fragments of china and stoneware. Can you please give me some indication of the time period of my bottle before I go digging up my back yard and buying a metal detector to try to find out what else may be down there? Many thanks, Todd.

The C. F. Sauer Company of Richmond, Virginia was specializing in flavoring extracts.  Cuno F. Sauer was President. The company began in about 1888 with the first trademarks issued in 1894.  Label registrations were recorded in 1900 and 1906 for "Good Luck" and "Old Dominion"   flavoring extracts. The company was very successful and so the bottles are common.  the company even marketed a liniment for muscle soreness in 1899.  The company is still apprently active.  Over the years their products included flavorings, food coloring, spices, herbs, seasonings, meat tenderizers and many other products. Digger

Dear Digger, Me and my Boyfriend have recently moved into a new house and have found an Erven Lucas Bottle in the shed. I have looked on the internet, but can only find similar examples. The bottle stands 11 inches high with a smooth base and is made of some sort of very thick ceramic. It's glaze is a sort of dirty bronze colour, which gets lighter and darker all over. It appears to be very similar to a bottle mentioned in the June 2000 questions on this website, but with different writing on it. It has "ERVEN LUCAS BOLS'TLOOTSJE AMSTERDAM ¾ LITER" (the "B" of "BOLS" is very faint), this is stamped near the top and there is also a small mark near the bottom, which has no glaze (which could just be a chip), the unglazed bit looks very much like pale chipped flint or other very hard stone. It is possible that this bottle could be fairly new, but equally possible that is was dug up in the garden. I was hoping that you could date it for us, maybe give us an idea of the (£) value if it and if it is rare. I apologise that I cannot provide you with any photographs. Many Thanks Helen.

Your bottle is a crockery bottle produced in the 1960-1970 period. It is similar in form to earlier gin or mineral water bottles.  Upon close inspection, however, you would notice some differences in the manufacturing method of yours compared with an old example. Your bottle is almost certainly molded and machine made as opposed to be hand thrown and wheel turned pottery.  Even the early example do not command great prices with the average being about $20-30.  Yours has a value of $3-5.  At an exchange rate of $2.40 per pound.  The value could be about £2. Do a search on this site for "Bols" and you will find a picture of your bottle.   Digger

Dear Digger,

I just dug up an old bottle as part of an archeological project for a class assignment.  My bottle is clear (slightly tinted light blue), 8" tall, in mint condition and reads, in embossed letters, "Dr. Mile's Restorative Nervine".  I'd like to know more about it like what it may have contained or was used for.  In researching on the web, it seems that it was the equivalent of "snake oil" probably an alcoholic remedy of some sort.  Any information you could offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Dane

Dane many others have asked the same question.  Here is a link to my answers about the Miles bottle which eventually became Miles Laboratories. Digger

I have an old Milwaukee bottle the date on it says 1965  it is a short bottle, has maybe a half inch neck with a lip opening, bottle is brown, and it has a seem going down the side from lip to bottle of bottle       bottle is shaped round   the label is still on the bottle,   a little bit messed up, but it is still on there,    I would like to know how much it is worth!~    Thanks!!

My guess is little to nothing.  Digger

Aloha, I have a Canadian numbered beer bottle in a wooden case.  The brand is Kokane, given as a gift right off the line.  Any idea what it's worth and how to sell it? Thank you so very much!  Todd

I was unable to find any reference to your bottle in the Canadian trademark records.  I hesitate to give an estimate without more information.  I believe another persaon asked about this bottle as well.  Ebay would be the best venue to sell the bottle.  Digger


Digger, I've acquired this old soda bottle with raised lettering "Friendship Bot. Co. New Bedford Mass" and two hands shaking.  Can you tell me anything about it? I'm attaching some jpegs. Thanks Mary Jane

The motif of two hands shaking is taken from earlier Civil War period bottles in which the hand shake symbolized the rejoining of the Union.  Your bottle appears to date in the 1920-40s. I was not able to find out anything about the company.  It is a very attractive soda and probably worth $20.  Digger  

Hell my husband just started digging and he has a few bottles one is cobalt blue about five inches tall embossed Bromo-Seltzer Emerson Drug Co. Baltimore Md., another is cobalt blue the bottom says A Heaping Dessert Spoonful- and also have a aqua Dr.D. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge 242 Chest St. Phila, all are in good condition hope you can tell us more about them and their worth, thanks so

The Bromo-Seltzer and Jaynes are both well known and have been covered in other months questions.  Bromo seltzer's sell for $3-4 each in the smaller sizes and the Jaynes for about the same.  The other cobalt bottle if not machine made might be worth a little more.  Digger.

I am not officially a bottle digger, this bottle was found by accident. It is a clear bottle about 6 inches high with the name Chattanooga Medicine Company going down both sides.  I am just curious about its origin. Thank You

I have a bottle that has Chattanooga Medicine Co, printed in the glass down one side & Daroui The Woman's Medicine down the other. Have you any information on this? Thanks Blair Logue

They bottles are common.  Here's a link to the other's who has asked and my answers.  Chattanooga Medicine Company

Hi Digger, I’m Jacob.  I have about 7 Acres of woods in my back yard, and I have recently found a ditch which has lots of Old Bottles, and other Old things as well.  I started digging about Two Weeks ago, and I must say, this could be a hobby I will have for the rest of my life, and at my age, 17, I guess I am at a good age to start.  Anyway, in the ditch, I have found at least 50 or more old bottles, and lots of them are quite interesting.

Firstly, I have found about 10 bottles that have across the top, "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE".  They vary in color, from brown to clear.  One bottle with this slogan has a picture of a Police Badge melted in the glass.  It's weird, but I was just wondering if you have heard anything about these bottles, and what they could be worth.  They are dated in the 1930's or 1940's. I would really appreciate it. 

That is only one of the several kinds of bottles I have found, but I wont bother you.  Just one more thing, I have also found some small medicine bottles as well.  They vary greatly in types, but all are dated in the Mid 1940's. 

Oh, My uncle found a Brown Pepsi Bottle, it looks about 8oz.  It looks rare, and I have not even seen these in the antique shops.  If you could give me some incite as to how much some of these things may be worth, I would really appreciate it.  I forgot to tell you that the "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE" Bottles are 1 Pint, and is shaped like a Whiskey bottle, rectangular shape.  There is also a Brown Bottle that has this same slogan, but it is shaped like a regular soda bottle, but is a lot bigger, it is 1Quart.  And two others with this slogan, around 10 to 12 oz, and are brown colored. All of these bottles are in mint condition, no chips, or anything.  The base of these are also very smooth.  Like I said, I assume these bottles were made back in the 1940's, but I am not sure, If you know, please let me know.  Thanks.  

