September 2002 Questions

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002 6:Subject: thanks!! and question I just got the two ink books that I ordered and looked at them with awe. I dive for bottles and inks are my favorite. I have seen the W.E. Bonney inks in several books but can't find the one I found. It's a cone, aqua, 2 1/2 H, Embossed W.E. Bonney/ So. Hanover/ Mass. On the opposite side where the oval label would be, the area is raised up. I have included 2 pics. any help you could give on this one would be great. Thanks again for 2 awesome books. greg reece in New Hampshire.

Rare Bonnie ink

Subject: Beer/Soda Bottle? Hi...Hope you can help me identify this bottle and let me know if it is worth anything: - Found Sept 11-02 British Columbia Canada on a survey line cut circa 1911 in the Queen Charlotte Islands - Aqua Blue in color with a crown top in good clear w/o hazing and has no t rubbed against other bottles - Air bubbles, some quite large (up to 1/4 inch long), in glass most bubbles small - On one side of the bottle right on one of the glass ridges there are two circles right next to each other at the point where the bottle narrows towards the neck. Each of these circles is about 1/4" in diameter - Small glass ridge running up each side and around onto base but NOT over the crown top (polished off at factory?) and NOT across base - Base varies in it is thick er on one side than the other - NO lettering, embossing, or casting on sides of bottle except for several very small glass "bumps" see below - Lettering on base as illustrated in hand drawing...these are the only "letter/number/name" markings on the bottle - Size approximately 9.5" tall and 2.5" diameter at base - Two very small bumps (1/16") opposite each other on narrow neck portion of the bottle about 7.25" up from the base and three very small bumps (1/16") opposite each other just past the point w here the bottle starts narrowing to the neck. The centre bumps on each side of the bottle are slightly higher on the bottle than the bumps to each side of the centre one. The three bumps are spaced evenly across from glass ridge to glass ridge on each side of the bottle.  Thanks so much for your help in advance.  Sincerely, Garth R. Johnson, Port Cleme nts British Columbia

You found a beer bottle.  The AB mark was used between 1904 and 1907 on Adolphus Busch bottles.  Digger

Thursday, September 12, 2002 10:58 AM Subject: Rare Bottle Hi, I dug for bottles years ago in Atlanta. I have a cobalt bottle that says Brewsters medicated electricity on the bottom. I've been unable to find any reference to this bottle (web & books). can you give me any info/value. Thanks, Mickey

I am pretty certain the bottle is English.  I found three or four different Brewster's producing medicines in this country.  I am pretty sure I had one of the bottles you are describing some years back.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 7:Subject: codd bottle I have a clear codd bottle made by the Ayres quay bottle company. I cant find a date on the bottle itself. the only info i that is written on the bottle is the bottle maker, and the name Sunderland. on the front of the bottle it says j. Openshaw. under that it says mineral water. under that it says water man with an underlined r. under that it says Salford. would you know anything about this bottle or know where i can find information about it. thank you very much, linda gafford

Sounds like an English Codd bottle.  James Openshaw, of Salford, England was a ginger beer manufacturer.  I do not have the resources to tell you much else.  Digger

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 10:Subject: Whyte and Mackay Scotch Hi, I have a bottle of Whyte and Mackay blended 12 deluxe scotch whisky celebrating the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. The set is still as purchased. I saw one being auctioned on Ebay for about $NZ4500 (Guess where I live). Is this about right or somewhat escalated. Regards Barry Fraser

I am afraid I can't say but Ebay sets the market value pretty well.  the real question is did it sell?  Digger

September 11, 2002 8:Subject: Coke Bottle Digger, I read through all you had listed and looked on many sites to find information on my bottles. We dug them up in our backyard a few days ago. They are Coke bottles, dated November 16 1915, And were manufactured in this town, Rochester Minnesota. Can you tell me where I can look to find any more info and what they are worth? >From what I have read they are called Christmas bottles. Thanks Monica.

They are not Christmas Cokes because Christmas cokes do not have 1915 as the date but rather December 25, 1923.  Your bottle are the first "hobbleskirt" coke bottles.  I could find no evidence of a Minnesota 1915 coke so they are probably  rare.  If they are unique then they could be in the $100-$200 range.  Digger


R. Boye Wednesday, September 11, 2002 7:Subject: painted soda bottle collecting I was just trying to find a price guide and information book for painted soda bottles (1930s to 1960s or so); especially one that included some of the more "off-brand" types (Red Rock, RC Cola, Dr. Enuff, Sun Drop, etc.) from the South. All I have found on the Web so far is a bunch of dead links (including the Painted Soda Bottle Collector's Association which hasn't responded to my e-mail). I know these bottles may not have much value, but I see them as I'm in flea markets and antique malls and thought it would make a nice "backup" collection (when I don't find phonograph records I'm interested in). It also brings back fond memories of ice-cold bottles from the cooler of an old country store . . . Perhaps there is nothing beyond the Coca-Cola and Pepsi collector guides?? Gary Boye Boone, NC

I am surprised that the Painted Soda links are not active.  the book you are looking for is by Rick Sweeney and called Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles. I got my copy from them several years ago.  Digger

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 10:Subject: Smokine bottle needing info please Hi My name is Scott and I found this bottle when I was about 11. Do you know anything about it? Thanks Scott Here some info on the bottle: 1.Exact wording embossed (i.e. raised lettering) on the bottle: "Smokine" one side, "Smokine" and "Imported and bottled by Alfred Andresen & Co. The Western Importers Minneapolis, Minn and Winnepeg Man. 2.Color of the bottle : Amber 3.Height of the bottle. almost 7 " 4.Whether the bottle is BIM or ABM: it appears to be BIM 5.Style of top on the bottle: rolled lip 6. no closure on bottle 7.Style of base Smooth base with small circular upward indention (size of a dime) actual bottle is almost square 8.Condition: -excellent to near mint -no chips no cracks/bruises some "wear". The bottle looks like a log cabin (actually it probably is a smoke house) with the spout acting like a chimney. I'm more interested in the history than the value . I saw one on e-bay and almost bought it a s I have never seen another. attached are pictures (the e-bay bottle) thanks for your time and help skc

Shown above is what I believe is the original patent design for your Smokine whisky bottle. Today you would probably pay over $200 for a nice example like yours.  Digger.


Wednesday, September 11, 2002 11:11 AM Subject: Trying to identify salt and pepper shakers. Dear Digger, I have purchased a pair of glass salt and pepper shakers from an antique store that was in the process of moving. The shakers are supposedly vintage but I do not know for sure. I have searched salt and pepper shakers collectible books and have not found a picture of my shakers. The seam underneath the top of the bottles swirls to the tip of the lip of the bottle. The height of the bottles are 3 1/2 and an inch in diameter. The color is like a milky clear color. The tops are slightly rusted. I have included links to the pictures of the shakers. I would appreciate any help or any links to where I could find help on identifying these shakers.   Thank you, Ranae.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 11:13 AM Subject: KENTUCKY DERBY WINNERS BOTTLE I have a regal china bottle of James Beam 100 month old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey sealed. Marked on bottom made in 1970 to commemorate the 96th Kentucky Derby "Run for the Roses". It has on it Churchill Downs on one side and the other a picture of Majestic Prince winner 1969. Never been opened seal intact. Please could you tell me if its worth any money. Thank you John.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 12:04 AM Subject: Milk Glass I have a collection of milk glass, some old and some not so old. What I want to know about are the markings on the bottom of several of my pieces. They have a "G" and either a "W" or an "M" that overlap each other. Do you know which manufacturer these come from? Also, are they of much significance or value? Signed, Milk Glass Lover in Missouri

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 9:4Subject: Royal Doulton B & L ceramic bottle Bottle was authenticated by Royal Doulton, bottom is stamped Royal Doulton with trademark, and the number 4700 . e-mail from them says it's circa 1920 and unusual in that it has a pronounced spout but no handle, they did not tell me its worth. Any idea?

