October 2001 Questions

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Please look at the attached pic. The bottle is 8", is light amethyst, has a flared lip and an open pontil scar on the bottom. Notice the funnel spout near the base. What was this bottle used for. I'm guessing it is an early laboratory bottle.

I would agreed about the item being a lab bottle but it would date to the 1890s. Lab ware was often custom work and hand finished in the older methods. This bottle could have been used to collect gases or to separate liquids with different densities. Digger.

For our wedding in 1959, we rec'd an amber colored flask about 9" tall. One side is marked FISLERVILLE GLASS WORKS with an imprint of a building. The other side is marked JENNY LIND and has a bust of a lady w/some vine detail under it. Any idea if this is old or a reproduction? Thanks in advance. N. N. R.

Not without close inspection. If you check out my article on Clevenger Glass you will see a Jenny Lind Calabash (as they are called) which was produced in the 1930s. The method of manufacture and the crudity of the bottle would fool many collectors. There are minor differences in the mold variety. I would suggest you go to the local library and check out a copy of McKearnin's American Glass and check the flask tables for your specific bottle. If it is an original, it was a very generous gift. Digger.

Hello, I have found a bottle which I would like to learn more about, but I can't find anything on it in any ref. book. I think it is a chemical bottle, but I'm not sure. It is brown, machine made, with an externally threaded screw-top. The base has a mark which is embossed, and states "BOTTLE MADE IN USA" around the edge, and "ZONLLC 2" in the middle of the base. The ZONNLLC is a little blurred, and might also read "ZONNILC 2". Any idea about who may have produced the bottle and when? Any help or leads you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Danny M.

I found nothing close in the Patent Office records. Digger.

Hamilton New Zealand Dear Odell I am a researcher and writer about early histories of bottles in New Zealand. Is it possible to have a history of Dr Morses Indian root pills that I could use in an up coming article in an New Zealand bottle magazine on Dr Morses Indian root pills in New Zealand. In questions asked, you had a question asked about Woods Peppermint cure. This cure bottle was started in New Zealand about 1896. By 1900, it had moved to Australia. It is still produced today, being manufactured now in Indonesia. Kind Regards Murray R Frost

Thanks Murray you contribution is appreciated. Digger

I have an old glass baby bottle candy container. it has the candy in it and a rubber nipple and a paper label on the bottom which ingredients and packed by J.C. Crossetti is printed. I have been trying to find some info on it as to value or just a site with info. can you help? thanks, eric addison-

The J.C. Crosetti (note the spelling) of Jeannette Pennsylvania made a number of different candy containers. I found one listed for sale with label for $20. This one was in the shape of a Ray Gun and probably dated to the 1950-1960 period. Since the ingredients are listed I would expect the item to date after 1938. The Jeanette Glass Co. in Pa. may have been the maker of the items. Digger

Hi Digger,

I am wanting to find a whiskey bottle from the Wilken Distillery. I have been reading questions that you have answered this morning and have found a few things on the distillery. Could you lead me in the right direction for some info about the distillery ... I would love to get an old bottle from the distillery. Thanks in advance for your help!

Becky Wilken

I recently dug up a bottle that has a picture on the front that looks like President Eisenhower and has the names of "Harry Wilken Jr.,Harry Wilken Sr. and Killiam Wilken" on it and was trying to identify this bottle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Shawn Cannamore

Here is a link to all the information I could find. Wilkens Digger

I bought a 16 oz. RC bottle in 1973 in Colorado Springs. The bottle is nothing special, but it has a Coca-Cola bottle cap on it. Any value? Kerry Spees Public Affairs Wisconsin Public Service

I do not know. Could it have been resealed? I would not think it had much value. Digger

I need your help in determining what and how much a bottle is worth that I found at an estate. It is the height of a coke bottle. The color is antique green (I think) on the front is C.KIMBER registered with a three leave clover design with the letters C K R in each part of the clover. On the bottom front is the word ROTHERHAM, From England I guess. On the bottom back is DAN RYLANDS L 4 SOLE MAKERS BARNSLEY. The unique feature to this bottle is the neck, it has a glass ball that when poured from one side blocks the opening and from the other allows you to pour. I am not a glass collector in any way but was just wondering what the heck this was. Thank you...

Your bottle is a Codd type bottle. In my article, you will find reference to Dan Rylands who was at one time in partnership with Codd. I'd guess in this country the bottle to be worth $15-20. Digger

Dear sir; while doing electrical renovations in the cellar of our 1876 home, we discovered a bottle hidden in the rafters. The bottle looks to be about 1 quart green glass with a cork, the cork is broken but still in the neck. The label is black and white, with Grand Special in red. the distiller is Robertson Sanderson & Co. Ltd. Leith Scotland N.B. the wrapper at the top looks like a soft metal.. It must have been made in a mold, because there are two seams down each side.. Someone must have been tippling when the missus wasn't looking! Any information would be helpful Thanks Mavis

Both the Robertson and the Sanderson companies were in the Scotch business and registered trademarks in the United States in the late 1930s. Both companies had numerous registrations but not for "Grand Special". Exactly when they joined I was not able to find out, but I am thinking it would have been later rather than earlier than that date. The bottle could have been deposited during any repair or construction on the house. The cork may or may not suggest an old bottle. Only examining the distance up the neck the mold seam goes would determine the age. Digger

Dear Digger: I was viewing your site and decided I would ask you if you might have some information on a bottle I have, The bottle is a dark green in color , the front label has Zeller Schwarze Katz on it under the label is a cat with hunched back with like gold leaf onit and is a top of a bridge that is raise ( like raise lettering) under it has raise lettering Zeller Schwarze Katz. Then on the back it has another label that says mosel-saar- ruwer under that the date 1964 then zeller Schwarze Katz tells the alcohol content . produced ,bottled and shipped by Export-union deutsder weinglier , then Mainz-Germany .sole Agents for the U.S.A. vintage wines co. New York, N.Y. and on the bottom is has 0.7L and then a A in a circle That look like a Capital G a 1 to the left side of it and then under the A, I can hardly make it out but think it is 16::41 if you could give me with any information would be great have been searching all over for information and can't seem to fine any . Sincerely Janet Hamilton from Oregon

From what I can gather, mosel-saar- ruwer is a type of German wine or wine from a certain region. I believe it would have come from an area around the Model River. The town would be Zell, known for its Zeller Schwartze Katz (Black Cat) wine, is one of the best Mosel villages for an overnight tourist stay. The company that produced the wine is Zeller enterprises. The brand name is "Black Cat." Digger

I have a hand made bottle ,approx 10'' height , four chambers , Bols liqueurs unopened . Amsterdam 1 January 1868. Bottle was Made In France (on bottom). Produced in Holland. All writing on bottle sounds German. VERY nice bottle & NEVER been opened ! price?

These four chambered liqueur bottles are very common. You find them at yard sales, bottle shows and flea markets. The bottles are indeed beautiful and appear to be at least in part hand crafted. The illustration at the right is from a company booklet from the 1960-70s. You can see in the picture the plastic stoppers that were to be used after opening. I'd guess a value of $15-20 if you can find a buyer. Digger

I have some KC Chiefs and KC royals whiskey bottles. Do you have any idea what they are worth. The Royals decanter looks like a baseball with Royals logo on it. the Chiefs decanter is a football w/ the Chiefs logo on it. Thanks Mike Denny

I have no expertise in sports collectibles sorry. Because they are related to the sports field they could be great or nothing and I would not know. Maybe another reader can help. A quick Ebay search turned up dozens of collectibles from ashtryas to shot glasses most not selling. Digger

Hi , I have a friend with a old bottle Iím trying to find out about. I only seen it once so this is what i remember about it . The name on the front is Hoyt German Cologne, it is a small bottle between 2 and 3 inches tall. It's clear glass with a wide, flat top opening , skinny neck and wider bottom . It's not round, but rectangular. He found it digging with a backhoe in a small town in northeast Arkansas. any information will be appreciated. thanks B.T.

The E. W. Hoyt Co. of Lowell Mass. had several big sellers. the German Cologne was one of them. it was sold in 5 and 10 cent sizes in distinctive bottles with an indented panel which was widely copied by would be imitators. The product was advertised very successfully through the use of trade cards. In many of the cards the bottle is shown although not always accurately. The bottles sell for a modest $2-3. Digger

Hello, I have a E C Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey bottle. It's purple and it's shaped like a cabin. It could be new and a reproduction- I can't tell. I'd buy your book, but since it probably isn't worth $25, I hate to spend the money because I am really short of cash right now. Can you help me w/value? I could just sell it in a garage sale. Lilli Ann

Lilli, The fact that it is purple identifies it a new one. Go ahead and sell if for what you can get. Digger

I found a bottle that is amber in color and has the raised letters E G BOOZE 1840 on one side. It has a stopper top. I found the bottle about 30 years ago when we were tearing down an old yes"> house. How can I tell if it is a reproduction or the real thing?