Mostly the 1940s bottles from dumps are worth in the $1-2 range but there are exceptions.  Often the soda bottles can be the exception.  Foods, whiskeys, medicines and household bottles from the 1940s have not yet gained favor with a large number of collectors so the values are low.  As for the brown Pepsi it might be worth anywhere from $85-1500.  They are indeed rare it all depends upon where it is from.  Regardless of the value, consider how much fun you are having.  Digging and collecting can be a very rewarding hobby in many ways.  Enjoy.  digger.

Digger can you help me with this med bottle it reads prescription 1000 Reese chem. co. INTERNAL one teaspoonful before each meal & bed time made by Reese chem. co Cleveland O as you can see in the picture it's a strong emerald green.5 1/2" tall smooth base. Rick

Rick, the Reese Chemical Company began selling this product in 1913.  I found the product and company still listed in 1933.  The attractive and highly colored bottles are scarce but not rare. One variant of the bottle is listed as a poison.  It is very similar to your bottle in looks but the embossing says for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  It has the same shape, comes in cobalt, clear and emerald green color and has the large number 1000 as well as the Reese name.  It also says USE 4 TIMES DAILY.  Some purist poison collectors would not consider it a true poison.  Your bottle is not a poison - obviously since it says INTERNAL.  They also sold an injectable line of the "PRESCRIPTION 1000" as it was called by the dug trade.  Your bottle sells for $40-70.  Digger.

Hi.  I read your reply to another persons questions about this bottle [ Dr. Caldwell's Syrup of Pepsin ] but no value was stated.  This is the one that only has the name and Monticello Illinois on one side.  No mention of Pepsin. Thanks for your help. Linda White  

Caldwell bottles are so common that minor differences probably make little difference in the value.  There are literals 10s of thousands of these still around.  Value $1-2.  Digger

I have a bottle apparently made to look like The Old Taylor Distillery Company (looks kind of like a castle).  It is sealed.  The back says Old Taylor Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

Distilled & bottled by

the old Taylor distillery company

Frankfort, ky   Louisville ky.

Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

86 proof    one quart

this whiskey is four years old
Well, it's older than that because I've had it for years.  On the bottom  the following is printed in big dark letters:  D1-185-68.Does this bottle have any value?  I am not a collector but just happen to own this one. Thank you.Verna

The numbers 68 might well be the date of manufacture - 1968.  I expect it has some value but I am not sure what it might be. Maybe a reader will help.  Digger

Have you ever seen a bottle, and do you have any info on the company? Pic enclosed! 1861 John Frohlech, NY Chris Carroll BA History NCWC

Nope- never have. That does not mean much as there are probably at least 100 similar aged squat sodas from NY and likely many more than than number.  Yours with the date is particularly nice.  If you have access to the New York Library system you may be able to check the 1861 City Directories to find a listing or even an ad.  It probably is at least scarce and could be rare.  Being a Civil War age soda adds to its appeal.  I'd expect a value of $40-60.  Digger

I have found a lot of old bottles and I know nothing about them could you help? One bottle is made by White Horse Distillers it is a brown bottle with a White Horse on the front, it has the number 0616 Glascow Scotland K8 on the bottom of the bottle do you know anything about it?

Not much, I know it is probably not rare.  Many others have asked about White Horse bottles and I have given a bit of history of the company.  That the bottle has the painted white horse suggests a post World War II vintage.  Digger.


I have a few questions to ask. I have 2 bottles and a bottle stopper. The first bottle is a Diamond Jubilee P.Ballantine & Sons, W.h. Cawley Co. label, 1887-1962, it is Gold color about 12 oz., the other bottle is a Amber Coca Cola bottle, the embossed Coca Cola at the base and on the back at the base it says, New York, NY A.P.P., it also has ROOT on the bottom, it is about a 8 oz. bottle. The bottle stopper is a "Pro-Tex-It" Seal Again, Bottle Stopper Co. New York, it has a golfer on the button. Can you please tell me any more information about these bottles, what they may be worth, or a few good website where I can look these up. Thank you very much for your time. George Groh P.S. I have sent you a few pictures. I also have alot more beer paraphonalia, trays, bottles, and spoons, etc.

Sorry George your pictures did not come through so I could open them so I am afriad I won't be much help.  The Diamond Jubilee is possibly a Scotch Whiskey.  Without the picture I hesitate to comment on the Coke bottle but it sounds interesting.  Root Glass designed the original corset-waist coke bottle. The bottle sounds like a good one but I'd like to see. I found nothing about the stopper.  Digger.

Hi, I have a bottle I just found today in an old dump in southeast Pa. Actually I was about 50 yds from the Delaware canal. Anyway, the bottle in question is : Brown in color. Smooth base 6" tall round in shape The seam stops approx. 1/4" above the shoulder. the lip  has flat top and square edges. The embossing says " Mellier Drug Co." and opposite from that is says, (and its in a weird form of writing) " Tongaline" or "Jongaline" ? If that's enough info, I'd like an age and value, if possible. Its in "like new condition" no nicks, no chips, nice and clean/glossy. Thank you  Vaughn

The 1912 Druggist Circular lists Tongaline sold in both 8 ounce and 5 pint sizes (that's big-wholesale size).  The company identified as making the product is the Mellier Drug Co of St Louis located at 2112 Locust St. Value I'd suggest for this medicine bottle would be $10-20. 

Filing Date May 22, 1905
Registration Date April 17, 1906
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Renewal 3RD RENEWAL 1966
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD


I have acquired a decanter which was my grandfathers. It says c miller regal china and is dated 1957on the bottom, it is empty but the cork is in tact and says "Spain" on it.  It's appearance is black & off white with 22K gold paint (there is a sticker that says it's 22K. I'm not sure what the design is called but it looks like a collage. The sticker I believe may have identified the alcohol is scratched off but from my the small amount of research I've done, I'm thinking it was Jim Beam. It measures 13.5" to the top of the decanter, 15" to top of stopper.  It is round and tapers up a long neck to a spout. There is no handle.  I would love any info you may have about rarity, value or any thing else.Thanks so much Sallie Able 

Miller Regal China did make a number of Beam bottles and your guess is a good place to start.  I'd suggest posting a message here Jim Beam messageboard. at  Digger.


To start off, I would like to thank you greatly for helping me identify the bottle in the picture below. I have searched many hours on the web and have had no luck. This was my great grandmothers, so I imagine it is 70 or 80 years old. Any input you can give me would be much appreciated. I did find out it is called a "smooth base" since it has no seams anywhere. Thank you, Nichole

Your hand painted flower vase appears to me to be 1920-30 period judging from the form, design and painting although it could go back to the 1890s.  It is quite beautiful.  I, of course, know being an heirloom you'd never sell it but I expect it would bring 75-$100 or more.  Digger.


I have a 28oz, green tinted bottle embossed with N.B.W. at the crown and national bottling wks, N.B.W., 36 West 21st St, Bayonne, N.J., registered, this bottle not to be sold, embossed on the front.  Please help me to find the value.  Thanks!