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 10:00 PM Good evening from Nova Scotia Canada, Am looking for info on Skoda Discovery Company. I think the y were located in Belfast Maine? They produced a sarsaparilla compound. Any help would be appreciated. Thanking you, Jerry

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 4:

Subject: john Meyers chemist mt Clemens mich. I have this aqua bottle 9" high what can you tell me about it?

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 4:Subject: john Meyers bottle Seam only goes half way up the neck. What is it's age?

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 2:09 Subject: Torpedo Bottle Just come back from the copper mining area around Calumet, MI. In one of the shops and in a mining museum the had a bottle called a "torpedo bottle". These bottles contained ore samples. The bottle I purchased is about 91/2" in height. The bottom is round. The top is sealed with a cork and has a large flat lip. In the shop and the museum they were displayed by sitting the bottle on this lip. I'm guessing that when the bottle came out of a mine it was pu t into a rack designed to hold the bottle up right; and, the lab took samples from the bottle to check the purity of the ore in the sample. Question: Where can I get additional information on the "torpedo bottle"?

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 Subject: A. Fischer Bottling Works I have a bottle that is 3" in diameter and 8" high with a seltzer top. There is a straw-like object that goes from the top to the bottom of the bottle. The name embossed on the bottle is " A. FISCHER BOTTLING WORKS BUFFALO N.Y." The bottom is very thick, almost 3/4" inches. The glass has imperfections and bubbles in it. I have tried to find information about the company, the bottle and its value . I will appreciate any help. Thank you. Sandy Jemison

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 12:16 AM Subject: bottles Dear sir. You have a great web site. I have two bottles I would like some information on. the first bottle I have is a small cobalt t blue Vicks bottle. It's about 2 inches long , has a two rings around the top of the. On the bottom of the bottle is an inscription VICKS in the middle there is a symbol of a triangle at the bottom is the inscription VA-TRO-NOL. I would like to know how old it is, what it was used for and does it have any monetary value. the second bottle is clear it's about 2 inches long, one side is about 1 inch wide, the top goes down to a slant. In the center is a hole where it looks li ke it would be filled with ink. Inside the bottle there is red residue. The bottom of the jar is inscribed with the words NYLON in the center is a fat cross underneath that is the word LACROSSE, underneath that is something I can't make out (PAY???) . Any help you can give will greatly be appreciated. Thank you C.O.

Sunday, September 08, 2002 10: these are honey bottles, obviously, the smaller one is embossed with a honey comb on each side, on the bottom reads "lake shore honey package patent applied for" the larger one says lake shore honey across the top and says keep in a warm place below , on the bottom it has patent numbers [Image] on the back it has federal law forbids... on top, the back center is blank the bottom has what looks like water, with ships on both sides the cap reads Frankfort distilleries with Baltimore and Louisville If you could give me any information it would be most appreciated, a few years ago i came across a site in the woods witch appeared to be an old dump filled with mostly bottles i have figured out most of the bottles were from the 1900-1960s if you are interested in giving me any more information on around seventy more bottles let me know thanks.

Monday, September 09, 2002 11:Subject: Smirnoff bottle found? Hi Found a bottle? St Pierrre Smifnoff 1818 Purveyors To The Imperial Russian Court 188 8 1917 1877 1888 1882 1898 #44901 - # found underneath bottle Could tell me the worth of this bottle? Thanks! Terry

Monday, September 09, 2002 8:Subject: gallon whiskey vodka bottles i have a gallon black and white scotch whisky bottle with stand/pourer i would like to know if it is worth any thing it has been opened also a Smirnoff vodka gallon opened and a crow royal 750 with stand/pourer not opened seal has 1970 0n it

Monday, September 09, 2002 8:Subject: Bottles Hi. I just bought 3 bottles and I would like to learn more. They are a Coke, Dr. Pepper and a chicken medicine bottle with the label still on it. The Coke bottle says Coca-Cola of course then underneath TRADEMARK REGISTERED BOTTLE PAT. D-105529 19 then a C with a circle 43 The bottom says Columbus Ind. The Dr. Pepper bottle says Dr. Pepper Good for Life on the back it says 10 2 4 not sure what that means then 6 1/2 OZS. with a 46. The chicken medicine bottle is made buy Lippincotts One Night Roup Remedy. There is still a majority of the cork in it. This is the label: Lippincott's One Night Roup Remedy Has no equal for Roup, Gapes, Canker, Chickenpox, Diarrhoea Directions: Roup- Half teaspoonful of remedy put down fowl's throat. Take care not to strangle. If eyes are swollen bathe with remedy, bad cases morning and evening: Half grown chickens half the amount. Preventive, tea spoonful in water or bran. Gapes: One small drop in throat will destroy or few drops in water will prevent. Canker: Small cases three or four times a day. Chickenpox: Apply full strength to sores. Diarrhoea: Treatment for fowls same a roup. For Chicks, same as Gapes. SHAKE WELL Price 50 cents Six Ounce Prepared By J.W. Lippincott Newark, : : Ohio There is a star on the bottom. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, September 08, 2002 6:Subject: burnett bottle ? hi looking for info on this bottle . it is embossed BURNETT APOTHECARY 33 TREMONT ROW BOSTON. the color is a rich purple. has a aplied top and is very whittled with a few 1/4 to 3/8 bubbles in glass .the hieght is 8 3/8 and the with is 3 1/4 oval. i have had this bottle for many years and cant find anything about it. can you help. i have attached four pictures of this bottle . i was told that it might have been radiated to change color but it has not changed color. i own bottles that have been radiated and the purple lighting up when exposed the light . and does not have seedy bubble in the glass to think that it is a repro .the con. of bottle -has a tiny flea bit on lip and a very lite inside stain letter were painted white so it would be readable thanks frank

Monday, September 09, 2002 3:4Subject: RE: JNO Wyeth Liquid Malt Extract bottle It actually reads JNO Wyeth and Bro. I hope this is from the original Wyeth company
Hi, I was just wondering if you can tell me anything about this bottle. Under the name JNO Wyeth its got " Philadelphia" and then "Liq Ext Malt". Its brown glass approx 9inches tall with a long neck and sloping shoulders. At the top of the neck approx 1 inch from top is an indented ring and at the base of the neck before the shoulder there's a double ring that protrudes (rather than indented). There's a seam running up each side from the bottom to the indented ring on the neck, suggesting(?) that the top was put on afterwards. There's a partial cork inside- cant see much detail. Bottle sits on a base that is a ring approx half an inch wide with the centre being recessed and flat. It doesn't have anything on the base. Thanks James

Monday, September 09, 2002 3:3Subject: JNO Wyeth Liquid Malt Extract bottle Hi, I was just wondering if you can tell me anything about this bottle. Under the name JNO Wyeth its got " Philadelphia" and then "Liq Ext Malt". Its brown glass approx 9inches tall with a long neck and sloping shoulders.
At the top of the neck approx 1 inch from top is an indented ring and at the base of the neck before the shoulder there's a double ring that protrudes (rather than indented). There's a seam running up each side from the bottom to the indented ring on the neck, suggesting(?) that the top was put on afterwards. There's a partial cork inside- cant see much detail. Bottle sits on a base that is a ring approx half an inch wide with the centre being recessed and flat. It doesn't have any thing on the base. Thanks James

Monday, September 09, 2002 11:42 AM Subject: Mason Pickle Jar Pat. 1858 Dear Digger, I have this clear glass pickle jar that measures 19 in. high 30 in. around. Has Embossed Eagle on one side with 3 stars at the top of eagle and 4 stars at the bottom of eagle. On the other side has the name Mason's written on it also embossed into glass. With large star below it with the writing Patent Nov. 30 th 1858 also embossed in the glass. Has the design of cracked glass at the base of jar. In mint condition with a handle. It is missing the lid. Please send me as much info as you can get on this. Will appreciate any help you can give me. A lso would like to know what it would be worth. Thank You Sue

September 09, 2002 9:21 AM Subject: BottleQuestion Dear Mr. Odell, While digging a new foundation for our home, we discovered several ash pits which produced broken pottery, bottles, etc. We did find two bottles that were intact and we're hoping you had some information concerning them. Each bottle has the writing imprinted into the glass. One has a light bluish tint and on the sides reads DR. S. PITCHERS CASTORIA BOSTON Mass. PAT May 12, 68 ( we are assuming 1868 given the antique appearance of the bottle) The other bottle is cylindrical, slender and approx. 5-6 inches tall, has a light greenish tint and again is imprinted in glass reading DOCTOR C. McLANE AMERICAN WORM SPECIFIC Any info you could share would be appreciated or antique bottle books you suggest, we plan on displaying them and other finds in our home in a shadow box. Thank you.