My article on Booze bottles give many of the specifics. Digger

Pixrhonda Digger, I was hoping you could help me with an approximate age and maybe a value of this item. The bottle is clear glass, about 6 3/8" tall and 2 3/4" wide. The 2 mold lines (front left & right rear) seem to go all the top, but looks as though the very top lip was sanded smooth. The label is near perfect (much nicer than the photo). The back and both sides are embossed. The back reads "Rawleigh's" in cursive and TRADE MARK. The left side "W.T. RAWLEIGH CO." and the right side "FREEPORT, ILL." The bottom has a 2 in the center and rust around the Pontil mark. I cannot find anything which resembles a date or Patent number. Thanks, Rhon

Your Rawleigh bottle is as nice as any I have seen. It appears to be one of the earlier ones probably dating to the 1895-1905 period. The partial contents, embossing and label make it appealing to collectors of such items. I'd expect to get $25-30 for it. It is not however pontiled.

i have a Donald duck 10 0z bottle by general beverage inc numbers on bottom are 192-B-10 also A-53 and a 4 . i was wondering what it is worth and what came in it i am afraid to clean it as the paint is coming off

Depends. there is a green bottle with yellow label that is extremely rare and a number of clear bottles that have Donald on them that sell for much less. The fact that the paint is coming off is a serious flaw for collectors and would depress the price a great deal. In its present condition is may not have much value. Digger.

Digger- I have a bottle of Lucas Bols Gold Liqueur with a Bols Ballerina in it - it also is a music box and plays the Blue Danube - does it have any value?

I get this question so often I ought to put it on the home page. The bottles are common and difficult to sell without being in perfect condition - label, contents, seals. I have seen them for all ranges of prices. I did a search today on Ebay and found seven of them for sale, two with bids. One unopened one had a single bid of $14.95 and another with the original box and contents was being offered at $24.95 with no takers. Digger

Dear Digger Odell, I've discovered the 5 following bottles & have no clue if they have any value: 1) Jim Beam bottle - Collector Edit. Vol. XVII - Gray Fox by James Lockhart. 2) E.C. Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle, 120 Walnut St., Philadelphia. (bottle is green). 3) Penn State 1982 National Champions Coke bottle. 4) Bermuda Gold Liquer with Bermudian seals embossed in the glass. 5) All green bottle w/square bottom - on bottom is Liquor Bottle 18 - 76. I thank you for any information/assistance you can provide.

My guess is none of them have a value over $5-8. Digger.

It's clear glass n says a trade mark and a grade mark globe in the center n globe mills of California under that. I'd appreciate any info u could offer. Thank You in advance, Blue

Globe Mills Food Company of California operated from 1904-through 1920. They participated in 1915 California Expo baking bread for the public. Your bottle is probably their brand of oil. the bottle also known in aqua has the words "Globe Oil Mills and an embossed globe. the aqua bottle is worth about $10.

Published in the Sacramento Bee in 2001 "The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency is scheduled next month to take ownership of Globe Mills -- a long-vacant, nearly century-old flour mill at 12th and C streets. Soon after that, the agency will select an architect to go in and produce blueprints of the five-story mill and 28 adjoining silos"

Globe Mills Digger

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To whom it may concern: My grandfather left me about 100 Wheaton laboratory bottles still in their boxes. I do not know the age of the bottles but on the outside of the boxes it also says vitro brand. These bottles range in size and have chemical names engraved on them. Could you please give me any information that you may have on these bottles. Thank you for your time.

The word mark "Vitro" was trademarked by the Wheaton Glass Co. of Millville, New Jersey for scientific apparatus namely laboratory glassware. The name was first used in 1964 and filed in 1970. the name is no longer active. the words "Wheaton Vitro" were registered in 1971 and used since 1968. Digger

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for finding information on large (22-30 inches) whiskey display bottles. My wife has built up quite a collection of them the last year including Calvert Reserve, 4 Roses, Schenley, PM whiskey, Old Grand-dad ect. If you need a picture or two just tell me and Iíll snap a few shots.

-Eric Freeman

I have not seen any information on the large whiskey display bottles. From time to time they show up at bottle shows. Some are quite interesting. I'd love a picture or two maybe a reader will offer some insight. Digger.

Dear Sir,

I have a question about the age period of an old beer bottle my father gave me. I went to their web site but could not find out any info. The bottle is a brown flip-top Grolsch lager bottle. The top has a white ceramic stopper in it with "Grolsch Georgia" printed on it most of the paper is gone from the label but there is a piece that has a man that looks like "Puritan" clothes looking at some papers. No dates are on the bottle at all. Any help would be appreciated as I am new at this sort of collecting. Thanks!! Sabrina Millar

I can remember buying these in the 1970s at the local beer store. My brother-in-law used to collect them to bottle his home brew in. They have little value to collectors. They are common at antique malls and flea markets. Digger.

Hi - I'm an archaeologist working in Sacramento, CA and have two bottles I'd like to identify. The first is "Fellow's Syrup of Hypophosphates". I know that Fellows & Co. made lots of things, just trying to track down a specific date for this one. The second bottle is a pint milk that has "Sacramento Store Bottle" and 5c embossed. These were found near a rail yard, and I'm interested in whether or not the milk might have been manufactured specifically for a railroad. Thanks for the help.

Charlane Gross, M.A., RPA

Senior Archaeologist

EDAW, Inc.

601 University Ave., Suite 185

Sacramento, CA 95825-6739

I have gave a bit of history on the Syrup of Hypophosphates on this site a while back. the product was introduced in 1876. I am quite certain the milk botl\tle was not made for the railroad. The words "store bottle" are commonly found on 1910-1920 period milks. Digger.

Along the bottom it says: COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CONT. 6 1/2 FL. OZS and just above the ribs above the middle of the bottle it says: PATENTED MAR. 7, 1922 REGISTERED I have looked at all the Coke bottle references I can find and I now think it must not be a coke bottle. Any help in identifying this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Joe

Unless it has the words "Coca-Cola" it was not a container for Coke. There are many other "flavor bottles" that were used by the the company to bottle other products. the patent may refer to the bottle design. Digger

how much would I be looking at for a bottle of whiskey vintage 1888

I can't say without a better description. Digger

We found this bottle while digging around an old barn. It is a one quart brown Purex Bottle with the name on both sides (around the bottle) and also on the base that is part of the bottle. It has a slightly flared mouth. It's in perfect condition.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Robyn Seifert

12.0pt">i have a old jug that is a 'PUREX" IT IS BROWNISH AMBER IN COLOR.

Here a link to other questions and answers about your bleach bottle. Purex

Dear Sir I have a 1968 The Wearin O' The Green bottle from Stitzel Weller Distillery Can you recommend a buyer and a fair price. It is in mint condition, however there is no label. I have had it since it poured it's last shot in a bar in Los Gatos California Thank You Gerald Michael

I'd guess it would be very difficult to find a buyer. I'd suggest selling it on Ebay with no reserve and hoping for a bid. Digger

C an you give any direction as to where i can buy a glass inkwell that goes into a old school desk thanks

Yes, see last month's first question. Digger

I recently cleaned out my great grandmother's home. thirty some years ago it was a storage spot for bottles my brothers and I dug from the old city dump. among the collection the bitters, poison, Indian territorial (all the good bottles) were gone. but there is one that I can find no information on . it is a 5 1/2'' tall milk glass mason jar with mason patent Nov 30 1858 in the lid is a cap that says porcelain lined cap for mason fruit jar in the center is a logo that looks like two intertwined spiral circles with another pointed (flowerlike) in the center any information would be appreciated. thank you. jack risner

There is a reproduced midget 1858 in milk glass with the base marked 971. My references indicate that only one opalescent quart and one small mouth pint are known. So, if you have a real one it would be unique. Digger.

Subject: Hinckel Brewing Co. Albany, NY Registered

I have the above 9.5" high, round bottle in clear "blown in mold" glass. The mold seam goes only to the bottom of the lip which appears to be a cork top. The writing on the bottle is raised. Please be kind enough to provide the history, age, rarity, and value of the bottle. Was this a beer bottle? Also were beer bottles capped with corks? See photo attached.
I have the above 9.5" high, round bottle in clear "blown in mold" glass. The mold seam goes only to the bottom of the lip which appears to be a cork top. The writing on the bottle is raised. Please be kind enough to provide the history, age, rarity, and value of the bottle. Was this a beer bottle? Also were beer bottles capped with corks? See photo attached.

History: Company began as Schinnerer & Hinckel in 1852. It eventually passed to Fred Hinckel and was located on Swan St. It did not become known as the Hinckel Brewing company until 1903 and continued in business until 1920. Rarity, I would not know but do not expect give the long histpory that the bottle would be rare. Value would be $5-15. Yes, it was a beer and beers were capped by a variety of means the blob top was used to secure a wire which would have helped hold a cork in place. Many bottles of this age used a wire bale and metal stopper with rubber gasket. similar to the ones shown below. Digger.