I references to companies called "National Bottling Works" in Texas, California, Michigan and in New York but none in New Jersey.  the average date of these concerns (who may or may not have been connected with one another) was 1900-1917.  Your soda bottle with its crown top probably fits within that date range.  Other than that, I found noothing about the history.  The value would be $5-10.  Digger.

I have a cobalt blue Coca-Cola seltzer bottle, without the stopper. The bottle is etched with Coca-Cola Bottling  Company, Bradford, PA, Contents 26 Fl. Oz. The lip is a continuous flow of the bottle. The bottom of the bottle says Made in Czechoslovakia.  Do you have any idea of its value.  Thanks for being there.  I didn't know where to turn for info. Regards Joan

Not really, but I'd say not less than $50.  Digger

Greetings!  I was wondering if you could help me identify a bottle that is light teal/aqua clear in color, seams only going to lip with a sloping type lip.  The embossed writing is horizontal on front and back.  The front is a semi-circle with "Coggins & McNally" and the bottom half says "Pittston PA".  The back side says "This bottle not to be sold".  It stands about 8.5 inches tall, has a shallow, circular pontil type bottom (no iron marks) with a pea-size bubble within the indented portion of the bottom.  The base is unevenly "blown?" as is the lip.... I live in South Carolina and did a web search for the company without any luck... Thanks for your expertise!

Your bottle sounds like a typical Pennsylvannia stout bottle or soda.  The stout bottles have a neck about as long as the body and usually a tapered lip.  I found no reference to the particular company in any soda references. The value of these is usually about $30-50 depending upon the condition, rarity and color.   


I have a cobalt blue Charles Jacquin et Cie Bottle that is shaped like "George Washington" or someone of that era. The bottom says Charles Jacquin et Cie Philadelphia est. 1884  The numbers 30 and 50 (one on each side of the crest)  Also R44 and Cordial Product.  My Mom had it for years. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Abby 

You will find a picture of your bottle, taken at a recent bottle show, in my article on "More Repros" These bottles were made to look like the Simon's Centennial Bitters.  Yours dates to the 1970s.  The value is about $15-20. Digger

Dear Mr. Odell,    Hello, my name is Steven Killin, and I am a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University studying archaeology as a major.  I am currently working on a project which necessitates fining information on Chinese and Japanese medicine bottles that were found on the West Coast of British Columbia.  Do you know of any sources that may be of some assistance?  Most of them have embossed Asian script on them, and I would really like to have them translated, and perhaps find out where exactly the bottles came from (i.e. manufacturing companies...etc.).  Thanks for you time, Steven.

Since the 1960s, when bottle collecting became popular Western Diggers have been finding these vials with Chinese writing on them.  It sounds like a great topic for a dissertation to me as I know of no published sources identifying these bottles.  To most collectors of American bottles the vials have been little more than a curiosity and collected more for their color and crudity than their contents.  I'd suggest that shipping records of import companies or similar documents (if any exist) might be found in San Francisco's Historical Society or Public Library. I'd guess that most of these products were imported between 1860-1890.  As for translation, try the web.  You might be able to make contact with someone who would translate from pictures taken with a digital camera. I'd start with Chinese not Japanese.  I would also begin by researching ports where the Asian immigrants departed from and landed.  Identifying popular trade and shipping routes might also be helpful. Good luck - this could take years.  Digger

Hi, Digger. I live in VA. and recently found a clear bottle about 4 1/2 inches high.  Markings on the top are Sea Gull Baking Powder and the bottom has The Potter Parlin Co. and 32 in the center.  It is in very good shape with a few bubbles in it and appears to be made for a cork.  I found this on my little beach. Then I later found a clear bottle about 9 1/2" tall and the front contains the following:   FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE      OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE       GORDON'S One side has LINDEN printed and the other side has NEW JERSEY The bottom has a flaming wolf (or whatever) and 1854 with a diamond mark between the 18 and 54. It doesn't appear to be a screw top and liquor bottles that I have looked at all say Liquor  on the bottom.  It is probably not old, but it had a lot of sand, and other "stuff" in it.  I hope you can tell me something interesting. Thanking you in advance.

Ellis M Potter and Andrew J. Parlin, operated the Globe Spice Mills in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1882.  In 1885 they registered a trademark for baking powder.  They were importing coffee and fruit flavors in the late 1880s.  The bottles I have seen from this company do not have the name "Sea Gull".  By 1897, they are no longer listed in Cincinnati.  The other bottle is likely a Gordon's Dry Gin bottle from 1932-1964 - very common. The original English company began making gin  and vodka in 1855.  The Linden, New Jersey address is associated with the company from 1957-1998+  Digger.

Just a question for you...Have you ever heard of a soda bottle named Jic-Jac? A friend of mine found a bottle like that down in Missouri when her and her husband were breaking ground to build a home. She asked all over and no one ever heard of such a product. Anyways, I was wondering if you could find out for me. Thank you. Shelley

Jic Jac soda was made in St. Louis Missouri in the 1950-1970 period  they put up at least four flavors in both bottles and cans.  The cans are much more valuable than the 8 and 10 ounce bottles known in a number of variants dating from 1954-1958. Digger.

Hi, I don't know too much on bottles and came across one from the estate of an elderly man in Sturgis, Michigan.   The bottle covered in what looks to be brown leather.  It stands about 8" tall.  Standing 9 1/2 " w/ the lid which is solid glass.  Written in raised letters on the front is Guervo towards the top with the numbers 1800 in a box below.  No seams are visible from the top of the bottle running down the neck.  The bottom of the bottle is also covered with the leather making it invisible.  The glass appears to be clear.  The glass stopper on the bottom of the lid appears to be of a rough texture / frosted glass texture and bubbles are visible throughout it.  I appreciate any help or direction you could give me in this matter.  Thanks for your assistance. Sincerely, Lori Buys

I expect the bottle is a whiskey decanter of some kind judging from your description of the ground glass stopper.  Possibly Guervo stands for Jose Guervo.  Maybe a reader can help.  Stumped me.  Digger

Dear Mr. Odell       I don't know if you can help me, but I would appreciate any help.  Who designed the "up-set" type of the soda and acid extinguisher in 1892?

fireextinguisher.gif (44180 bytes) wpe12.gif (22149 bytes)fireextinguisher3.jpg (51423 bytes)

I was not able to find the exact patent to which your refer.  Above are three fire extinguisher patents which one might describe as an "up-set" type.  I hope this helps. Digger


I found the following reply on your Questions and Answers section of the website.

Hi, I hope you don't mind me writing to ask you a question. I visited your site and you seem very well informed. I have an old Hostetter's stomach bitter bottle. It is the basic brown in color. I wonder if you might be able to tell me what the letter stands for on the bottom. I've never been able to figure that out. There is an L on the bottom. My boyfriend bought it for me in an antique shop. The man said it came from his personal collection. Thank you for your time. Susan Mayes Calera, OK

Susan, The letters on the bottom of Hostetter's Bitters bottles most often refer to the glass company that manufactured the bottle.  Hostetter's Bitters Company produced millions and millions of these bottles.  There are at least 7 known glass maker's marks on the bases of different variants.  I have not seen one with just the letter L but have seen many with L & WE which was a well known Pittsburgh glass company, the history of which I have covered in other months. Digger

Would you be able to recommend a source for identifying all of the specific variations of Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters? This bottle is available in many color variations, glass manufacturers and heights. I purchased your Bitters book which mentions (some) of the variations, but I've never been able to find anything with a good list.  Could you please reference the 7 known glass maker's marks that you mentioned above.  If known please also describe if there are specific color variations or value associated with a specific maker respectively?