Sunday, September 08, 2002 11:Subject: miniature oxie bottle. I have found a bottle recently, and it is about 1-1/4inch tall and 1/2 inch wide .The shape is oval. The embossing reads"OXIEN PILLS The Giant Oxie Co. AUGUSTA,ME sole proprietors", and on the other side is a picture of an ox-like creature running on two legs, carrying an object over his head and reads "trade mark". The neck is about 1/4 inch tall and the top is meant for a cork. The color is sun-cast amethyst. I do know the Oxie co. existed from about 1890 to the turn of the century. I was just wondering how rare a miniature bottle like this would be (with sun-cast amethyst). Also i would like to know the value of this bottle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ..... luke

September 08, 2002 9:Subject: BottleQuestion Hi, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. My husband was digging in our backyard and found an old bottle. Our house was built in 1817, but because the bottle has a seam all the way to the lip, I'm assuming it's not that old. I can't tell what category it'd go under-- it is about 6", clear glass, rectangular base. In perfect condition. Along the sides it sa ys "A & P EXTRACTS" in raised letters and the bottom is embossed (But so faintly I can only guess that it says 'A & P'.) I couldn't recognize the lip in any of the pictures. Mostly, I'm curious about the age and former contents of the bottle. Was the company local to my area (Weymouth, Mass)? What extract was it? I'd also be interested in its worth, but not primarily. Thank you again for your help. Perri

Sunday, September 08, 2002 6:4Subject: Re: huile d'olive Thanks, I appreciate it! >From: "Digger" >To: "susan pruitt" >Subject: Re: huile d'olive >Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 Nice bottle. I'll check around >Digger Sunday, September 08, 2002 2:21 PM Subject: huile d'olive Digger,

Sunday, September 08, 2002 6:Subject: tiffany & co. flask Hi. I recently found a Tiffany & Co. flask and am hoping you can point me in the right direction on how to find out what it might be worth. The markings on the bottom are: TIFFANY & Co. 19579 MAKERS 4894 STERLING SILVER 925-1000 m (I think - can't quite make it out??) 2 GILLS There are also three initials engraved on the flask. Any assistance you can pr ovide will be greatly appreciated. Denise

Sunday, September 08, 2002 2:2Subject: A 1850's bottle The Bottle I have is a Rogers Bros from 1850. It says Salem NJ on it. It's 9.5in. high and 4in. wide. it's in good condition to. On the bottom it has a weird shape and also sys Wheaton NJ. I would like an estimate if you can. I also e-mailed some pics on the bottom of the page.

Sunday, September 08, 2002 BORDEAUX6:Subject: coke Bottle Question I have found an old looking Coke bottle. One side reads Coca-Cola TRADE-MARK REGISTERED IN U.S. PATENT OFFICE The other reads: TRADEMARK REGISTERED MIN. CONTENTS 6 FL OZS. It is hobble-skirted with a green tint It has 'LAKE CITY, FLA" on the bottom with a "C" circled I would appreciate any help in identifying this bottle.

Sunday, September 08, 2002 10:04 AM Subject: WHEATON CLEAR VIOLIN BOTTLE this bottle is 7 1/2 in. tall and 3 1/2 wide at the large part of violin. the lip is flat on the top, the seams goes up the sides and over the top of the lip. is shaped like a violin, clear, no chips or cracks. the has WHEATON 6 NJ. If you can help me I would like to know the value, age, rarity, and history. thank you so much have a great weekend. W. DeHart

Sunday, September 08, 2Subject: Listerine Corked Bottle Top I have a corked bottled top Listerine bottle embossed Lambert Pharmacal Company . Bottle has no chips or cracks. What would be the value of this bottle. Thanks Rose Mary Alvites

Sunday, September 08, 2002 12:04 PM I have an old Benoit Serres rum bottle in the shape of Santa Clause. It is 12 inches tall and says rhum Martiniqua on a band around the neck. I don't believe it to be very old as it has a screw top. Any info would be appreciated. Keep up the good work, Vince.

Sunday, September 08, 2002 11:50 AM Subject: bottle quest ion I have a quart milk bottle brown in color on one side it has Thatchers Dairy Bottle Patent 1884 One Quart on the other side it has Absolutely pure Milk with a picture of a man milking a cow all the letters and the picture are raised. the bottom ha a big C in the middle with crownford china co 1965 around it with bottle made in Italy under it. It has a wire pull down type stopper in the top with what appears to be a ceramic stopper. Is this worth anything?

Subject:: park & tilford : Saturday, September 07, 2002 4:Subject: park & tilford I have a musical whiskey bottle. It's a Park & Tilford it is clear has a music box frame bottom of music box says A product of Swiss Harmony Inc, Chicago Ill. Design Pat. Pend. The bottle itself says 1- Founded P&T in 1840 2-Mr. Tilford of Park & Tilford 3-Kentucky Strait Bourbon 4- None Genuine Without This Signature 5- signed by John Tilford 6- Park & Tilford Distillers Corporation Louisville, Ky. There is also wording on the sides but the metal frame makes it hard to read. I have included pictures to help. I have been searching for info and price on this bottle for over a year and for the most part have come up empty handed anyone who has info can email me at . Thank You. - Amber

Sunday, September 08, 2002 9:33 AM Subject: Foss' Pure Extract Checkerberry Hi Digger, I picked up a bottle that has the label Foss' Pure Extract Checkerberry. Most of the label is present, however there is a chip missing top left corner, and the bottom portion - I would guesstimate about !/4 inch to 1/2 inch is missing. Any information about this would be appreciated, including any estimate of value if any. Thanks, Dave LeClair

Sunday, September 08, 2002 8:42 AM Subject: Wheaton bottle Sir, My wife bought a bottle at a yard sale. It is in the shape of a violin, and has a cork and plastic stopper. The plastic portion of the stopper is shaped like the end of a violin, and is a light marbled brown in color. The bottle itself is light blue glass, and is 7 1/2 inches tall without the stopper, slightly over 9 inches tall with it. There is a grey flower pattern, like an applique, on the front, that may or may not be original. On the bottom, the bottle is marked WHEATON with NJ centered beneath. Can you tell me anything about it? Thank you, sir Dave Hoffman

Sunday, September 08, 2002 7:51 AM Subject: curacao sec.... i have a stone ware \terracotta bottle? about 12 inches high brown in color...with labels that read curacao sec...dubb orange....grand diplomes d honneur amsterdam 1883....distill erie has amsterdam stamped into it at the is unopened....any ideas where i can find information on it.... would be greatly appreciated...thank you

Subject:: Army bottle : Saturday, Se ptember 07, 2002 9:Subject: Army bottle I'm looking for a Army shortimer bottle. Sincerely, Manuel Mata

Saturday, September 07, 2002 11:1Subject: IW Harper Hi I am wondering if a IW Harper w hiskey bottle from Nelson Co Kentucky is of any value? Also I have a old bottle from Alex Va I think is from the prohibition period, it has a name of Ronnoco Whiskey on it with a red rose. I don't know of any value but I know it came from my grandmothers cellar where I think it was filled from. Thanks