Dear Mr. Odell, I have quite a few bottles I'd love to find out about. But I don't think you want to read that much in one sitting and I really don't want to type that much. I do a lot of research and have a few books (none of yours but that's soon to change) Christmas is coming! I do have 3 bottles in particular that I can find nothing on and would greatly appreciate your input: 1)green (not aqua) Clark's syrup square 9"tall medicine type with a blob yes"> top. 2 ) is a deep purple amethyst (not SCA) 2 3/4" globe shaped w/teardrop shapes, dots on top and bottom and 4lines running around middle it does have a smooth base and a ground top no lip (like a target ball but not). 3) an urn shaped perfume 4 1/2" w/stopper ( polished pontil) w/swan neck and head handles the head's attach to wings embossed on each side embossing is very detailed the glass is clear and appears wet (fire polished?) w/a slight pink tinge to it. It was ground for a stopper and I found a pointed 8 sided one next to it and it fit perfect sooo...what do you think? Thank's for your time, Carla

Carla, I think you should take typing lessons and speed reading cause it sounds like you have some super bottles there. The Clark's Syrup in green is a NICE rare bottle and probably related the pontiled Dr. Clark NY bottle which is similar. You do not mention it being pontiled but not wanting to type I can see how you might over look that detail. I have research dating the bottle to 1859 as being from Albany. Since I do not want to over tax your reading, I will move on to the next bottle. It could be an alcohol lamp. I'd need to see it. The cologne sounds delightful and expensive. The pinkish tinge is a nice sign of authenticity. You mentioned you found a stopper next to it so I gather you are digging? If so, need help? I can dig as well as read and type. If someone offers you $1000 for the three items (psst don't take it) Digger

Clark's Syrup

Sir, I recently plundered an old rubbish heap and picked up a few old soda bottles. I am concerned that in cleaning them I will remove the old paint as well. This I do not wish to do. Can you suggest something. Thanks Randall Castleberry

Randall, I have done some weird things in dumps and privies - but I never plundered one. You might remove the paint. Most often the painted label stuff does not survive well in the ground. If it is not faded it is usually missing spots. There are professionals who can "restore" such items but they would need to be valuable to justify the cost. I am afraid I am not being very encouraging. Digger

Your website is the only place I've found any reference to the S. Maw Son & Thompson, London, The Alexandra Feeding Bottle. The bottle I have is in very good shape, and only missing the nipple and piece from the lid to the nipple. I have the glass piece inside it. Do you know the value of this baby bottle? Thank you for your help. Dee
I can guess. I'd guess about $80. Digger

Hi Digger I am sorry to worry you, because I'm not interested in bottles, but J C Eno Ltd, England. I am doing research on a man named Gordon Allan Dunbar and his last known address was c/- of that company in 1949. He would have been management material, as he was a Rhodes Scholar. Do you know, by any chance, where I could go to ask a few questions. Big ask, I know, so hope you don't mind. Margaret Wroe Maryborough Queensland AUSTRALIA

Try the UK Patent Office Digger other than that I do not have a good answer Digger

Hi, I've come across in my deceased mother's property a clear glass Japanese "Nikka Whisky" bottle. It is in excellent condition with all labels in tact. It is topped by a Samurai head and shoulders (possibly brass). Lots of detail in the metal. The head of the samurai lefts away from the shoulder armor to reveal the screw top of the bottle. The labels read as follows: Front label: "Gold & Gold" "Product of Japan" "Nikka Shisky" "matured in wood and blended by our own experts" "The Nikka Whisky Distilling Co., Ltd" "4/5 quart - Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and Sendai, Japan 86 proof". Label on front below the neck: "Nikka Imported Whisky" Label on the rear near the bottom of the bottle: "Sole Distributors for the United States of America" "Munson Shaw Co. New York, New York" "Product of Japan" "Printed in Japan" and a logo that says "Munson Shaw Imports" with a key in the senter with "MS" The back of the glass bottle is also raised with a logo of what appears to be two lions facing a shield or something with the word "Nikka". Raised lettering reads "Nikka Whisky Distilling Col Ltd. Japanese Whisky" The Samurai head and shoulder armor each have a little gold sticker which says "made in Japan". The inside of the shoulders of the armor is lined with what appears to be old leather to protect the bottle. Do you have any information on this bottle? Is it old? common? collectible? Thank you, Mev Camozzi

Nikka Whisky Distilling Co., Ltd. was established in 1934 to produce whisky and now accounts for approximately 20% of the Japanese market. The company markets imported whisky, brandy and other liquor. They are a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.. The company has three unconsolidated overseas subsidiaries, one each in the United Kingdom, France and Taiwan. According to U. S. Patent Office, the word mark "Nikka" was for whisky, brandy, gin vodka and liqueur. First used in 1952 and first used in commerce in 1964.by Nikka Whiskey Distilling Co. of Tokyo, Japan. The Name and the crest shown above had been used since 1940 but not in commerce until 1964. The fan design with the crane (right) was used since 1968. The Super Nikka was used first used in 1970 and in commerce in 1978. Your bottle appears to be a specialty item. You can date your bottle after 1964 based on the two lion trademark. I would think the bottle would have some value say $10 or so. Digger.

Found bottle in Hillman, MN digging well about 8' down Embossed: HOFF'S GERMAN LINIMENT GOODRICH DRUG CO. ANOKA, MINN. Pontil marked "T"? Odd shape 12 sided Color Clear Perfect Condition

I would like to know about the bottle age I would like to know the bottle rarity I would like to know the value I would like to know the history

Herbert F. Goodrich was doing business as the Goodrich Drug Co. at 116 main Street in Anoka Minnesota. He first marketed the product in 1889 and registered the above trademark in 1926. the mark was renewed in 1966 for the second time but is no longer active. Some of the later bottles can be identified by the I in a diamond on the base which was the mark of the Illinois Glass Company in Alton IL between 1916 and 1929. One reference indicates an aqua ABM (machine made) bottle 12 sided like yours. I would expect a value of $5-10. George H. Goodrich from Anoka, who must have somehow been involved was president of the State Pharmacy Association.

I'm looking for some help in finding a glass globe restoration expert. I broke my mother's lamp and its from the early 1900s. If you could assist me in any way possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Adam.

I'd suggest replacement. Broken chimneys were common the likelihood that the one you broken was original is less than you might think. They often got broken. You can even find old one if you shop the antique malls. Now this might not be true if the chimney was of a unique design or color. Even getting it fixed it would not be usable. I do not know anyone who could repair it so it could not be noticed. Sorry. Digger.

Dear Sir, I recently found some bottles and a friend of mine directed me to your site. I was wondering if it was possible to, if I emailed you pictures of the bottles, appraise them for me, or direct me to someone who can. Please email me back with your answer. Thank you for your time. yes"> Le

Up until recently I did not offer such a service. I do now see my page on appraisal Digger

Hello, I have found a bottle in my basement which I hope you can tell me about. It is a glass bottle with a seam from top to bottom with the top resembling the "blob" style they show on the web page. On the front is Netherland Cottage Cheese New York State Fair Gold Medal Winner with a picture of a ribbon and a tub of cottage cheese. On the other side of the bottle is written Netherland with a picture of a Dutch girl and boy standing on either side of a large bottle shaped just like the actual bottle itself. Embossed around the bottom rim of the bottle is ONE QUART LIQ-.X M783 REG SEALED MTC CS. Embossed on the bottom is E60 and what looks like the number 11 or it may be just II. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you, Deb Ferris E.Syracuse, NY

You do not mention the shape which would help date the item. I found a dairy in New York that was using the name Netherland since 1992. So if the item is new then it probably has little value. If the bottle has an applied colored label, squarish shape it might be worth $20-30 or more.

Thank you for your help. I have never seen a jar like this and thought you may known something of its value? It is light purple in color octagon shaped in excellent condition. Has bubbles in the glass form when it was made. Jar reads on lid PATENTED AUG. 28 1900.

I spent some time searching the Patent Office for the date and was not successful. Nor could I find your jar in any other reference book. I would guess it was a display jar for a product possibly sold in a general store. It is a very nice looking item. I'd guess the value to be $80-125. Digger

Hi Digger: I know very little about bottles so I was hoping you could lend me a hand. I have an aqua blue bottle that has no seams from the bottom to the shoulder, then a seam completely around the circumference of the neck, and two side seams that run from the circumference seam through the lip. The top looks slightly crooked from the rest of the bottle. The bottle has an uneven bottom (inside) and the base is slightly impressed - not nearly like you show a pontiled base. The decoration on the lower half of the bottle looks like the pattern was embossed upside-down - looks like an opps. The decoration is fruit and the bottle has a couple air bubbles. The bottle is about 5 inches high. Any help????????? Delaware

Sounds like an early machine bottle to me. Many times these were more crudely made than the hand tooled bottles of the same period. I am not familiar with the bottle. A picture would help. What kind of fruit? Maybe a reader can help. Digger.