I have a Golden Yellow Example with the base embossed with an "R".

It's noted in some books that this mark was used by the company Lewis Freres & Co. 1870-1890 France, but I find it hard to believe this would be correct for a Hostetter's.  Any idea? Thanks, Jamie Shima

The best source for this information is Bill Ham's Bitter's book.  I would refer you to that publication, which while expensive is worth every penny.  The more common marks are L& W, J&W, S. Mckee & Co., AGW/ B, W. MCG & Co. and B marks are known on the base.  Since the product was made in Europe there are probably others like the one you describe. Advertising for the product is known from Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.  Millions of Hostetter bottles were produced annually from the 1860s through the 1920s.  I expect there are more out there.   Digger.  


   I'm wishing to know if you might be able to tell me when "Evening In Paris" Talcum Powder first came out and when

 they quit making it?  I have a cobalt blue bottle with shaker, no lid, but the  label is in very good condition. It reads "Evening In Paris"  Talcum Powder  Bourjois - New York  Net 3 1/4 ozs. The label is silver with blue lettering. The bottle also has the makers name and number 14 on the bottom of the bottle. Am I correct at guessing the lid (which is missing) was a clear plastic lid? Any input I would be happy to get from you or anyone you may know that can help me on this subject! Thanks so very much for your reply! Leona

Hi-Evening in Paris by Bourjois company first appeared as a name on perfumes in 1929.  The company is much older and first started in France about 1869 with theatrical makeup.  The talcum first appeared shortly after 1929 and came in many different versions-from a metal shaker pierced cap to plastic screw cap to other versions.  Bourjois is still sold in France and has a store in New York and is trying to get back into international sales with perfume and other cosmetic items.  The Evening in Paris scent is their most famous and recognizable and much collected in any of the cobalt glass bottles.  To have any value for this often found item, it should be complete with contents, box, label and cap. EIP collectors as they call themselves are numerous and avid in collecting all the variations of the famous blue bottle. Helen Farnsworth Archivist for the International Perfume Bottle Association

Thanks Helen for the help again!  Digger

Hi   At a resent Estate Sale I came across a couple of soda bottles that I have never seen or heard of. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. One of the bottle is an old Orange Crush bottle with raised lettering which states: PAT'D JULY 20, 1920 , ORANGE CRUSH CO. BOTTLE. I have three of these in 6,7,and 8 ounce sizes. Also I can across a couple of bottles with black lettering on it. The front has a name" Orangette"and under that "Lemonette". On the back in black lettering it states the ingredients and also that this soda was by the Grapette Bottling Co. Camden, Arkansas but was bottled in Kissimmee, Fl. the last one I found is called "Vess Cola" bottled by the Vess Bottling Co., Miami, Fl. Again and help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank You Randy Sheehan

The Grapette Company of Camden Arkansas first used the Orangette and Lemonette  names in 1911 for a concentrates  for soft drinks. the name was renewed through 1963.  It was not used for soft drinks until 1930. Your bottles may date to the 1940-1950 period. Use the search feature on this site to find out about the Vess Cola as others have asked about it. I do know all of the locations at which these sodas were bottled. However, that these brands were bottled so far from their headquarters suggests to me a very successful (and therefore common) product.  I expect the bottles you have are all worth under $10 each.  Digger

I have a bottle that is a dark amber color, stand's 13 3/4" tall and has the name (duraglas) located on the edge of outside bottom. It has a screw on lid and a mark on the bottom. The mark is a circle with a diamond shape running through it with the letter (I) in side of it. on each side of the diamond except for the top is a number. On left side of diamond is the number (4), on the bottom diamond is the number (5), and on the right side of diamond is the number (9). The bottle is over half way filled with a dark substance. The bottle is also 6" round. It does have a seam running up the neck and to the end of opening of bottle. Can you please tell me who make's this bottle, where and when made, and by chance what bottles were used for. Thank you for your time in reading this letter and I   hope that maybe the information will be able to have some help in information requested on my find. Thank you very much...Sincerely, Perry

Well I can tell you your bottles were made after 1940 and made by Owne -Illinois Inc, a major glass company making bottles for hundreds of products.  Being amber suggests that the contents needed to be protected from light.  Your bottle might well be some type of chemical bottle judging from the height and shape.  Digger

Hello Digger!       After searching the WEB, I still came up with no information on clear glass jar with indent for a label and has a iron screw top glass lid that reads: Wheaton apothecary products since 1888 ( 81/2 " tall )  any information would be wonderful.  yours truly, Daniel

In 1983 Wheaton Glass began appealing to the public to Buy American.  they have been producers of laboratory equipment including Glass and Plastic Bottles for Pharmaceutical Prescriptions and Cosmetics. They registered over 80 trademarks in the 1970-1980 period for various products and have a huge conglomerate of companies.  Here a link to the Company History off their web site.  Wheaton. It might be difficult to determine the age of your jar, although with the iron lids it sounds at least 60 or more years old.  Digger

I have a bottle it's clear with a purplish tint. The letters on the bottle read Prepared by Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons Co. Chicago, Ill. USA on one side. The other side reads The reliable old-time preparation for home use. On the bottom of the bottle it reads pat applied for. The bottle has a narrow neck and is approx 10 inches long. What is the worth of this bottle?Thank you, Judy Oles

$15-20 because of the large size. Digger

Hi, i am from Jacksonville, Florida. Over the past 25 years i have dug up 2 bottles, with the same name. I would like to know some history on them if possible. They are marked with the name j.h.kornahrens, jx.,fl on the front. The back has this on it, this bottle not to be sold. One has the wire & cork, one with out. I have looked for info but cant find any. Thanks reggie

Beyond the fact that they are soda bottles, I cannot tell you much.  Ask the JX (Jacksonville??) library if they have any old city directories they might look in to help you. The local historical society might also be able to help.  Digger

I was given a bottle some time ago, and I do not know much about it.  The only marking on it reads -warranted- across the front.  The glass has some imperfections in it like bubbles. It looks to be some sort of flask. I am an extreme novice on this topic. I was hoping based one the above information that you could give me an idea when this type of bottle was made, and if there is any value to it.  Any help would be appreciated.