Subject:: : Saturday, September 07, 2002 4:21 AM At an estate auction today we bought an old bottle with a leather strap to the side with Clorox on the bottle with original cap . What would you say the bottle is worth ? No chips or cracks. In very good shape. Brown or amber in color. Thank you for your information as I've looked on several web sites and I am not finding anything that looks like it. Thanks, Denise McBryde

Subject:: : Saturday, September 07, 2002 2:14 PM Hi Digger: What a great website you have. Anyway I bought a small (maybe 3-4in high) green bottle with a cork stop top at a yard sale. Prtinted on one side is SAMPLE 3IN-ONE OIL CLEANS, OILS, PROTECTS the other 2 sides have horizontal lines going across. Oh, also this is a 3 sided bottle. I love it & it's so unique. Anyway, could you tell me more about it? Thank you, Nancy

Subject:: BottleQuestion : Saturday, September 07, 2002 1:Subject: BottleQuestion Cannot open a bottle of perfume. The top is glass. I have tried hot water. Any suggestions? Thank you. Marilyn

Saturday, September 07, 2002 10:30 AM Subject: topp cola / bottle My son recently found a bottle made by frostie bottling company the drink bottle is called topp cola. I am just wandering how old this bottle could be and if it might be worth anything? My son is twelve and likes to collect a lot of stuff, I am just wandering if I need to hang on to it for when he gets older. I am 43 years old and lived in Savannah Ga. all my life and I have never seen this kind of drink before, and that is where this drink was bottled at. I have searched every where on the internet that I could think of with no results. Thank you Mary

Subject:: old bottle : ina Saturday, September 07, 2002 8:25 AM Subject: old bottle We found a bottle marked Dr.W.B.Caldwell's syrup pepsin. Monticello, Illinois on one side, Dr. W.B. Caldwell, Inc. on the other side. There is a 3 and a P in a circle on the bottom. It's clear glass, 7 inches tall. Do you know anything about this bottle, age, etc? Nancy

Subject:: Antique Bottle Price Guides - complete set : Saturday, September 07, 2002 4:25 AM Subject: Antique Bottle Price Guides - complete set Hi, I have just visited your web site - very nice. I see where you recommend we ask about discount on orders for the entire Price Guide Series Vol. 1-11. I live in Canada and anything over $20.00 gets charged with two taxes and a brokerage fee (with UPS it is $28.00 just for the brokerage, even if it is a $21.00 item). Do you have a Canadian outlet? If not could you tell me the price with shipping to Victoria BC Canada might be. Thanks, Don Redecopp

Subject:: BottleQuestion : Friday, September 06, 2002 1:24 AM Subject: BottleQuestion On a recent trip to Normandy I found a small medicine type bottle washed up on Utah beach. The bottle appears to be quite old. The top seems to have coralised, a shell has fused it. The glass is amber in colour and stands about 2 inches tall. Could this be related to the d-day landings? Could it be of interest to a bottle collector? Regards, Andy Nelson

Subject:: Blue Label Ketchup : Friday, September 06, 2002 12:34 AM Subject: Blue Label Ketchup Hi Digger, Just returned from Ophir, Co for the Labor Day weekend , stumbled onto a bottle (literally) that turned out to be whole and in good shape, clear, 9 1/2" high with a strange (low) thread for screw top, it appears. The bottom is inscribed with "BLUE LABEL KETCHUP". I'm curious; it seems to have seams on the sides, no chips. How old might it be? My family went camping in Colorado mountains frequently when I was a kid, dug for bottles in ghost towns regularly. This find made me feel like a 10 year old! Thanks for any info you might have. Lou Ann
Subject:: BottleQuestion :

Monday, November 22, 1999 12:3Subject: BottleQuestion My husband found a bottle while excavating, it is about 6" tall and has a raised face on it an d the words Konjola, Mosbyby Medicine co. Cincinnati, USA. Trying to find out how old it may be and if it is worth anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Judy speicher

Thursday, September 05, 2002 6:38 PM Hi Digger. Where can I find some information on Rotella's Sparkling Water? I have a beautiful blue bottle distributed by them. Also have a California Big Bear soft drink bottle with Modesto Bev. Co. stamped on the bottom. Can you point me in the right direction to finding more about this company. Seems they too are no longer in business. Thanks. Joanne in San Diego

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 1:1Subject: RE: bottle inventors I finally got these scanned in. I appreciate any info you may have about these things. If anything, there interesting. Thursday, August 29, 2002 3:49 PM To: Pete r J. GeraceSubject: Re: bottle inventors

Thursday, September 05, 2002 8:57 AM Subject: bottle found under subflooring Digger, We recently tore up our subfloor and found several items. We found two artillery sword and scabbards which we are told date around 1876 and a brown colored bottle which has raised lettering that says Emmerling in a diagonal direction on the front of it. It also has the letters D. O. C. 1113 near the base which indicates (from this internet search) D.O. Cunningham Glass Co. in Pittsburgh 1882-1937. I am wondering if you have seen or know of what this bottle might be. It has seams on the side which go up nearly to the top but disappear and what I believe is called a crown top. I am trying to find out roughly how old it might be and if it may have value. Can you tell me anything or point me to someone who may be able to help identify the age or maker of this bottle? If you would like me to take digital photos to forward to you I would be happy to do so. Sincerely, Joyce

Thursday, September 05, 2002 3:45 AM Subject: question- we found a 4 quart farmer brown's penny candy assortment Crownford china 1966 made in Italy clear with an eagle on the side. I cant seem to find any specific info on penny candy jars.
could you direct us to information on its value and heritage. thanks!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002 11:4Subject: Adlerika dosage cup I have a shot glass type of vessel with raised lettering saying: "Adlerika Natural Bowel Cleanser". It is 2.25" high & is marked in Tablespoons & Ozs. Has a squared lip . Bottom says "Made in USA" with what looks like 11 before the "M" There is a mold mark that looks like a two-eyed domed flying saucer. It is in mint condition and was purchased in Wyoming recently. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. Ron

Wednesday, September 04, 2002 11:2Subject: BottleQuestion I have 4 antique bottles which I believe to be valuable but I'm a beginner and so I'm not sure. Below is an outline description of each: #1 Type: Beer? Embossing: "S B & G Co.", on base only. Color: Amber. Height: 9 3/8 in. Mold: BIM. Top: Applied Taper. Neck: Ladies leg. Body: Round. Base: Mold seams approach center, stopping at concave circular embossed recess; embossing "S B & G Co.", then "2" underneath. Condition: Excellent. Characteristics: Numerous trapped air bubbles and 8 raised pimples spaced around neck to shoulder transition. #2 Type: Beer? Embossing: On side, arched forming circle, starting at should er and going downward: "Roseneck Brewing Co., Trademark (embossed star in middle of circle), Richmond, VA". Color: Aqua Green. Height: 9 3/4 in. Mold: BIM. Top: Crown. Neck: Ladies leg. Body: Round. Base: Mold seams approach center, stopping at concave circular embossed recess; embossing "1272", then "2" underneath. Condition: Good to Very Good. Characteristics: Numerous trapped air bubbles; "O B Co" embossed on O.D. at base. #3 Type: Whiskey? Embossing: "A. G. W." in base, with "1 5 1" under sloped indention mark, just below. Color: Light Amethyst. Height: 7 7/16 in. Mold: BIM. Top: Applied Square Band. Neck: Straight. Body: Rectangular. Base: No mold seams on base; rectangular indention containing embossing mentioned above; Floor thick and raised in middle, sloping to sides Condition: Very Good. Characteristics: Numerous large trapped air bubbles. #4 Type: Medicine. Embossing: "USE WHITINE FOR WHITE KID ALBION MFG. Co. NEW YORK" on side face. Color: Aqua Blue. Height: 5 7/16 in. Mold: BIM. Top: Applied Square Band. Neck: Straight. Body: Slightly concave on embossed side, slig htly convex on opposing side; sides rounded. Base: No mold seams on base; slight rectangular indention, rounded on sides; Floor thick and raised in middle, sloping to sides; Wall thickness noticeably greater on concave side, as viewed from base; 4 Raised pimples, 1 at each outside corner. Condition: Very Good. Characteristics: Numerous trapped air bubbles. Thank you for your assistance, Dan Earnhardt