Hi, I found a glass bottle its about 6'' high clear with the words KOOL AID on the front in a stamped label not paper, like paint. On the bottom there are the words PERKINS BOTTLING CO. FLINT MICH, THEN THE NUMBER 47. Can you tell me anything about it. thanks

The above trademark was from the Perkins company but not from Flint. They hey must have had a bottling plant in Flint. The number 47 could be the date. the product was bottled a number of places. I found a reference to a similar bottle to yours but an 8 fl. oz. green and white ACL, with a patent date of July 15, 1940 on the bottom. the 1940 date coincides with the first use of the name Kool-aid according to the information submitted to the Patent Office. I think the perkins company sold out to General Foods in the 1950s and your bottle dates in the 1940s. the bottle has a $10-15 value. Digger.

13.5pt">I have a bottle I would like to find out what year it was made and if it is worth anything. 13.5pt">long and narrow. its clear in color. it has 1 Qt. Shell Oil on the bottle. mouth of the bottle is smooth on outside and inside. looks like it would of come with a cork in the top. 13.5pt">there is no where to put a screw lid. 13.5pt">base has grooves in it. narrow grooves. 13.5pt">S13.5pt">hape of the bottle is round but as it goes up to the top it gets narrow. It says it holds 1 qt. of Shell motor oil. Shell Motor Oil is imprinted into the bottle. it is in good condition but doesn't have the cork. 13.5pt">looks like it might have been buried at one time has some black or dirt inside of it. But can see through the bottle. 13.5pt">said my father is 81 yrs. old and has never seen one. I have had it for at least 25 yrs now when I found it. 13.5pt">I13.5pt"> would like to now the history of it also. anything u can find out about it.

Your bottle is not as rare as you might think. I found a number of them for sale. the asking price of one like the picture was $45 (a bit high in my opinion). Of all the oil bottles, the Shell bottles are probably the most common. they are very popular however because they are collected by people who are interested in automobile memorabilia as well as bottle collectors. I have listed a couple of links below to further enlighten anyone who would like more information. Digger

Shell Oil Museum Article on Oil Bottles Previous Question

I am looking for information about a bottle I recently saw for sale. It is a ceramic or porcelain figure of a lady in a long black dress, about 9in. tall, with a cat at her side. The lady's head is the stopper, and a piece of the cork is broken off inside. The paint is kind of "sloppy" and looks old.

I am afraid I can't be of much help, maybe a reader knows. Digger

13.5pt">Hi, my name is Renee! I am new to the bottle collecting thing. I have many different weird looking things that I have never seen before. Those are the things I like to collect. But the problem I am having with this is; I don't know what they are called. Jug, decanter? It looks like a big round ball with a neck about 3 inches long. It's clear green blown glass. It has an inner section that is blown as well. I am thinking that is where you would put ice. There is a cork that covers that part. Then the wine or whatever is filled into the top. There is a skinny little pour spout on the other side that kind of looks like a teapot spout. It has a kickup on the bottom with a little nipple looking center that protrudes back outward . If my description is not good enough for you; let me know. I will try to get a picture of it. Please help! yes"> thanks, Renee

13.5pt">You are about the third person who has asked about these odd shaped bottles. I am pretty sure they are not American and not terribly old. I have not been able to discover what they were used for and like you thought it was a decanter of some type.


Your picture did not come through but I have posted an ad from 1913 which shows the bottles in detail. The product was introduced in 1912 it had been imported from Germany. European Lysol bottles often have raised crosshatching to signify a poison. the European ones come in a variety of colors unlike the amber American varieties. Lysol was a disinfectant and offered as a substitute to Carbolic Acid was was popular at the time. The bottles are VERY common. Digger.

My husband came across a bottle that was excavated on a job sight in Minnesota. The bottle says Mellin's Infant's Foods, Doliber-Goodale Co., Boston, in raised letters, on a light blue bottle that is shaped like a miniature milk bottle. Any information that you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you! Do you have any information on this bottle? Is it old? common? collectible? Thank you, Mev Camozzi

This picture of the Executive Staff of Mellin's Foods was taken December 6, 1893
at the Parker House in Boston.
Do you have any information on this bottle? Is it old? common? collectible? Thank you, Mev Camozzi

Left to right top row, Joseph Larrabee, J.J Jones, M.D., Henry A. snyder, Charles I. Fulsom, Charles M Phelps, John W. cox, Clarence G. Stone, Seated: Charles H. Robbins, Thomas I Delano Jr., Richard W. Folsom, Thomas Doliber, President, Charles W. Cheney Vice President, Charles B. R. Hazeltine Floor: Howard Goodwin.

Mellin's Infant Food was the creation of Gustav Mellin (See the facsimile signature above.). He was the owner of a pharmaceutical house in London and supposedly had copied the formula from Justis Von Liebig, a famous Dutch Chemist. He began producing the formula in the1870s. Theodore Metcalf was a successful druggist and chemist from the 1860s. In addition to drugs he sold surgical instruments and some flavorings. Theodore Metcalf Company became agents for the United States and working for Metcalf were Thomas Doliber (middle of the picture above) and Thomas T. Goodale (who is not in the picture because in retired in 1893. The Doliber-Goodale firm moved Mellin's Infant Food to national prominence through skillful management and wholesale advertising. the jars are quite plentiful and can even be found in a sample size. Digger

The trademark to the left was registered in the 1980s by an Italian firm which owned the brand for Infant and Dietetic Food Products-Namely, Powdered Milk and Milk-Containing Compositions; Lyophilized Baby Foods Consisting of Vegetables or Meats; Cereal Grain Based Compositions and Instant Creamed Rice

Thanks for sharing the pictures of turn of the century drugstores. I have been looking high and low for vintage interiors for a store interior I am "creating" and wasn't having much success. I very much enjoyed the pictures on your website. I am also looking for apothecary bottles (new of course) but I don't think you sell. Gotta keep looking...

Thanks for kind words. Digger

Dear Sir, I read an article on your website that got my attention: " Your first bottle is a product bottle of the Holbrooks Limited operating at 203 Asted Row, Birmingham, England around the turn of the century. Of the bottles frequently found made by this company, yours is probably the most attractive. They were makers of sauces, pickles, vinegar, curries, custard powders, egg powders, soups, soup tablets, salad oils, and fruit essences. The trademark you describe was first used by the company in 1877 and was applied to affixed to the labels or embossed on at least two different bottle, one round and the other square (probably pickles). The most common bottle is a Worcestershire sauce bottle, and they were great competitors with Lea & Perrineís. The round bottle you have is the rarer of the two and was a chutney or pickle bottle made between 1877-1905. The value, I'd estimate at about $30." In fact, a while ago I brought to surface a large amount of these Holbrook Worcestershire sauce bottles you were talking about... I found them inside a ship which was wrecked on 12 December 1891. (Date seems to match) These bottles are clear;+-22cm tall with a diameter of +-6cm; inscription "Holbrook & Co" written vertically from top to bottom; (serial-)numbers on bottom of bottles... yes"> I would be mostly pleased if you'd estimate their value, but actually I'm looking for information about the Holbrook-company itself. I'm making a report about the wreck and would like to find some pictures of the old Holbrook company, their history,... do the buildings still exist... Awaiting your reply we remain yours sincerely Wernher's DIvE-HARD-team

Holbrooks Limited was a company registered in Great Britain and located in Birmingham, England at 203 Ashed Row in 1908. They make "Sweet pickle, mixed pickles, piccalilli and pickled onions, cooking essences and cooking flavourings, none being essential oils; and Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce, vinegar, chutney and mint sauce, Soups and preserved beans" all for sale in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and for export to and sale in the Republic of Ireland and the Continent of Europe. They took out several patents both here and in Great Britain. They appear to still be in business as the last trademark registration was 1991. They may still be in Birmingham. the label at the left was registered in 1951. Digger

I have these 4 bottles can you tell me about them. All embossed one say's Standard Bottling Co. Trade Mark Standard Registered Chicago ILL. on bottom back C & CO. LIM bottle has a metal piece in neck sticking out I think what was a cap. thin cork cap loose in bottom of bottle. Another bottle Gottfried Brewing Co. Chicago (blob top). Next Bostelmann's Chicago & last Mutual Bottling Works Chicago with a crescent moon for it's trademark. These last two look like pop bottles. What can you tell me about them, age etc.. anything would be helpful. Thanks, Marge Barbush

Soda and beer bottles breaks down as follows. Blob tops generally pre-1900. Crown top not machine made pre-World War I. Crown tops machine made 1915-present. the Gottfired Brewing Bottle was statrted by Matheus Gottfried in 1870. It was not known as the Gottfired Brewing company until 1882. It stopped production in 1924. The standard bottle is probably a soda and dates to about 1907 based on the C & Co. mark. Value of these items is probably under $10 each. Digger.