You have what is known as a warranted flask.  I think the warranted part was an assurance of the amount specified (pint, 1/2 pint) was accurate.  These are very common.  I did a search on Ebay today found three for sale, none with bids and asking prices of $2-3.  These clear but non-machine made flasks can be found from the 1890s through 1918.  Digger

i have a question about a bottle full of scotch whisky.  its from haig & haig, the bottle says Edinburgh Scotland.  its shape is like a triangle almost with the side concave, and the top forms a regular bottle top, the cap however is unique.  is metal and looks like it lifts up but has a hinge on the back of it. the symbol on the label is a blue shield with horses on either side, it says it twelve years old, but obviously a lot more than that.  across the front in white letters it says haig and haig, it 4/5 quart, from Somerset importers ltd.  there’s also a # 36-6152221  , its 86.8 proof  and its never been opened.  i was wondering if you had an estimate of its value with the alcohol in it. if you can please reply thank you Matthew Pomykala

I do not.  Given that the bottle has 4/5 quart and the alcoholic proof I am guessing it could have been made in the last 50 years.  Finding a buyer could be difficult Ebay probably will not let you sell such an item. I'd think the value would be under $40.  Digger

Dear Digger, I bought this Garnier Liqueur set for my husband for his birthday because it looked like something he would find interesting. Now he wants to know more about it, can you help?  Thank you, Linda

I will need a reader's help on this one.  Digger

I have an old jug.  I do not know what it was used for, but it has a label that says, "L. C. Lea 648 Main Street Memphis Tenn."  I have been looking in books as well as on-line and have not been able to find any information on this jug.  Any help that you could provide would very helpful.  Thank you and have a good day. Joe Stewart

Didn't they make Moonshine in those jugs?  The best way to find out is by Checking with the Memphis City Library and checking the City directories for the name which will also tell you what their business was.  They might well be listed as grocers- which will not tell you specifically what was in the jug.  Digger. 

Hello Digger,  First I want to say Thanks again for the answers on some questions I had quite some time back ,they were greatly appreciated. Any help on this one would also be greatly appreciated.    I have been doing some digging this summer and came up with this Kilmer's bottle. I have seen many aqua examples but none in this shade of color. Its a darker green almost could call it a light emerald. Was wondering if you could tell me about the rarity of the color if any and the value , I have a picture of it next to a common aqua colored bottle . It is a nice looking bottle and great addition to my collection.  Thank You Very Much  Donnie    

Any Kilmer bottle in green is a good one!  Nice find! I cannot quite tell if the bottle says "Cure" or "Remedy" in either case, it is highly collectible.  I'd guess the value to be $75-$150.  Yes, the bottle is rare in any other color than clear or aqua.  Digger

hi, my son found a half gallon amber colored Clorox bleach bottle, it has outlined lettering and was made between 1951-1954, I was able to find it on under Clorox bleach bottle antiques but not it's value can you help me. thank you

I'd guess the value to be $3-5.  Digger

I have an old jug.  I do not know what it was used for, but it has a label that says, "L. C. Lea 648 Main Street Memphis Tenn."  I have been looking in books as well as on-line and have not been able to find any information on this jug.  Any help that you could provide would very helpful.  Thank you and have a good day. Joe Stewart

Nor have I.  The best place to check is with the Memphis City Library.  They may have Memphis City Directories which might give you a clue.  You might even find a display ad for the company which would list items they had for sale.  Such jugs were used for such a variety of liquid products it may be a mystery that is not solvable.  Digger.

I have a bottle of Napoleon Cognac sealed date 1802. Need to now the value. Please reply. Thanks

One snifter of the 1811 Napoleon Cognac is £165 ($396) ; and the 1812 Napoleon Cognac sells for £200 ($480) per glass.  I have no way to determine if you have an authentic bottle.  The highest cognac price I could fine was for the 1805 Fine Champagne de l'Empereur--from a British collector for some-where between £2,000 and £10,000 per glass.  So if you have an 1802 bottle then it could be a great item.  You would need to get it authenticated. Digger

I found a bottle with Dr. SBH & Co. , registered 21, and PR on the bottom of it.  I have researched on your site and found that it is a Dr. Samuel B. Hartman bottle, from the Peruna Company.  It is Approximately 9.5 inches tall, 8 inches in diameter, and has a 3/4 inch wide opening.  I was wondering if you could find what the label to this bottle may have looked like, and perhaps what the bottle may have held. Thank  you!

Peruna was 28% alcohol.  Here's a little article Reprinted from "The Great American Fraud" about Peruna along with some ads that will give you the idea.  Another Peruna ad  

I recently purchased this two tone brown pitcher, about 8 inch high and would like any info on it. Can you help with any info?  It is from England (by London).  Thanks.  Lynn Crammond

I am afraid I can't be of much help.  Maybe a reader will know.  Digger

I have a Wheaton bottle possibly a flask. It is blue in color. Below the neck is shaped like a building. On the front is a man riding a horse. To the upper right of the horse is the number 1775.below the horse is the name Paul revere. On the back is an eagle carrying a shield, arrows, and flowers. It is stamped on the bottom: Wheaton nj. I was wondering if this bottle was considered a replication and what its worth would be. Thank you Marsha

Marsha, your bottle is probably best described as a fantasy bottle since no such item was produced in the past.  Yours is one of the American Series produced in the 1970s by the Wheaton Glass Company.  the value is $3-5.  Digger

Hi, I just got this round bottle. It is embossed with Crampton & Cos, Aerated Waters in a circle pattern on front, Trade Mark, Limited. Embossed on back, A. Alexander & co, Leeds, London. It is green, and has a marble in the upper part of the bottle, with an applied tapered lip, small opening on top. What were these used for, why the marble? The glass is pressed together to hold the marble in the top. It's very interesting, any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Dana

Your bottle is what is know as a Codd bottle.  Because I got so many questions recently about these I did an article on them.  You will find it on my home page - "An Act of Codd".  Most of the Codd's  showing up in this country have been imported in the last 30 years.  Most are common and worth in the $15-20 range. Ebay recently has been a huge source for these to find their way into American Collections.   Unusual Codd patents odd shaped bottles even for a Codd type will bring a premium as will colored examples.  Digger.

I have a JOY bottle with the label intact and some soap still in it.  It is a clear glass bottle with ridges in the bottom 2/3 and is fatter on the top.  The lid is black with Joy written on it. the number on the back of the label is "483b2"   Can you tell me approx. worth?

I think it might be difficult to find a buyer.  The product has been around since 1920 but the trademark registration by the Proctor and Gamble Company did not happen until 1948.  If your bottle is one of the very early ones then it might have some collector interest.  Otherwise I'd think the value would be under $5.  Digger

Your site is quite impressive and you seem very knowledgeable that is why I am seeking for your help in determining the age of this bottle and possibly the value.  I am attaching several images....Thank you for any information you can provide.