Wednesday, September 04, 2002 9:3Subject: Bottle Inquires HI Digger, Do you answer questions about bottles free, or does it cost do join your website? T hank you, Michael

Wednesday, September 04, 2002 10:Subject: Square Swintop Bottles I am in search of a source of 1 liter, clear swingtop bottles. I have come across some at a thrift store but would eventually need a steady stream of them. Any ideas on who would manufacture these or even sell them to me? Thanks in advance for your help! Ivan!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002 6:46 AM Subject: pharmacist bottles Please could you help to identify the bottle in the picture attached and the age and value. As far as i know these bottles were used by pharmists behind the counter kept on the shelf to fill prescriptions from i think they are about 1900 there are no markings on them just labels, if you need a clearer picture i will try to get one <<bottle1.jpg> Thank you Karen Wood

Thursday, September 19, 2002 1:3Subject: ball and claw I saw the ball & claw (amber) on one of your pages. Mine is from Taiwan and says ball and claw (not and claw) Are these worthless? It does have bubble glass .The man has had them for 30 years. Should I sell them for $2.oo. I paid 10 cents each. Thanks Cookie Mon day, March 17, 2003 2:09:Subject:: MASON FRUIT JAR : Wednesday, September 04, 2002 11:42 AM Subject: MASON FRUIT JAR Hello, and thank you for taking my question. My neighbor has found a Aqua-green colored pint mason jar with the date November 30th and year 1858, it also has on the bottom of the jar D229 and has symbol of a C with a J over the top of it. Could you please help us find out the value of the jar, if any. Again thank you for any help you could give us.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 11:Subject: BottleQuesti on <PRE>I have a crystal bottle shaped like a bulldog. It has a lid on the bottom and 3/4 avor. USA in center. I would appreciate any help with identifying it Thank you

2:09:Subject:: pictorial flasks Tuesday, September 03, 2002 9:Subject: pictorial flasks Hi Mr. Odell I have a bottle we have not been able to locate on the internet but did find it in a library book. This is what it said Corn Flower Blue, not previously charted,13 stars, the word Union on one side, on the back side, the flag cannon balls and a revolutionary style cannon. height 7"1/4 inches. Wm. Frank and sons. 2 seams straight up each side, tops been applied separate, raised rim on neck, excellent condition other than being worn a s it is a flask. Also, a miniature bottle , teardrop shaped bottle .bubbly finish approximately one inch, clear, raised letters saying Jordan water on one side, and Pan Am 1901 on the other. very perfect cork type. Please let us know how much you think these might be worth. Charlie Powell


Tuesday, September 03, 2002 7:Subject: old Quaker my wife and i found a small old Quaker rye whiskey bottle in the home we have. Would like to know more about the old Quaker rye whiskey bottle. On the bottom are different markings and on the front is a label old Quaker and a gold star, on the back is a imprint of old Quaker. please let me know if it has any value. Thank You Bob Cook

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 7:Subject: Not a clue ! I have a decanter / bottle which represents a man with a long nose, very detailed in hands, feet, eyes, etc. His head is attached to a cork and fits on the body and in all is approx. 6 1/2 inches tall. This little man has on a blue suit, embossed, a blue hat, derby perhaps, white hands and beige shoes which are also quite detailed. His suit has pocket marks, and he is sitting up a white pedestal 2X 1 3/4 . I do not detect any seams . His left ear is obvious and bushy eyebrows with one eye, the left closed, and a short pout mouth. Perhaps a gentleman, the way he is dressed and perhaps inebriated . No markings can I detect. I also have a bottle with Henry I Wampole & Co. Inc.- Phil. Pa.U.S.A.--------8 " tall ----No top I also have a Lincoln Figure bottle--No hat-- From Lincoln Illinois- I have kept these bottles but since finding your web site am interested in your remarks of same. Thank you for your time and efforts in helping all of us.JoAnn

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 5:5Subject: LWolpert Bottle I have a LWolpert Blop top bottle. Can you tell me anything about it? Thank you

Monday, M arch 17, 2003 2:09:16 PM I know very little information about this bottle. It stands roughly 10" high (estimate) and is in the shape of an old fashioned lantern. The bottle is designed to hold a candle (one is shown in the pictures). There is a partial label that reads "Lacrima Christi white wine Augusto & Fili Borghini Product of Italy V.L.P.L. No. 22 F1" There is also another label that reads "Product of Italy" There is a crest of some sort on the bottom of the bottle (see image). The bottle is appears old and shows some wear, but is in reasonably good condition. I am attaching photographs. I apologize for the poor lighting. Thanks! --Rudy ---

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 1:Subject: A. T. Jones & Silvester Jones Hello Digger, My question has absolutely nothing to do with a specific bottle, rather the person behind a specific soda/bottling company. The person(s) I am referring to is my great uncle "Slivester Jones" and my grandfather "A. T. Jones" who were both involved with the soda/bottling business in St. Louis, MO and El Paso, TX and perhaps elsewhere. I am simply trying to find out what happened to Silvester Jones, when he died, where he died, his age at death, where he may be buried, was he still in the bottling business when he died, etc.. As for my grand fat her, I know he was in the bottling business in El Paso, TX, but I am not sure if he remained in the business after leaving that town. My mother says he is buried next to "Lou Gerhig" in New York, but I have not been able to determine if he also remained in the bottling business up and until his death. I know this is a different type of question that you normally receive, but your help would be appreciated if it is possible. Thanks for your consideration in answering my questions.  Regards,

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 11:34 AM Subject: Pluto Water bottles Dear Digger: Do you know where the bottles were made for Pluto Water from French Lick, Indiana? Were there numerous plants that made this bottle, and was there a manufacturer at Loogootee, Indiana at one time? Thank you. Mrs. Patricia L. Mattingly 540 Paul Hand Blvd. Franklin, In. 46l3l :

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 10:10 AM Subject: Suffolk Found an old Suffolk Brewing Company Boston Mass bottle. It's Double Diamond ale but what is different from bottles I've seen on line is that the name of the brewery is molded into the glass. Rough shape but very old. Any idea the value? Joe Moir

Monday, September 02, 2002 1:3Subject: Old bottle pics Hi, My name is Charles Eves. I'm writing a book about an old park in Charlestown Indiana, just upstream of the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. This park was called "Rose Island and was an affluent summer resort that was open initially as just picnic grounds from the 1890's or so until the last owner bought it in 1924, at which time it was developed into a resort that was open from 1924 until it was closed down by the 1937 flood in the area. I've found bottles on the old park grounds......embedded in the dirt of an overturned tree believe it or not. The park forbid alcohol on the premises yet many of the bottles I've found seem to be alcohol bottles. I realize the bottles have little value if any at all but I'm more interested in finding about what year they were produced. They don't seem to have been done by ABM but I'm not a bottle hunter either. I'm the last person that could guess the age of these bottles. I would greatly appreciate your help in this effort. It'll play a part in a non-profit book that will bring back days of old, steamboats and Model-T's f or many. Feel free to forward this email to anybody you think might be interested in taking a crack at guessing the age of these bottles. The dimensions of each are directly below the picture. [Image] 5.75" tall, 3.25" wide, 1.25" thick, 1.62" from neck to top of lip, 1.00" diameter of lip. very slight pink color.....might just be the dirt. Has a single 9 or a small g embossed on bottom. [Image] 10.12" tall, 2.37" wide at base, 2.50" wide at widest part of body, 3.87" from neck to top of lip, 15/16ths" diameter of lip. light aqua green color. Has CS & Co L crudely embossed on bottom, opposite side of bottle has 1858. [Image] Nock and Snyder Louisville, KY 8" tall, 3.12" wide, 1.75" thick, 1.50" from neck to top of lip, 1.25" diameter of lip. clear/no color. Has absolutely no numbers or other markings on bott. (I don't see what's holding this bottle together but it survived a mile long hike out of "the middle of nowhere" in my backpack.) Again, thanks for your help. See Y a' ~Chazz~ Hard work gets you 3, sweaty and more hard work.