Digger, I recently dug a bottle and I was hoping that you might be able to help me with some history on it as well as it's value. The bottle is cobalt blue 7 7/16" tall with an 8 1/4" circumference. The seam on the neck of the bottle goes a little less than halfway up the neck. On the front of the bottle in a circle it reads in script Ferdinand Olivet Apothecary Mount Vernon, NY On the base of the bottle it reads W.T. Co U.S.A and in the middle it has the number 4 yes"> Thank you, Chris McCarthy

Chris you got a good one there. Colored drugstores have only gone up in value recently. I am not familiar with the particular bottle but it likely dates to the 1880-1900 period. With the large size, I'd say it might be $75-100 bottle in mint condition. Digger

I have in my possession a soda bottle from the Smile soda company of Shamokin, Pa. On the bottom of the bottle it has the name Charles Krzykwa Jr. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you Dean L Wolfe

I was not able to find out anything except there is a Krzykwa family in Shamokin some still there. No evidence to place a "Smile" Soda bottling plant there either. Maybe a reader knows. Digger

I have over fifty soda bottles, like coke ,,mello yellow, Pepsi 10-16oz, thats say return for deposit. do you know if there's any value on these, are should I just throw away. ken.forshee

class="photoleft"Very little. You might move them at the local flea market for $0.50-$1.00. Digger

I see that someone has asked about a bottle that has Glover Imperial Medicine on it. I have one also, It says New York down one side. the lid is metal and it is stuck to the bottle. Does this have any value? sally

Glover's are quite common and as of yet I know of only one person who collects them. The other interested group are the Veterinary Collectors. The one you have sounds like a later one (1930s-40s) It has a value of $3-4. Digger.

Hi Digger, While at a rummage sale this past weekend, I purchased an old soda pop bottle that is clear glass embossed with the head of an Indian chief on two sides and the words Big Chief. Along the lower rim it says, "bottle patd.dec 29, 1925. The only other identifying marks are on the bottom of the bottle where it has c820 and 9 6 1 between the 9 and 6 is an emblem or marking that looks like an "O" with a <> going thru it. I am wondering if this is possibly a coke bottle or not? Thanks for any information you might provide.

Big Chief was a coke product. Yours is one of the early ones. Later ones, made in great variety and in many states, had painted labels. There are fewer collectors for the embossed sodas but they are gaining more interest. I'd say the value to be $10-15. Digger.


The mark is "GARNIER ENGHIEN FRANCE" and an other one is a kind of wave. Can you give me some details about its age, manufacturer ; is it a mass production or was it made by a ceramist ? Thanks for your help philippe RETIF yes"> FRANCE

Garnier bottles were among the first collectible liquor bottles. The most value of them were made in the Pre World War II era. Those made in the 1960-1980 as I suspect yours is have much less value ($15-25). Yours may have been made in 1965. There was a book published by Avery called Garnier Bottles Identification & Price Guide
c.1970, 238p, softbound, black/white & color, privately published. It might be difficult to get but your library might be able to help locate a copy. Digger.

Discovered large dump on property in upstate NY. I have found hundreds of bottles and need help pricing them. chamberlains bitters bottles bitters bottles (numerous ones) (many of these bottles say `made in the usa') leather cement Cheesebourgh-ponds Vaseline milk of mag. whiskey flasks Underwood ink Moses Atwood bottles (and formerly made by) fm Shafer brewing company beer bottle - Rochester NY Sloans liniment This is only the start of the list - too numerous to name all. I am trying to assist my mother - she is the one who has found the bottles and needs the information. Please advise with any information you may have that will assist us. Thank you so very much. Stacey Kile

Answering your question is beyond what I can do in this column. You will find many of the bottles you mention here on my site. About the best I suggest is getting a general price guide. I do provide a appraisal service for collections for a fee. Digger.

One of your readers asked you about Snowcrest bear bottles and you didn't have much to tell him. I've got about 140 of them and can tell him anything he wants to know about them -- if you refer him to me, I'll fill him in. Bottom Line, though -- 1940s -1960s -- concentrated syup for home made juice yes"> (sort of a fore-runner to Kool-aid) -- similar to grappette bottles of the same era. Snowcrest made 3 sizes of bears -- 7.5" is very common -- 11" is very rare and the 4 " is very rare -- also made a seal -- very rare and an ambler colored bear bank -- extremely rare. Grappette made elephants, cats, clowns, etc.... U-Pour it made foxes and elephants. I've got 'em all. Later, Jim

Thanks for the information Jim. I know even after 30 years of collecting how little I knpow about the subject and can and do defer to other people's expertise like yours. Digger

I have two old bottles and I want to know if they're antiques and if they're worth something. Bottle 1- It is 6 inches around and 4 and a half inches tall, it is a cork bottle, it is a clear bottle, it says LISTERINE LAMBERT Pharmacal Company, it is a round bottle. Bottle 2- it is 8 and a half inches around and 6 inches tall,it is a cork yes"> bottle, it is a clear bottle, it says BLACK CAT STOVE ENAMEL NEW YORK.N.Y.,it is a rectangular shape that is curved at the top. Please send me a letter back as soon as possible. Signed, krispin

Lambert Pharmacal Company filed trademarks for the name
Listerine in 19021905. they claimed use since 1881.

Listerine was and still is and antiseptic mouthwash. the Lambert Company of St. Louis later become Warner-Lambert. Over the years the Name Listerine was used for a mouthwash, tooth powder, soap (1905), toilet creams and cold cream(1917), bath salts (1925) shaving cream (1927) and numerous other products. Your little bottle probably dates to the 1900 era. the Listerine bottles Sell for $2-3. Your stove enamel bottle is about the same age and about the same value. I was not able to locate anything specific about the company but I have seen the bottle many times.

Hi Digger,

I have two Seagram Crown 5 bottles and I can't seem to find any info. I have attached a picture of them can you help with any where as in pointing me to a site on this.



The words "Seagram's 5 Five Crown were first used for whiskey in 1934 when a trademark for them was registered in April of that year by Minnesota Valley Canning Company of Le Sueur, Minnesota. It was renewed in 1974 for the second time but it is no longer active. I think we can date your bottle between those years. Interestingly of the fourteen trademarks listed under the name "Seagram" this was the only one which had the Minnesota Company as owner. Most of the others were owned by Joseph Seagram Company. I am not sure of the connection between the two and cannot read your label on your bottle. I do not know of a site where you could find any more. Digger.

C an you tell me the name of a glass retort used in old distilleries 7 letters (a e b c) its the answer to crossword question thanks
Soused, no....bottled no...glass retort? hmm - No and I will bet by this time you have given it up. Sorry digger

Hello,Digger; My brother recently bought me a 1961 7up bottle, made by Owens-Illinois,in Toledo,Oh. I has ACL graphics on the front, and the back has the SEVEN Up slogan, Ingredients, Ounce measure, plant location. On the base plate it says: X 3 o-i 61,1,and the "Duraglas" script logo. Can you tell me how much this would be worth, as it's in good shape? Thanks!

$5-8 Digger

hi my name is Rayanne bear Muise, we found a bottle from 1927,and its a clear bottle and it still has its label on it and it says Corby's special selected Canadian whisky ,distill since 1859,and also says it was 8 years old from 1927 what ever that mean and it still has some of its whisky in the bottle, can u help please?

I assume you do not mean help finishing off the whiskey. 1927 is an interesting year from to to have found a whisky. It was prohibition times and whiskey was illegal. Perhaps you found this under the floor boards or in the attic. That it is was Canadian whiskey is not surprising since Canada was the biggest supplier of illegal non-bathtub variety booze. Corby Distilleries Limited CORPORATION CANADA 193 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5B 1M8 are still making the stuff. Being 8 years old would have meant it was made prior to the law taking effect. You have an interesting piece of history. Value-wise I'd guess $10-12. Digger

Dear sir, I have been digging in our backyard finding tons of bottles one says magnetic ointment and there are tons of broken bottle tops, bottoms and in many different colors. The most amazing ones are: One that is so tiny, its clear and is about the size of half of my baby finger? and the other is my favorite! it says strychnia poisen on it and it is also clear? I cannot find any thing about these two bottles any where, can you help me out? I also have a strange question about another thing we dug up: It is a white egg shaped glass, with a little bit of liquid in it? I look forward to hearing from you soon thank you for having such a great site to view its helped me identify lots of bottles! Very informative and I'm impressed Julie Black Petaluma California

Well, I am impressed with having a bottle dump in your back year and one that is pre-1900 at that. the Trasks's Magnetic Ointment is featured in my article on Magnetic medicines. The little strychnia bottle is a good one selling anywhere from $45-$90. the egg thing might be just that. In my dump diggin days I found many fake eggs. I have always been told that these were put in the hen's nest to encourage laying. I have half a dozen of different sizes. Although mine have no liquid in them but they are milkglass. Digger

Digger, I have a bottle that is a star with 49 and the star it is in and Alaska in gold. It says on the bottom of the bottle Federal Law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle D334-145-58 c with a circle around it Miller -58 Regal China. How much is this bottle worth? I also have a what looks like Chinese bottle shaped as a book any info on this bottle? Thanks Kellie Kvasnikoff

Sounds like your Alaska bottle was to commemorate statehood for the 50th state. I do not have a good estimate of a price.