This is going to be tough.  these bottles have been made continuously for more than 120 years.  Your bottle appears to have some age to it but I cannot give a specific date.  According to information found on the Web Blankenheym and Nolet wre producing Gin bottles in the Case gin style.  1880-1910.  The company was established in 1714.  The Key which can see barely seen on the left side of the label was their trademark.  The US Patent Office has a trademark  filed in 1999 for the word "Nolet" used since 1730 and presently owned by DOUBLE EAGLE B.V. CORPORATION NETHERLANDS Hoofdstraat 8-14 3114 GG SCHIEDAM NETHERLANDS. They indicate the use of the word in commerce since 1918.  Give all that I'd guess your bottle to have been had previous to 1930?  Value would be $30-40. Digger

I have a bottle that I would like some info on.  It is a clear glass  bottle - 9 inches long, with a round bottom (by that I mean that it can not stand up, it is rounded like a ball) - It has a sloping collar top and if I had to tell about the seams I would say it appears to have a seam that ends below the top.  There is raised lettering on the bottle that runs the length of the bottle.  There is an inch to an inch and a half between each word.  The words are:   CANTRELL    COCHRANE   DUBLIN    BELFAST  - After the word Dublin and Cantrell there appears to be the & symbol.  What is it from Ireland and how old is it? Any info would be helpful .. thank you for your time.

The word mark CANTRELL & COCHRANE was registered in the United Kingdom Patent Office in 1888 for Mineral and aerated waters, natural and artificial.  the company registered its first mark in 1877.  They also registered a number of marks with the United States Patent Office some of which I have published in other month's questions.  Many other readers have asked about the odd looking cucumber shaped bottles.  They are quite common both her and in other parts of the world. Value is $8-20. Although I have not seen a clear one as you describe, only aqua.  Yours might be later into the 20th century.  digger.

I am trying to find information on a bottle.  It has a double-headed eagle with spread wings and in the talons of the eagle it is holding a sword in one and an arrow of sorts with a squared head.  On the bottom it has a B inside a circle with 105 on the left and 58 on the right below this. Then below the B in the circle it has m23b46. It also says on the bottle "Federal Law Forbids  Sale or Reuse". Any information would help me.      Thank You,   Kathy B

I could not find any reference to such a symbol for your vintage 1932-1964 whiskey bottle (maybe vodka because of the association with the Russian symbol of a two headed eagle) digger

Hello:  I recently found what looked like old pop bottles.  They have a side seam that stops about an inch from the top where your lips would go.  They have a paper label on them that says Ford tomato juice from the ford farms, Dearborn Michigan.  It also says ford motor company Dearborn Michigan.  It is a frosted or bumpy bottle that makes it look frosted.  What is Ford doing making tomato juice or is this a joke?  Are they old or any good?  Thank you for your time.  Bob Meyer

Well the Ford Farms have been operated by the Ford Motor company at least since the 1920s and probably a bit earlier.  Here's a picture of the 1920 turnip harvest.  The following quote is attributed to Henry Ford: 

"I BELIEVE that industry and Agriculture are natural partners. Agriculture suffers from lack of a market for its product. Industry suffers from a lack of employment for its Surplus men, Bringing them together heals the ailments of both. I see the time coming when a farmer not only will raise raw materials for industry, but will do the initial processing on his farm. He will stand on both his feet––one foot on soil for his livelihood; the other in industry for the cash he needs. Thus he will have a double security. That is what I'm working for!"

– Henry Ford –

Henry Ford was raised on a farm and as his fortune grew he invested in them.  It is said that there was a bit of a falling out between Mrs. Ford and him over the nature of the enterprise.  Mrs. Ford wanted formal gardens and Henry wanted informal ones. The Ford motor company has filed over 2700 trademark registrations for all kinds of products from air fresheners, first aid kits, beverages, cement, fertilizer, paints varnishes, waxes, dyes, towels, blankets, commemorative plates, glassware, mugs, steins, bottle openers, paper plates, paper cups, vacuum bottles, insulated containers for food or beverage, portable coolers, thermal cups, can wraps, plastic coasters, trivets, serving trays not of precious metal, corkscrews, squeeze bottles, brushes with ice scrapers, ornament replicas of vehicles in glass, crystal, and ceramic, sun glasses, tire pressure gauges, magnets, tape measures, calculators, highway emergency kits comprising primarily jumper cables, flashlight, siphon, flares, safety vest, tools and carrying case therefore, sold as a unit, binoculars, thermometers, telephones, radios, video tape rewinders, prerecorded videotapes in the field of automobiles, automotive history and motorsports, computer mouse, magnifying glasses, compasses; and cases for the foregoing, audio tape cassette holders just to name a few.  So no it is no joke that they produced a tomato juice although I could find no record of it.  I could guess a date from looking at the bottle or just guess it was probably in the 1930-50 period.  Digger

I own 3 bottle that I am interested in selling and trying to see if they are of value.  1) Pioneer Oil formerly known as Snake Oil with instructions, partial contents and original carton. 2) Chief Tee-Pee liniment.  3) Barkers Liniment Bottle with partial contents.  Thank you for your assistance.  Tony Lorenzo

Selling bottles is always hard. You have fairly limited choices.  1) flea markets, 2) antique stores, 3) Ebay, 4) ads in the bottle magazine, 5) an ad on my site. 6) bottle or antique shows. You ought to be able to sell the Indian bottle and the snake oil fairly easily.  Good luck.  Digger

Hi! Found  several bottles on the site where my new home is to be built. Could you help with the age and value of these. One looks maybe like a soda bottle. Has P. J. Ritter Co., Bridgeton, N.J. on bottom.  Also have a Hires Household Extract , For Home Use, Manufactured By The Charles E. Hires Co., Philadelphia, PA., U.S.A. Last is a Rawleigh's  Trade Mark, Bottle Made In USA . This is an old cough syrup bottle I believe. Also, do you know if old  Johnson and Johnson bottles are worth anything. Just love them all no matter what. They would of been used by my father-in-law. Thank you! I love your site. Yvonne Gentzyel PA

Your bottles sound like they date 1890-1920.  Yes Johnson and Johnson amber jars with a ground top and the original lid are worth about $20-40 depending upon condition.  Aside from the the soda bottle you can find out about the others on this site.  Keep digging and enjoy.  Values sound like all are under $20.  Hires and Rawleigh's probably under $10.  Digger

hi there     during a recent dig at my grandmas dump I found a bottle that says "whistle"   apparently this bottle was patented as well    do you have any idea what it could be worth?  thanks

I found for sale on the web: a Whistle painted label bottle Owens-Corning in 1958 and bottled by authority of the Whistle & Vess Bottling Co. in St. Louis, MO. for $6.00.  I found two others offered on Ebay from the 1940s for between $3-5. Some variants might be worth more but I cannot tell from your description. Digger

I recently dug up two bottles.  They are the same except one still contains a clear liquid.  The bottles are clear glass.  They are embossed with   NuJol.  The "l" on the end could be a 1.  They have metal caps with a wire around the cap that clips into two loops at the back of the cap.  Do you have any idea what  kind of bottles they are?