Saturday, August 31, 2002 9:Subject: rare bottle Dear bottle collector. I have recently receive d an unusual bottle from some friends. I have never seen any thing like it. I would like to know some background of the bottle , I really don't care if it is worth any thing. Description The bottle has some type of snake or alligator creature wrapped around it. At four points in the cased down the bottle there is a head of the creature explained above each one bigger than the last. The body that follows the heads seems to be a continues body indented like square scales and raised from smooth glass. The b ottle is 18'' tall in an aqua green almost clear color. The mouth I think is a singular collar and the base a smooth base with writing in a circular form ; Swiss American INC. St. Louis Missouri : 631110; just like that. Also very faintly across the bottom it is seemed to be stamped MADE IN SPAIN but it was messed up and stamped twice. On the bottom of the bottle there is what looks like a three toed foot print raised from the glass. Thank so much for any info you can give me or any time you spend rese

Monday, September 02, 2002 4:21 PM Hi Jack i recently found a milk bottle at the bottom of a pond in Ayer Massachusetts. It has raised lettering and is a clear bottle. It says Mass bb seal, One Quart Liquid, near the bottom says registered and bbcco 48, and on the bottom a big S and then a diamond looking figure with an oval through it. If you could help me identify it id appreciate it. Thanks Artie Caissie -----------------

Monday, September 02, 2002 3:Subject: Can this bottle be worth anything? I have a beautiful cobalt blue glass jar that I acquired after my grandmother's death. I've been using it to store odd screws. After emptying out the jar, I discovered that it was rather old and I thought it might be of some value. It is a one pint "useful jar" made by the Crownford China Company in Italy. The jar is 5 1/2" high and approximately 4 5/8" wide at it's base. It's like the old jamming jars, but with a bit of a lantern shape. The mouth of the bottle is round and the rubber seal around the lid is in impressively fantastic shape... not one crack in it. The mold seam seems to stop at the mouth of the jar. It's a deep cobalt blue without a scratch, chip or mark on it. One side of the jar stated "ONE PINT", and under that "1902". The other side states "Abagail's" and under that "USEFUL JAR". The bottom of the jar has a stamp the goes around in a ring. It states "JAR MADE in ITALY" and "CROWNFORD CHINA CO". The strange thing is that the "A" in CHINA appears to be upside-down when compared with the other text. The center of the stamp on the bottom is "C 1972"... I guess that means Circa 1972, right? The metal that forms the ring and clasp closure appears to be steel, buy I can't be sure. They a re in great shape, though. I can try and borrow a digital camera to get a picture, if necessary. Thank you for your assistance and information. Regards, Susan Kaiser

I found a very old W &amp; A Gilbey bottle. It is 12" high with seam ending at bottom of neck which is 3 1/2" topped with a double or layered lip. This bottle is green and absolutely ;full of bubbles. The neck leans a bit to one side, obviously when it was made. It has W &; A Gilbey in cursive across the bottle. Bottom is inset with 3 dimples on one side. The # 16&; or 91 inside inset bottom with a number 1 or l before the 3 dimples.Anyone know anything about this? This has got to be a very old bottle. Perfect condition. The bottle was found in an old dump in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It was covered with over 3 feet of hardened sand cradled in ash.

Monday, September 02, 2002 9:15 AM Subject: BottleQuestion Hi! I hope you can tell us what kind of bottle we have...My husband and I found it on a river bank on a recent fishing trip. We're not bottle collectors, but picked it up because it has such a beautiful and odd design. It is clear, stands about 8 1/4" tall, and says "one pint" at the top. It has corn and wheat embossed around the bottom and sides, and two hearts-a large one on one side, and a small one on the other. The seams on the side go all the way to the top, and it has measuring marks embossed on the sides. It has a smooth bottom, with various numbers and letters written in different directions. With the exception of a few scratches, the bottle is in great condition, to have been floating around in a river!! Thanks for all your help...We look forward to hearing from you! Joe and Amy Lunsford

Sunday, September 01, 2002 7:Subject: Clyde Glass Works Bottle Dear Digger, I have an old bottle that I have researched as far as I can. It is an old beer bott le (I assume), manufactured by the Clyde Glass Works from Clyde, NY. It is 9 1/2 inches tall including the cap. It hasn't changed to purple yet like other glass items from this glass maker. (From what I have gathered from online sources.) I do know that Clyde Glass Works only made this type of glass container from 1870 - 1886. The stopper is metal (what kind I can't guess) and still has the seal. There are no chips or cracks on the bottle. There is a slightly oval raised spot on the side of the bottle that looks like it was designed for a label. The only other markings on it is the name on the bottom in raised letters "Clyde Glass Works Clyde NY". Of interest, there is a slight double impression of the word Clyde in the center, like it touched the bottom of the mold more than once. What I would like to know, is the rarity of this bottle and who might have used it for their beverage. Any information is greatly appreciated! Don Ahlquist Eugene, OR.

Monday, September 02, 2002 9:09 AM Subject: I need your help. Dear Digger, My Mom has got 3 perfume bottles with the words Irice N.Y. on the bottom. They are glass and 1 of the lids is in the shape of a treasure chest and the other 2 are baskets. Each one has has little jews in the lid. They also have a little number 12 on the bottom. Thank You, Melissa

Friday, August 09, 2002 6:01 AM hi, i got an old bols ballerina bottle. it s abt 150 yrs old. bt still she is dancing. still the original sprit also in it. could u please let me know how much it value and what is the most recognize way to sell it. I'm living in London these days. bye chani

Sunday, September 01, 2002 10:Subject: Green beverages I found an old wooden crate that has the words Green's beverage company and underneath that the words Toledo,Ohio. I have asked everywhere in Toledo and no one has heard of it. Could you find any info for me? The crate is in very good condition and I was wondering if it was worth anything.

Sunday, September 01, 2002 8:39 PM Dear Dig ger: I have an unopened 50 year old bottle of Old Mr. Boston Rock & Rye. Could you give me a value? John or Corry

Sunday, September 01, 2002 2:Subject: Re: European monkey bottle, Questions October 2000 Hello Digger, I was searching the net for information on a similar bottle to the one in the question below from Questions October 2000, which to my dismay had the answer omitted. The bottle that I have was handed over the counter to my father when he was an Off-licensee in the early 1950s in London UK, by a 'totter' (rag and bone man), hoping to collect a refundable deposit for it. Wine bottles didn't carry a deposit but my father paid the totter for it anyway, because it was so unusual. The bottle is blow-molded green glass with the monkey in relief, unfortunately, the monkey's gold colourati on has worn off over the years. No label, collar or foil, and the only markings are on the bottom; 0.7L, G encircling A, and 55. I and my family would be grateful for any information you could give me. Thanks, Steven Tregoiing, London, UK. Hi Digger! I've just stumbled across your site! I see few references to European bottles, but wonder if you could help? I have a green German wine bottle (Arthur Tallgarten, Rhein), with a gold coloured monkey "embracing" the bottle. The monkey is an integral part of t he bottle's construction and its 'fur' effect achieved by a 3 D relief effect. The foil which once extended over the cork is a buff colour, with red bands top and bottom. The bottle is a sort of momento from a wine shop that was owned by my grandfather up to the 1950s in Birmingham, England. We have always assumed that the bottle was made as for promotional purposes or in a limited run, Any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks for a fascinating site! Colin Shields.

Monday, M arch 17, 2003 2:08:Subject:: Whiskey Jug : Sunday, September 01, 2002 8:24 AM Subject: Whiskey Jug Digger: Can you tell me anything about this whiskey jug, did Redman Chewing Tobacco start in alcohol ?Photo attached.