Dear Digger, I am trying to find some information and price about a bottle I have, could you help me? I have enclosed a picture and the bottle reads, Distilled in Kentucky Old Kentucky 1846 Reserve Bourbon S.P. Perkins CO Thank you, Douglas Aldrich

Douglas, I can't tell you much about the company but the bottle is probably worth in the neighborhood of $400-600. I have several similar bottles listed in my whiskey book but not in GREEN! I expect the bottles date to the 1860-70 period since I have not seen a pontiled one.

Dear Digger, I was wondering if you could help me, I have a 1974 CHIANTI spalletti No B 963536 I am wondering is this of any value it is unsealed and in good condition. Thank you for reading my email. Yours sincerely Ingrid Green

I'd guess not a great deal maybe $20. There just are not that many collectors for this sort of item. Digger

I have a bottle it is about 2.5" tall with ED PINAUD PARIS on the front, and a Ed Pinaud's signature on the bottom. Can you direct me where I could get any information about this bottle? TIA Leah ;0)

Hey Digger, I found a bottle it is cylindrical in shape. It has ED. Pinaud PARIS embossed on the front, also a pot of flowers embossed over the label area, and a circle between ed pinaud, and Paris. It has a 2pc. brass cap and Ed.Pinaud autograph on the bottom and stands 7 1/2 " tall with the cap, and is clear in color. Could You please tell me the age, and approx. value? thanks

Ed Pinaud Company the business was located at 19 Place Vendome, in Paris. Ingredients were imported into this country and the products were actually made in New York. His products were mass marketed to the American consumer. Between 1890-1918 were the peak years for his products in the familiar bottle with the flowers embossed. The 2.5 inch bottle was a sample. the likely product was Ed Pinaud's Eau de Quinine a hair tonic. I found one with labels for $20 for sale on the internet. The bottles without label are quite common. The sample size is scarce and sells for $15-20. Digger.

Do you have info on SB&C Co? I have a bottle that I found in 1970 (approx.) on an abandoned railroad-bed when I lived in Jersey. Was wondering if you may know about it. It's a "dark brown" glass bottle about 7" high. real skinny neck and fat on the bottom. There's no label however, the bottling company is SB&C Co. I noticed another person looking for information and mentioned Fortune Brothers Brewing Company. I don't know if there are any connections. Thank you! yes"> Karen

I can only guess it might be a beer bottle and those initials could be the glass company SB & G Co which stood for the Streator Bottle and Glass Co. in Illinois from 1881-1905. Without a picture it is hard to tell. digger.

bottle is clear glass, almost 8" high, round. Neck goes into a round shape and has SODA in just the style as typed and on front and back. Then bottle goes into typical round bottle style and back out to a short round style. This part has in print on one side MIN CONTENTS 6 1/2 FL.oz. The second line on that side has BOTTLE PAT'D.NOV.6,1923. The other side top line reads 860 PROPERTY OF 3. The bottom line reads COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY The bottom has a "C" in a circle in the center and MARION above the "C" and OHIO below and has a curved raised circle line connecting the two words. That part is also indented and the bottle has a circle lip on the bottom. Any information will be helpful as this was given to me by my sister who collects coke items and I think she may have forgotten it had this information on it and is a coke bottle or is it? Also this clear glass seems to have a few tiny bubbles in it and the seam line is very pronounced until it reaches the bottom rim. Thank You Becky Wise top looks like any normal bottle that had a metal cap and the seam line goes over an is part of the lip

Your bottle sounds like one of the many flavor bottles. These are NOT considred to be coke bottles and they never contained Coca Cola. Many others have written in about similar bottles. There are collectors of these bottles. The C on the base in a circle may refer to the Chattanooga Bottle & Glass Company. The mark you describe was first used in 1927 which fits with the patent date. I looked but could not find the patent drawing. Many times the dates embossed do not fit with the patent records. Digger

Hi I'm Loretta, I have an 11 inch high Beameister May Wine bottle. It is pale green glazed stamped (depressed/ impressed) New York / James B. Beam on the bottom, with another impressed stamp on the side s. n. something. It has it's full embossed label and cork. The label has a picture (color) of a man who looks like a king of sorts with a staff in his left hand with a grape vine wrapped around it with grapes at the top. In his right hand looks like a stick torch glowing with light. It seems he's walking down a path --- grapes growing on either side and in the far right background is a castle on a mound. The label reads produced and bottle by GG. Balthasar Diedert. Weingut--Weinkellerei. Bingen/RH. (Imported and owned by James B. Beam Import Corp., New York, N. Y.) (Net, CONT, 1 PT. 7 FL. OZ.) <~~~~I know this is volume. The label also reads May Wine (Light Grape Wine--flavored with Woodruff) I saw one on your ask Digger page with out a label similar to mine. My bottle (or jug) has full original label and cork. No cracks that I can see. It's in very good condition. What would it be worth? Is it worth more to some collectors than others? Would it bring more if it was auctioned off to a group of collectors? And exactly what year was it imported from Germany?

I think you would have a hard time auctioning this item off to bottle collectors. I think they must be quite common and probably date from the 1970-1980s. The bottles look like early pottery gin bottles. Even those originals do not bring more than $20-30 so I'd guess you might get $10-12 at a flea market of antique mall. The Beameister Wines were imported by Jim Beam and come brown, white, light and dark green and in two sizes 10 1/2" and 8 1/2". One price guide lists them for $3-6. digger

Hi: I am trying to gather information on the following bottle: Silver Nip (embossed lettering), Registered (embossed), clear bottle, size 6 1/2 inches tall, ABM, Crown, bottom of bottle, which is embossed----FLORIDA TRADEMARK REG SILVER NIP. Any information will be helpful. Thanks. Dianne O. Sherman

The words "Silver Nip" were first used in 1928. The word mark was register by the Florida Fruit Canner Corp. of Frostproff, Florida and the product was grapefruit for making beverages. the brand was registered by new owners several times over the years and is still active. Your bottle sounds like an old one. I'd guess in the $3-5 range. Digger

Hi Digger: I have just been to England & bought 2 lovely old C&C (Cantrell & Cochrane) seltzer bottles. I hope to fill each with a colored liquid & admire them in my kitchen window when the sun shines through....but....I can't seem to remove the tops!!! I don't wish to break the plastic tops in my attempt to get them off. Please advise me if tI am doing something wrong as there MUST be a way to get these open to fill them with liquid??? Many thanks for your help!

Digger, I recently started collecting seltzer bottles. I am displaying them on a bakers rack in front of a window and have them back lighted for eve enjoyment. The small amount of liquid on the bottom of most bottles has a much richer color then the empty bottle. How can I fill bottles with liquid? How do I get the top off, etc., is there a special tool for this purpose? I look forward to your response. Thank you, Philip

I am afraid I have a seltzer sitting on my display case, half full of liquid I would love to remove, but I cannot get the metal top off so I guess I will not be much help. Like you I do not want to break it. I have had other questions and discussed the issue of refilling seltzer bottles in other months.

Questions I get
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an old seltzer ... I have not heard of a company still refilling reuseable ...
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how to refill an old seltzer ... I have not heard of a company still refilling ...
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A friend of mine has a Jim Beam decanter that she bought for 20 bucks at an antique store. It is a Chicago Cubs decanter and it is a bear in a Cubs uniform. It is dated 1985. It still contains the Jim Beam and is unopened. I nor anyone else seems to have seen one or knows whatís it is worth. Could you help me out with the value on this? Thank you. Andy

You will find a picture of your bottle on this Beam collector site. Since your friend paid $20, I'll go with that figure. Digger

We found a few old bottles out by Goldfield Nevada that we are unable to identify. I have looked all over on-line, and would appreciate your help. The first one is 5" tall, and is almost an emerald green. It is embossed with Palmer in an angled script on the front. At the bottom of the front it has 2 1/2 OZS. Below that it says AVERACE. The bottom has a N2 over 2. The seams go almost to the top of the neck. It used a cork, with a glass stopper (the stopper is broken in the cork). The second one is a small 3.25" brown bottle. It is kind of a pear shape. It is embossed with VALENTINE'S MEAT JUICE on the front. On the bottom it has a 4 and a 1? The bottom is slightly concave. The seam only goes to the bottom of the neck. The third bottle has turned purple. It is a slender 4.25" round that is embossed with BURNHAM'S CLAM BOUILLON, E S BURNHAM CO NEW YORK. There is a 3 on the bottom. The seams go to the top. I would appreciate any information you can give me, as I love these old bottles. Also, are they worth anything in good condition? Thank you in advance, Gloria

Ad circa 1933 for Valentine's Meat-Juice. The product was marketed as a medicine.