Nujo1 was the trademark patented for mineral oils, compounds, emulsions and mixtures of mineral oils with other substances.   They eventually registered four marks the second in 1932.  It was used as early as 1915 but most of the trademark activity was in the late 1920-30 period.  The mark was registered by the Stanco Corp of New York. Digger

I have recently unearthed two green torpedo soda bottles. they are both embossed with the following:




they are both in great shape and were found on long island new York. could you please shed some light on them. I am not a collector, but would like some info on them. thanks joe

Joe, when you say torpedo I think of a shape which will not stand upright.  I found multiple listings for both companies. This suggests a fairly successful concern and more common bottles.  However a green torpedo (NOT aqua) would be a rarity and two of them would be very unusual.  Stranger things have happened so I'd guess you'd better get a New York collectors to evaluate the values as I would not be able to give a reliable price.  I can guess...if I owned them I'd be asking 100-200 maybe more. They appear to date to the mid-1870s.  Digger

I found a bottle amber in color with the letters "iperbiotihamalesci"  about eight inches high. can you tell me what this is?  thank you Chris

I could find nothing.  Sorry.  Digger

I also found a bottle clear in color seam goes just underneath the knob and has "George Bennett then a logo and rockaway beach  L.I.   registered what is this worth?   thank you chris

This one sounds like a 1900 era soda bottle.  Clear - $10 or so.  Digger.

I was just home in Maryland over the Thanksgiving weekend.  My father showed me a bottle he just dug out of the bottom of a huge old tree that was blown over in a storm.  The entire root mass tipped upside and this bottle's bottom was exposed in the structure of the root mass.  It is a bottle of Dr. C. Bouvier's Buchu Gin.  I don't know which book of yours to find this in.  Could you help?  I would like to order it for my father for Christmas.  Also, can you tell me the approximate value of this bottle?  It does have a seam that runs 1/2 way up the neck and stops, the bottle is clear, and about 12 inches tall. Thank you. Cindy Snowden

Your bottle is not listed in any of my books.  I found a likely company in the Bouvier Specialty Company of Louisville, Kentucky.  They made a Bouvier's Buchu Bitters.  The company seems to have been in business in the 1920s.  Your pre-prohibition medicinal whiskey is worth around $30.  Digger.


Our school in New York City is building a new gym and during construction two bottles were found.  We are trying to find out the history of the bottles as a project for our class.  One bottle is light in color and has Whittman Elbert Company, 1892, 402 East 19th Street on it and the other is a dark bottle with WT&Company, 49 Greene Street on it.  Have you heard of these types of bottles?  It would help us if you could provide us with information. Thanks!!!!!Group 202, Village Community School, New York City

My guess is you have found drugstore bottles but without a picture it is not possible for me to tell you much.  W.T. & Company was the manufacturer that made the bottle.  they specialized in drug bottles.  You can contact the New City Library and check the City Directories for the names to see what kind of business they were in.  The 1892-1900 directories are the best place to begin.  Digger.

Hi. I recently purchased a saddle flask, supposedly antique and of Asian origin. I am trying to find an authority on this subject so that I might better understand the origin of this piece. I am wondering if you might be able to point me in the direction of such a person. I would be happy to send digital photographs if necessary. Thanks in advance for your consideration Tom Pesacreta

I think my readers would love to have a picture to see.  I know the bottles you are talking about but I do not know of an authority on them.  The bottles are beautifully made in rich color with an open pontil.  I'd neither know the country of origin or the age of these but they are relatively common.  I have heard them referred to as you have said as Persian Saddle Flasks.  these bottles are addressed in McKearnin and Wilson's "American Bottles & Flasks and Their Ancestry": they attribute one to Persia from the 17th-18th century and another to Spain from a similar time period.   the term saddle bottle or flask is a collector coined term and not one from an authority.  the name derivies from the logical guess as to their use.  the long necked flattened form is an ancient one well evolved by the 17th century.  Check the above source for a more detailed discussion.  Digger.

Hello: I hope you can help me.  I live in Anchorage, Alaska, have a 75 year old friend who owns a bottle that he wants me to find out the value of, if I can.  He lives out in the "Bush" on a homestead and has no road to his place, so does not get out to "civilization" very often. The bottle is a brown bottle with the following raised wording. DAVY CROCKETT   PURE OLD BOURBON        HEY, GRAUERHOLZ & CO.        S. F. AGENTS He found the bottle north of Nome, Alaska about 50 years ago.  It is in excellent condition, with not a chip on it. Thank you so much for your help. Naomi Green

He found a well known a popular Western Whiskey bottle worth about $120-150.  Digger.

I have a 1 ounce bottle of Luxardo 64 proof Maraschino, full with the seal still in place.  There is a date of 1821 on the trademark Girolamo Luxardo label.  My bottle was imported by Charles N. May & Co., Chicago, Ill.  I am sorry I do not have an image yet.           Kris ---

Hello, I love antiques and I am trying to see if you could help me classify what I have found.  My bottle is green with a red lid.  The seal has never been broken and most of the bottle is encased in a wrap that is straw colored (maybe grass).  This bottle has Luxardo printed in red and  the following also appear: Maraschino, Girolamo, Pr. Fabbrica's Excelsior, and a date of 1821 appears on the trademark symbol.  I believe it may be a 1 ounce bottle of liquor since 64 proof is printed on the side. 

No way...Chicago wasn't even on the map in 1821.  Sounds like you have a sample whiskey.  I am not real familiar with the prices on these.  I rarely see them over $5-10 a piece and often $2-3.  Digger

Hi, I have about 1500 seltzer bottles with tops in wooden cases.  Most of the bottles are clear glass, about 10% are blue or green.  A small number are 10 or 12 sided.  Most have etched labels and a few have painted labels. They are from various bottlers in PA, NJ, MD and NY.  I have identified about 15 different bottlers but have not searched all of the collection. All of the bottles appear to be made in Czechoslovakia.  Do you know what bottles like these are worth?  Do the wooden cases have any value?  Any advise is greatly appreciated.  Thanks Doug

Doug the cases do have value probably about equal to the bottles in some cases.  You obviously understand that the color and form affect the values. It is gonna take a while to sell 1500 of them.  I saw some similar bottles being offered around $29 on Ebay without bids.  Ebay would be the easiest place to begin disposing of them if that is your intention.  I'd say most of the clear ones would bring $20 some more if there is a local interest.  The colored ones $30-50. 