Sunday, September 01, 2002 1:Subject: (noSubject) The bottle is a Liberty Bell. 8 inches high, inches at the base. Inscribed on bottom, is Marita Spirits Limited 1969-B Authentic Replica Genuine Antique Finish. Does this bottle have any value? Please mail me any information you can find.

Sunday, September 01, 2002 12:Subject: casa vento wine bottle My cousin has an unopened bottle of casa vento Chianti. it is a product of Italy from vento wine import, inc of Cleveland Ohio. she has had it since about 1970. she received it from a friends dad, who had had it for a while, but we don't know how long. the bottle contains one pint of Chianti wine. the bottle is green glass (slightly darker than a coke bottle green). the bottle has a 2 seams opposite each other. it is about 12 inches tall and the lamp portion is another 10 inches. the bottle flares to about 4-5 inches across the bottom, the round bottom has embossing on the out side edge about 1/4 of an inch in. the rest is smooth. the bottle has a round bottom with 2 rings coming up, then it has an hourglass shape with diagonal embossing, then it smoothes out. the label is place on the smooth neck label is gold with red piping around edge there is a second gold label on the base of the lamp portion that says CASA VENTO. there is a seal on this label i can't make out. the top of the bottle is an amber glass hurricane lantern shade. the stopper has a green rubber r candle holder at the top. it is made to be used for a candle holder after the wine is gone. the bottle has never been opened and the label is in very good shape. do you have an idea how old it is and what it might be worth. are there collectors for this kind of bottle? thanks

Monday, September 30, 2002 12:50 New Mexico fake bottles Hello Digger, I have been a bottle collector for many years now and I have recently seen the worst behavior I have ever seen in the hobby. There is an avid digger here in New Mexico named Scott G. At the NM bottle show last weekend he was set up and was selling fakes he admitted to making. There were many NM drugstore bottles on his table that were not real. He cast real bottles, molded the embossing with some polymer, and glued the polymer embossing to other real, unembossed bottles. There were being sold for more than $150 each and were sold as real. A few did sell before he was discovered. I wanted to ask you if you knew anything about this illegal and immoral practice and if you know what materials he might have used. It's disturbing to me that there may be some fakes out there now that people are unaware of. Thanks and happy hunting, Tino R. - Tino Romero 801 Leroy Pl. #3256 c/s Socorro, NM

Monday, September 30, 2002 Coca-Cola, Mason rootbeer, Mt Dew and 7up and more, from the 50's up. Hello:Love your site, but I seem to be stumbling on the where abouts on 50's 60's pop bottles prices and values. I have a decent collection cluttering my den and storage. Please guide me in the right direction.

Sunday, September 29, 2002 1:54 seagram's My Dad found a bottle from Seagram's. Maybe you can date it for me? It is about 10 inches high, 41/2 inches wide with a small 2 inch neck and a screw off cap. There is no contents and at the bottle of the bottle, embossed into the bottle is Seagram's on both sides. The number 8 is on the underneath of the bottle. Carol

Saturday, September 28, 2002 10:19 Question for ya Hi, I was poking ar ound and ran across your site. It seems to me that you are pretty knowledgeable in the glass area. So I figured I ask you about a bottle I found in a trash pit that I discovered while metal detecting. It is a Jacob's Pharmacy bottle from Atlanta Ga. This is in script and embossed up the side. It is clear and a hair over 5" tall. I found it south of Atlanta. I know that Jacobs Pharmacy had an association with coca cola. Does this bottle have collector value? Thanks for any help. Mike - Michael Treadway –


Saturday, September 28, 2002 1:04 help id 2 old bottles Hi my name is Pat. I have two old bottles without any chips or cracks in them that I would like to know a bit more about and the value also if they should be insured. The first is a large amber bottle 9 1/2 in tall, with the mouth opening approx 3/4 in inside meas. 1 1/4 in outside meas. It is 3 7/8 in wide at the bottom and 4 3/4 in at its widest. There is a 1/2 in raised glass stripe on each side with a catty corner seam running to opposites of the stripe. There is a large bubble in the neck about 1/2 in long and 1/8 in wide. There are a number of other bubbles also. It has a key mold bottom. The small amber bottle is dirty inside. It has a seam and a keymold bottom but a bit different than the other it also has a diamond on the bottom. It is 5 1/4 in tall and and 2 1/4 in wide. It also looks like lumpy glass on the inside bottom of it. Thank you for your time. Pat

Monday, September 30, 2002 7 AM Subject: Do you know about this bottle? Dear Digger, My mother lives on Douglas Lake in Dandridge, Tennessee. Across the lake from her when the water goes down in the Fall,there is old foundations of houses and churches there. This is from where it flooded in the 1930's. We like to look there and we find lots of goodies. All kinds of broken glass (dishes, vases, bottles, ect. ) I found a bottle this weekend that is wierd shaped and it says: DOUBLE STRENGTH SUGAR BEVERAGE and another that says : Rawleigh's med. co just curious to know if you know anything about these bottles. Thanks, Julie

2002 2:52 vanilla bottle? Given a small bottle made by Standard Vanilla?Any ideas on its origin and age? LB


Sunday, September 29, 2002 5 a question and an answer Hi folks, I found an old Seagram's whiskey bottle, it is dark brown in colour and almost completely covered in embossed oak leaves and acorns, except for the two spots on the front where paper labels were obviously attached but are now gone. The bottom of the front of the bottle is embossed "Mighty oaks, from little acorns grow"The word Seagrams's is embossed on back. The bottom has the number 8 on one end and a diamond with a capital D inside. the top is threaded. Any idea of value or age? Thanks, Oh, by the way, the strange wine bottle with the spout and inner glass section with its own cork and with a kind of rattan base is similar to one i have. The paper label on back reads Rose Wine (pink wine) near top. Front has three labels. First sals Italia INE IN FANCY writing and Marchio Nazionale. further downVinrosa BertolliFrancesco Bertolli SpA. Lucca Grand Cantine D1 Castellina Scalo Isienai (Italy) also paper label near top -contains 70 fluid ozs. Alcohol 12o/o by volume Produced and Bottled in Italy printed in Italy in small letters. Mine is s ightly more round, fatter but is the same bottle and is about 40 years old. No idea of value. Thanks again. Karen

Saturday, September 28, 2002 10:29 Weber and Rupp Evansville Ind Recently obtained a bottle (amber in color) with the above inscription. Embossed on bottom are the initials D O C. I would appreciate any info. Thanks Glenda Gerteisen

Saturday, September 28, 2 002 10:20 BottleQuestion Hello, I came across a unique find today. It has to be the most fun find I have come across, and I'm hoping maybe you can tell me a little about it. It dose not have any name on it, but on the bottom it says made in Italy. It is a man (almost clown like) sitting on a big berrel, his legs are straddeling the barrel and he has a jug in one hand and a glass in the other hand. he has boots on, or maybe shoes with knee high socks. he has a big smile on his face and a ha t that looks kinda like a pilgrams hat that gose to the top of the bottle. he is wareing a suit I belive with a vest and tied scarf , a small pocket in the front left bottom corner of the vest. It is clear glass with a blue tint in spots and a rainbow affect all over. he just makes me smile to look at him. So do you think you can tell me anything about it. Thank you so much for your time. Tammy Sartuche

Saturday, September 28, 2002 6:22 old virginia gentlemen bottle <PRE>just wondering if you could help me place a date on this bottle. I am going to list it for sale and wanted to be able to have some info on it but I have been unable to research on line. The front label has 2 gentleman in red coats being served by a black butler on a tray bottom has a copyright 1936. I know the company started in1935 The back actually has the abc label on it and the price looks to be . 75 cents. This is a pint bottle. ThanksLori