Your green Palmer is a well known turn of the century perfume bottle. The color is sometimes referred to as Palmer Green. They are commonly found in several shapes of green from emerald to teal blue green. Some of the larger bottles are embossed "Solon Palmer". They are common but popular so have always brought at least $15-20. The company dates back at least to 1871 and was still advertising in the 1940s. Your second bottle was a combination of glycerin and meat juice prepared by Mann S. Valentine of Richmond, Virginia. Originally the product was promoted as both a food and a medicine. The bottles come in several sizes and all are common. I remember the first time I dug one, I was impressed with the odd shape. They are attractive window bottles. Elmer S. Burnham started his wholesale extract business in 1888. They sold a number of products made from chicken, beef and obviously clams. They apparently were fairly successful since the bottles are well known and the company was still going strong in 1913. The bottles are worth $3-4. Do you have any information on this bottle? Is it old? common? collectible? Thank you, Mev Camozzi

Do you have any information on this bottle? Is it old? common? collectible? Thank you, Mev Camozzi

I have a very unusual bottle it has a screw off lid on the side it says the favorite pat oct 21 1880 Mckesson & co New York any help would be appreciated thanks Phyllis

Mckesson was the name of a very large wholesale drug outfit that produced hundreds of products, but your bottle, however, most likely says "McKinnon & Co., New York and that would make it a nurser of the turtle type. The original fittings included the tin screw on lid and a rubber gasket. They were also made in a "standing turtle style". I do think it is a good one especially with the lid. I am guessing, but I'd say it might be a $150-200 or more. I do not think they are common. James Wilson McKinnon was the inventor and indeed did register his design shown below. Digger

Hello Digger: I recently found an old blob soda while working on a construction project in Reading' Pa. It is in good condition, smooth based, aqua, and has 'Schick and Fett, Reading' embossed on the front and in big block letters it has 'SF' embossed on the back. I was just wondering if it is rare or not. I know some of these blob sodas, though old and fun to find, aren't that scarce and don't fetch much. Thank you and take care, Cody Thompson

Locally it might fetch more than on the national market. I cannot say if it is rare but regardless, items like this sell of about $10-20. You do not give the height, but if is a a squat soda it might bring a bit more. Digger

I do excavating in the San Francisco bay area. I recently uncovered two similar bottles miles apart which makes me think they are/were common? Heavy ceramic, 8 1/2 inches tall, cream colored bottom- light brown top. Stamped with " J Macintyre & co Liverpool" in a oval circle I can find lots of info on this company, most products fancier than bottles, but at no time does it ever seem to be from Liverpool. Any suggestions? Thanks for your expertise Ken Schuldt

Sounds like a Ginger beer or possibly ale. Sometimes these were used a ballast in the holds of ships. If you are finding information on companies named Macintyre and they are not from Liverpool they are probably a different company. Locating specific company information, especially overseas is tricky. Perhaps one of our English readers will know and offer some help. Digger.

Dear Sir,

I have found a clear glass bottle I would like some information on please. It has a silver top, the face of the bottle reads "Golden Wedding full 1/10 pint" ,the reverse side has a bell and inside the bell it say's "Since 1836or 1856". The bottom also has writing that reads " Patten Applied for Patten Pending". There also is a slogan around the bottom of the bottle that say's " Has had no peers for 50 Years". If you could please tell me if it is worthless or worth something.

Thank's , K.W.W

The word mark Golden Wedding was registered in 1932 by the Joseph finch company of New York city. They claimed use since 1869. This does not fit with your description however. Not knowing the age of your bottle, it is difficult to be assured this is the same company. the fact that your bottle 1) lacks the "Federal law prohibits the reuse of resale of this bottle." together with the fact that it does have the volume embossed makes me think it might be a pre-prohibition or even a prohibition era bottle. sounds like a nice item that ought to bring $75 or more. Digger

I found a 2 1/2 inch tall, 2 1/2 inch round glass Pond's Extract Cream container w/ glass lid. Its design is is the same print as my 82 year old Grandma's dishes. It also has the year 1846 embossed on the bottom. I hope this is worth more than $1-$2 range you quoted PM. :) I appreciate any response. RM

Well, The bottles are extremely common. Your item sounds like a later piece. If it is milkglass then it could be in the 1930-40 period. the company changed marketing strategies after the Food and Drug Act in 1906. In the illustration below you can see that in 1907 they were still marketing the product as a medicine. The product became a cosmetic in the later years - post 1906. The 1846 on the base refers to the founding date of the company and not the date of your bottle. It is possible that will a nicely embossed design on the lid you might get $10-15.

pixhappy Hi My name is Phil Maybe you can help me I have vintage collectable liquor bottles please copy and paste the link to view photos maybe you can give me an idea what to sell them for thank you in advance

Sorry the pictures were no longer available. My apologies. Digger

In renovating our old farm house we discovered a clear glass jar with the name "Toddy, a meal in a glass" The jar is about a quart in size and has gradual markings. No one in the family can ever remember seeing a jar like this. We found it in the wall of the kitchen. The house was built about 80 years ago. Would you be able to tell us a little about this or where we could go to have some history about this jar.

I am not 100% certain but i think this might have been your product. Toddy was a Ready to serve food product in fluid form. It contained Milk with sugar, cocoa and other ingredients. It was first used in 1940 at which time it was owned by Wander Company. The last listed owner was the Ovaltine Products Company of Villa Park, Illinois. They renewed the mark in 1982 but it is no longer active. Digger.

Hi, Digger. Found you on the net, and thought you might be able to help me. I found an old clear bottle that has raised lettering on 3 sides, about seven tall, two an a half wide, one and a half thick, with a somewhat faded label that reads "MOTHER'S FRIEND", also the raised letters on the left side read Bradfield recl co, the right side Atlanta Ga. the back THE MOTHERS FRIEND . The cork is still in the bottle. Any help you can give me would be just great. Thanks Dan Tegarden

Being clear it is probably from the 1900+ era. Earlier bottles are known embossed similarly to yours in aqua. The Bradfield Regulator Co, in Atlanta, GA began using the name Bradfield Female Regulator about 1897. The name "Mother's Friend" had been used since 1887 according to patent office information but another sources indicates advertising going back to 1876. The company advertised the Mother's Friend as a remedy for female use for female disorders and for the relief of the suffering incident to child-bearing. The company ran afoul of the Food and Drug Administration who filed a suit against the company. Here is the text of that case Bradfield Misbranding. The trademark has been renewed four times. The last being in 1988 and it is still active but the ownership of the name has changed. In nice condition, with a label, the bottle ought to be worth in the $20-30 range. Digger.

Digger, I don't know if you are familiar with Log Cabin bottles or not, but I have what I think is made by them. It is a little brown cabin, with the chimney as a pouring spout, and the handle at the back of the cabin. It looks as if it may have had a cork at one time. It is crockery. I can't think of anything else, except maybe a commemorative bottle for Log Cabin. I've seen tin ones like it before, but never the crock type. Know anything about it? (Came from my Mom and Dad's old house when we cleaned it out to sell.)

Sounds like an interesting item and I have not heard of it. I would need a good look at it to decide if it was an older item or a newer one. I'd love to see a picture. Maybe a reader knows. Digger

Hello, my name is Dawson King. My question does not necessarily relate to antique bottle, but perhaps a collectible. yes"> I have a Premium Rattlesnake beer bottle. The beer was brewed by Spoetzl Inc. I am having difficulty finding information on it, such as how many bottles were manufactured and for what period of time it was on the market. I have a buyer extremely interested at this time and was hoping you could be of some help to me in establishing a selling price. Thank you.


Mr. Dawson King

I do not know but Spoetzl Brewery Inc is located in San Antonio, Texas. The address is SPOETZL BREWERY, INC. CORPORATION 14800 SAN PEDRO AVENUE SUITE 300 SAN ANTONIO TEXAS 78232. I'd suggest you might call the company to find out. They have lots of trademarks registered but not one for your bottle. Digger

Hello Digger~ Ever hear of Epilepticide? That is what is embossed in script on the side of a 8 1/2" medium amber square bottle. The mold seam is on the diagonal to the shoulder, it doesn't go up the neck. The lip is applied square band. The base is smooth. It is in excellent condition. Now.. could you tell me the history/age of this bottle? Also is it rare or common? Value?? I would truly appreciate any information and thank you so very much!! Sincerely, Ramona

I had another reader ask about this bottle here is a link to what I could find out Epilepticide Digger

Hi Digger, While we were out in Frederick Md. We were walking in the woods and came across a old coke bottle the top looks like a regular coke bottle but the bottom is square. I t has the words soda water contents 6 fluid oz around the middle of the bottle and at the bottom it reads property of coca cola bottling co Pat. DES. no.70281 and on the very bottom of the bottle reads Frederick MD.with a 3 and a 5 on it if there is anything you could tell me about this bottle thank you Lynn

Technically, your bottle is not a Coca-Cola bottle, that is it ,never held the product Coca-Cola. It actually was used for various flavors bottled by local Coca-Cola bottlers. These so-called "flavor bottles" were produced in various designs and with a number of different names including Buck Brand Soda Water, Big Chief, Fanta and others. One of the more common ones is sometimes called the "star' flavor bottle named for the embossed stars on the bottle. These bottles are not much sought after by Coca Cola collectors. The Coca-Cola embossing is usually in-block letters instead of the traditional Coca-Cola script lettering. Your bottle with a Design Patent Number of 70281 would have been made after 1927. These bottles often sell in the $3-8 range. Digger

On page 193 of BJ Summers price guide (the 1999 version) this "star" bottle is listed for $65. It is also shown on the back cover of his later book (2001) although I didn't take the time to look it up in it.