Hi..My husband found a bottle in Kansas. I'm not a collector of bottles, but old things interest me a lot. This bottle has a green tint, the words Home Bottling Co. Tulsa, OK., 6 1/2 fluid ounces, and the numbers 3482 E., and G27 in raised glass. It also has an insignia I at first, thought was a swastikas, but was told Indians used the sign first. Now I am really excited about it's history....if I can find it. Any help you can give me would be great. Thank you in advance! Jackie

I had exactly the same question in August 2002 about the same bottle.  the Tulsa Library might be able to help.  I was not able to find anything out. Digger

I Moved into a home back in 1999 and found a bottle with  Sloan's Liniment on a paper label that appears very old. There is still some of the liniment in the bottle. The bottle has a paper label on front that reads " Sloan's Liniment "a picture of Dr. Sloan, and his signature below the pic. Then it reads TMS. REG. U.S. Pat. OFF.  then it's ingredients followed by Distributed by Standard Laboratories,Inc. New York . Los Angeles . St. Louis. It is a clear 2.5 Fl. Ozs. bottle (74 CC. ) It also has Sloan's Liniment Embossed on the back of the bottle, and made in the USA. On the Bottom of the bottle is an M with a circle around it, and the # 3 . My question is how can I find out how Old this bottle is and what it may be worth. Please correspond with any helpful Info. Thank You....JennEric--- Jennifer Hamilton

Liniment, Used in the Treatment of Muscular Rheumatism, Lumbago, [Bronchial Cough, Spasmodic Croup, ] Muscular Cramp, Neuralgia, Sciatica, [ Neuralgic Headache, Toothache, ] Bruises, Stiff Neck, Sprain, and Stiffness and Soreness of the Muscles After Severe Exertion or Exposure. FIRST USE: 1890.  Recent owner Warner-Lambert company, New Jersey. Earlier owner Dr. Earl S. Sloan Incorporated CORPORATION DELAWARE WILMINGTON DELAWARE.  Mark M with circle is the Maryland Glass Corp. the symbol was first used in 1916 so your bottle dates after that time.  Value with a label. $8-10.  digger.

Hi Digger, I recently acquired this jar with this unusual closure and a glass top that says Whitall, Tatum Co. Philadelphia - New York. It has a patent date on it of June 11th 1895. As you can see the top is pressed down by turning the knob in the center. The lip around the top is very crude and was applied after the jar was formed. On the under side of the top which would be on the inside of the jar are 2 little glass ears with a hole through each one. The top has a rubber seal around the inside where it sit on the top of the jar. Have you ever come across anything like this and can you tell me anything about what it was used for and maybe it's value? I enjoy your site and reading about other peoples bottles. Thanking you in advance. Dick

Your little jar is listed in the Red Book of Fruit Jars along with two other variants.  Yours apparently is a little more common being valued at $30-40 while one of the variants with 1903 on the clamp is listed for $40-50.  I am not certain it is a fruit jar and maybe have had some laboratory use since the company specialized in such equipment but I am not sure. Digger. here's more on the company: Whitall Tatum Company

Hi,     I am in desperate need of your help.  We are having a family dispute over this bottle and we need to know what the value is ASAP.  My husband owns this bottle and my mother in law wants to give him $50 and give it to a friend of hers for the holidays.  My husband was led to believe it could be worth several hundred dollars.  I am attaching a digital picture.  The front of the bottle says inside a frosted circle, Samuel Pikoff,  Brooklyn, NY   Registered, Contents 26 Fl Oz.  There is also an SP intertwined on the front.  On the bottom of the bottle, embossed, there is a square with a symbol in it that is either a C or G, then there is an H 9, and 1284.  I appreciate any help you could give us. Sincerely, Kimberly Norberton I am inclined to say take the money.  The seltzer bottle could be worth a bit more to the right collector but I doubt the $200 figure.  The bottle is a nice color and form. If you are not too attached then be generous.  digger


I have a Bosco bear bottle that is 42 years old.  It is a round clear glass bottle with a red bear wearing a red circus hat.  After the Bosco was finished it then could have been used as a bank.  I'm curious to know the value of it.  It is in pretty good condition.Thank you, Louise Soweski


Hi,I was wondering if you could help with a North Carolina bottle, Iam from the coast of NC around Morehead City.The bottle is embossed: REGISTERED on shoulder only one side, HAYO-KOLA BOTTLING WKS.INC. MOREHEAD CITY, NC. these words form a circle, HAYO-KOLA is inside the circle. The bottle holds 7 1\2 FLUID OZS. below  MINIMUM CONTENTS on back panel there are no other markings it appears the seams go about half way up neck. this is the first pic.and bottle. bottle is clear. The second bottle is MOREHEAD CITY on top of  circle with MOREHEAD CITY ,N.C. on bottom of circle with BOTTLING WORKS in center of the circle on the bottom at the base THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE RESOLD in 2 rows on front and MINIMUM CONTENTS 7 FLUID OZS. bottle is smokey in color under base on bottom is A.G.W 255 both bottles appear to be bimal but could be and most likely abm, this bottle also has 6 stars around shoulder. Both were dug up on 11th Shepard in Morehead City, NC. All bottles have seed to medium bubbles and appear to be fairly crude. Could you tell me the value and maybe the history behind these bottles. These are the only two I have heard about .I have 9 bottle books and none of them are in there. While I'm at it here is another one I can't find anything on. This is definitively a mid 1800's bottle it is light green and 5 3\4" tall bottle is in mint condition with label about 99% in tact and very readable no markings and no pontil. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Thank You for Your help. Mervin Fulcher

Hayo Kola was apparently bottled in more than one town.  I found referecnes to bottles from Norfolk, VA and Savannah, GA. Apparently it was one of many Coca Cola imitators and probably dates in the 1890s.  

I am writing this letter in an attempt to gain information on a bottle I found.  I located the bottle while scuba diving in an inland lake in Michigan.  It is a dark brown glass bottle that holds 32oz.  There is a very faint writing on the exterior of the bottle that states it is a Bramco Oil bottle for 2 cycle engines it also states it was manufactured by Crown Chemicals Inc.  Any information you could provide regarding this bottle would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your assistance. Respectively submitted Kevin Seckler

I found nothing for certain but the Bramco bottle possibly dates to the 1960s and was for outboard motors.  Sorry, that is not much.  Digger.

I have two Chinese opium bottles with ivory spoons They are glass or crystal ???? Painted on the inside and kind of square.... Are they worth anything

Yes there certainly are.  These piece could be ancient or 19th century.  The type of decoration, the style and the form would be the best clues.  I suspect any large library would have some type of reference on such bottles.  I have often heard them referred to as "snuff" bottles.  This is a bit out of my experience but most such items I have seen sell for At least $80-100.  It could even be made of jade and be quite valuable.   I cannot tell much from your photo.  Digger.


I purchased an old limestone home that was built back in 1840, on the property is an old shed that has a lot of old bottles and furniture in it, in surprisingly good condition. My question is this.  My son was looking around the shed and found several old blue canning jars and a 1/2 brown Clorox bottle, it has no paper label, but it does have the lid and Clorox is in the glass in several places.  Do you have any idea if this is worth anything or just another bottle.  Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Nancy

There is no such thing as just another bottle.  Having been taken to task in this column by several "Clorox" collectors. I'll suggest that most Clorox bottles sell for $1-8.  Some of the rarer molds might be of interest to collectors.  Do a search for Clorox on this site and you will find links to other sites which might help ID the exact year of your bottle.  The bottle is no where near the age of the house however.  Digger.

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