I am fortunate enough to have three of these bottles, and my friends who are collectors have for years tried to get one of them from me, even at the point to trying to steal one, so it surprised me to see that you said the bottles are "not desirable" among Coke collectors. I have not seen but two or three of these bottles on the shelves of any antique shop over a period of many years, and when I did see one, the least I ever saw one for was $55. So again, your value of $3-8 surprised me. I would buy them all day long for that price range.

All the "flavor" bottles in my collection are priced pieces, because they have history, plus there would not be so many of them in circulation. It has been my experience that collectors do want the flavor bottles, if nothing more than a 'go-with" their branded ones.

Just like in James Ayers price guide, it lists one of the flavor bottles used by Pepsi as rare, and gives a value of $85.

So if these flavor bottles were not "desirable" among collectors, then why do they value higher than many of the branded bottles?

Just a thought, A. Sathe

I think I get more questions about the flavor bottles than I do any one thing else, so many that I just wrote a short "article" about them, and just copy and paste it into the replies...... The bottle which is square at the bottom was used by many of the Coca-Cola bottlers, some used their own names for the flavors, like Rome, or Magnolia C-C Bot Co, and sometimes had a variation on the shoulder (Magnolia had a embossed magnolia flower on theirs) and I get lots of questions about that particular bottle shape (with its variations) and there was a square bottomed "star" bottle and a round one. I am fortunate enough to have three of the round ones. Found, not bought (the best way to get a bottle, :) I think)... And most of the questions I get, they found their bottles too....

I have found three or four in online "shops", ranging from $35+ (the square bottomed ones) and the "star" bottle, I have seen one online, @ $55, and in all the years I have been collecting, never saw one in a shop, until recently, and it was $55 as well. And when I went back to the shop to see where it was from (after receiving a question about one), it had been sold....

These bottles can surprise us. And what kills me, is the price guides. For instance, Petretti promised a guide in April 2001, but it did not reach the shelves until mid-to-late July, and probably took at least a year to research, which would make the prices, in reality, outdated by the time it made it to the shelves. Then BJ Summers latest guide has wrong prices in it, such as a test contour can from the 70s listed for over $500....plus other "mistakes"....and when collectors depend on these "experts" and their "guides" to value items, or their collections, and these mistakes crop up, what to do?

What I do, is research eBay, to see what items are actually selling for, plus search the items on any online shops, plus whatever it says in the guide, and if I can find it in an antique shop, what it is going for there. Plus I keep updated lists from people who have bottle shops, like Black Cat Morales, McMasters, etc....and see what they are offering the bottles for.....then when I get a question, I give whatever information I find, all of it, even if it means saying the same thing listed for $150 in a guide sold for less on ebay, but that doesn't happen often, usually there isn't that much difference, somehow....I suppose it just works out.

I will admit one thing, you are very good with the bottle information. I know soda bottles, and even then, do not consider myself any type of expert, etc, and basically, do not know much about any of the other bottles, and that is where you come in, I suppose. I get questions from time to time about insulators or beer, whiskey, etc bottles, and I send them to your website......There was one other guy who was good with insulators, but I lost my link to his page. I think he had every insulator ever known to man on it, with info and appox values.

Another thing I think you will agree with me on, is that information about some of these bottling companies, etc, is getting harder and harder to find......and my greatest fear is that it will be lost to collectors forever if someone doesn't make a record of some sort of it......so I do constant research about anything I can find (soda related) and try to get it online somewhere and share it.

You do a good job. Keep up the good work.

A. Sathe

I appreciate your taking the time to take me to task. I am no expert on soda bottles especially Coke and Pepsi related items and often need to, like you say, depend upon the experts. I am always happy to be corrected. Digger

Check this out A music box made in Chicago Illinois . Produced by Swiss Harmony Inc . . A bottle of Bourbon . named Mr. Tilford With the symbol" P and T" with a circle shape figure around it . The signature of John Tilford written across the label. There is a very nice brass frame and music box built around it. The bottle was made in Louisville Kentucky 1840 and from the Steelers Corporation I would appreciate your suggestion and information on this bottle as soon as you can . Thank you

The word mark Mr. Tilford was first used in 1955.

Tilford and Park registered the words 1840 with their names in 1935. The earliest reference they mentioned in the Patent Office records was 1850. Below is a bottle holder which I think might be the one to which you are referring. It was patented for the Swiss Harmony Inc. of Chicago who were known for making inexpensive music boxes. I would guess that about puts the date of your item after 1955. I am not sure what something like this might be worth but I'd guess $30-40. Digger

I have a small glass vile with a teardrop shape top. It has a milky type liquid in it. It was recovered from a location known to be undisturbed for at least 30 years. The vile is 1.75 inches long and 3/8 of an inch in diameter. I recovered some others that had the teardrop shaped top broke off which is how it appears to be designed to be opened. I believe it is something medical but have found no information on this type of glass container. Any assistance with my search would be greatly appreciated

Sounds like what you have found are what are called ampoules. these are usually made of clear glass and used to contain any number of thousands of chemicals, drugs or what have you. In some cases these might be biologicals, poisonous substances, volatile compounds, serums, and many other possibilities. In the 1933 American Druggist hundreds of different products were listed as being sold in these sealed glass tubes. Digger

Digger. I have a lot of soda bottles that I've never heard of. I have looked in Kovels bottles price list, and Price guide to bottles by Jim Megura, and finally Bottle Pricing Guide by Hugh Cleveland. Here's some of the bottles I haven't found in any of the above books. Bire-ley's non carbonated, 10 oz, Triple AAA Root beer 61/2oz, Pop-Kola 10 oz. Scotty And Larry Beverages clear bottle with small boy and dog on bottle ACL. Thanks Doug.

Triple AAA root beer, ginger ale and other beverages were first made in 1937 by Doyle G. Carpenter of Oklahoma City. They were still in business in the 1970s. Bireley's non-carbonated beverages were introduced in 1974 by the Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Company of California. To my knowledge they are still making it. I found reference to Pep-Kola but not Pop kola. Nothing on the Larry and Scotty bottle. Digger

Digger I have a bottle of Tilly Haarlem oil with instructions dated 1935. The contains in bottle, sealed and labeled on bottle . Is this product by Klaas Tilly worth anything.

With label and and contents it ought to have some value. The older ones like the one shown above sell for $3-4. I'd expect more for yours. The bottle has a great history. Here's some interesting reading about the topic. Haarlem Oil.

Hi Digger! I have a brown Guinness beer bottle , that was used in the bottle drop in 1959. It has a embossed picture of the world on it. On the front , it says,1759-1959, Special bottle (Atlantic Ocean) to celebrate and commemorate Guinness Bicentenary. 1959. The bottle was made by united Glass LTD. England. The bottle is in perfect condition. It has never been opened, it is still sealed and has three documents inside, that look like new. Could you tell me what the value might be, on a bottle like this? Thank You, Barbara

I have had several other people ask about the same bottles. I'd be guessing but I'd say $15-20. Digger


The pricing of these decanters are a mystery to me. I expect that the ones that were not produced in large quantities would be the best. I know for example that Elvis decanters are popular as are the cars. Study the prices on Ebay or just put them up for sale and the market will determine what they are worth. Today I saw a collection of 540 decanters being offered on Ebay. the claim was that the collection was worth in the range of $15-18K but the owner was willing to let them go for less. (I'll bet). In checking out the prices of other similar pieces, many items were not getting bids. In many cases there are just too many of some these to get much collector interest. Digger.

Hello I have many bottles but this one has my curiosity. It has CABALLERO all the letters are in capitol but the last letter O is bigger than the rest it has a tiny round neck it has something o ml 33 fl.oz the something are numbers I can't make out sorry. It is clear glass and there are no chips in it on the bottom is the number 13 only Could you please tell me something if you can with the very little info I was able to give. I know it would be better if I had a picture to send to you, but unfortunately I don't. This bottle was found in Nova Scotia if that helps. Thank you very much Bonny

Luis Caballero, S.A. CORPORATION SPAIN San Francisco 32 Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz SPAIN registered the mark in 1982 for Sherry wines. Caballero is Spanish for 'gentleman'. It was established in 1830. I suspect your bottle to be modern. Digger

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