Saturday, September 28, 2002 6:03 bottle question ! Hi there ! cant seem to find this bottl e ?i found a old bottle in this barn we were taking down ? the barn must of been pretty old , everything was pinned with wooden dowles no nails ! anyways the bottle saysthe MAY DRUG co. pittsburg it has a wooden cork in itTHANKS FOR ANY INFO

Saturday, September 28, 2002 Bottle Hi I have a bottle which says " Tonic Vermifuce", "Dr. D. Jayne's" "Philadelphia". It is light green glass, and is cork-type. It is about 7 inches tall. Please provide some insight or questions I may answer about this old bottle. Thanks, Dave

Saturday, September 28, 2002 10:31 AM Subject: Bottle question (of course) hi digger, really enjoying your site and i too have a question about a bottle. the bottle is clear glass and measures 5 1/2" high, 2 1/4" wide at widest point. there are 3 seams running from the base to the top of lip and lip is "ground". looking at the bottom of the bottle, it is not uniform in "roundness" and thickness of glass sides varies. there are 4 "ribs" between each of the 3 seams (making 12 ribs). pictures are attached. thanks for any help you can provide! -heuy

Dear Sir  Firstly, I write badly english - sorry. I have green Safe Cure Warner's  bottle embossed Frankfurt. I buy it for 5$. Can You tell me anything about  the real value, age and rarity of this item? If You like I can send a   photo.   Thanks & Best Regards,  Piotr Ziolkowski, Warsaw, Poland


Saturday, September 28, 2002 11:12 AM Subject: long twist bottle Dear Sir, I have a bottle that i found on a recent trip to the salt marshes out side of Charleston SC. There were many old bottles that had remained relatively untouched for many years, and i happened to find this one as i tripped over it. It was buried in about five layers of mud. I have tr ied to find its origins on the internet and have had no luck. It is clear with the words "long twist" "REC US PAT" "BOTTLE PATD FEB 16, 1926" on one side and "LONG TWIST" "MIN CONT. 61/2 FLU. OZ. " and on the bottom, it reads "COLUMBUS, GA". As you can see from the picture it has spiral diagonal rings on it and the glass is very thick. It is 8 and 1/2 inches tall, and the seams appear to stop before the mouth,but it is hard to tell. It is a circular shape and has an indented bottom. IT is in excellent contition with only a slight dent in the top by the mouth. During my research i believe that it may have been manufactured by the Nehi company back when it was called Chero Cola, buti am not sure. I f you could tell me the dates this was manufactured and how much it might be worth i would appreciate it. Please email me when you have posted the answer on your webpage. Thanks, Katy Blair

Friday, September 27, 2002 1 Warner's >Dear Sir >>Firstly, I write badly english - sorry. I have green Safe Cure Warner's >bottle embossed Frankfurt. I buy it for 5$. Can You tell me anything about >the real value, age and rarity of this item? If You like I can send a photo. >>Thanks & Best Regards, >Piotr Ziolkowski, Warsaw, Poland >>Mr Digger Thank You very much for Your answe r. I let You know if I plan to sell it. The photo (attachment) is only low quality scan. Piotr Ziolkowski

Friday, September 27, 2002 11:55 Mystery bottle- please help identify Hi Digger- I am i n possession of an antique five gallon glass water cooler bottle. It is a pale blue-green color. The front reads "Hygeia and Vinaris Water" in a cursive script, with the words "CONTENTS 5 GAL" above and "NOT SOLD" below. There is also a marking that upside down on the bottle's side near the top (if the bottle were in place in the cooler), "F. C. W. 1(7?) 8. On the top are the letters "HDW CO NY". All of this lettering is molded in relief on the glass. There is also a remnant of a p aper label still attached. It is either pale grey or has become so over the years. The printing is black. There are three diamonds, one with the hygeia trademark inside, another with the word VINARIS and a crown, and the third that has a symbol and the letters HYWACO. to the right it says "18. . . " and is torn, but part of another letter is visible. Below the diamonds the partially torn label reads: . . . RICAN BY BIRTH . . . FOREIGN . . . IMPURITIES Below all this appears to b e the word water, but it too is torn. So what is it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it is of value I would be curious to know, but I am mostly trying to solve a mystery. It may have been in the linoleum store of my great grandfather's- my grandpa doesn't know anymore, and if I knew more about, I may be able to tell. Thanks for your time, Rachel

Friday, September 27, 2002 10 Pepsi bottle Hi Digger, I have a 4 inch tall minature pepsi bottle with novelty wrote on the side of the bottle it appears to be really old. If i could i would like to know the value and history of this bottle. Thank you,Digger Sincerly,kel

Friday, September 27, 2002 8:29 Old English beer bottle ? Hi Digger. I recently bought an aqua coloured bottle 7 1/2" h igh. The glass is very thick and crudely made with bubbles, swirls, and voids throughout. On the bottle is embossed " S. LEDGARD. . . NELSON HOTEL. . . ARMLEY" and on the bottom of the bottle it says " E B & CO LD (no "T" in there)1073 ". The thick lip has a spiral on the inside that looks like the top would have turned one revolution to seal the contents. I have found out that there is a Nelson Hotel in Armley, Leeds, Englandbut thats as far as I've been able to get. Any ideas on its age, value and if it is in fact a beer bottle? Cheers, Keith

Friday, September 27, 2002 8:02 BottleQuestion I have a excellent condition 6 in. high glass bottle. I has Kendall Motor Oil imprinte d on the bottom of the bottle. If you know any thing about the company that sold the motor oil, their dates of operation, value, sale price back then, and any other info on the bottle, or any way to contact the origins, please e-mail me back i would greatly appreciate it.

Friday, September 27, 2002 4:34 PM I have a clear Sloan's Liniment bottle. It has raised lettering "Sloan's Lininent" and a smaller "made in USA" raised text under that. It also has a single number "1" on the bottom of the bottle. I am wondering how old the bottle is and how much it is worth, if anything. Thanks in advance, C. Winslow

Friday, September 27, 2002 12:38 Squibb bottle They are still dragging me into the 21st century and that is why I am emailing you my question. I had a hard time searching for info on a bottle. I hope you can help me. It is a Squibb medicine bottle I think it is green with a metal cap The bottle has a seem that r uns along the sides Design patent 874-D or O I can't read well On the bottom are some symbols 3 symbol 1. The symbol is an oval shape horizontal and an oval shape longitudinal they are on top of each other with the number 11 under it. Bottle made in the USA Can you tell me anything about the bottle? Thanks in Advance Laura

To: Friday, September 27, 2002 10:38 AM Yes, I have a Hillbilly bottle that was distilled and bottled by STITZEL-WELLER Distillery in Louisville, Ky. On the front label it says Old Cabin Still Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It is in mint condition, it says it is handcrafted by Bel oras and is genuine porcelain. Some of the dates on it are 1939 and 1954. Can you tell me if this is worth anything? I would greatly appreciate and e-mail back. Thanks!

Friday, Septem ber 27, 2002 12 AM Hi, a friend of mine has what looks like an old canning jar. It is four sided, about 6-10 inches tall (from memory) and it has a zinc/lead lid on both ends of the bottle. The only markings on it say Pat. Pend. I have not been able to find it on the internet. One of the threaded ends is longer than the other. Any information on this bottle would be appreciated. Thank you, Gloria Newman

Thursday, September 26, 2002 4:51 MY OLD BOTTLE I have an old bottle that has S. B. Kitchel's Liniment embosed on the side. How can I find out how old this bottle is and get more info about it?Your help would be appreciated.

Thursday, September 26, 2002 10:19 AM Subject: BottleQuestion I live on a farm in Northern Ontario Canada and found in one of my fields a bottle described as follows: Clear glass 4 1/2" high has 8 sides wide bottom (1 1/4")narrow top (1/2") has a glas s handle (like on an old moonshine jug) at the neck. The 8 sided design stops just below the handle Side seam runs to top of lip embossed writing runs perpendicular to base on one of the sides and says "HORNE'S" directly below "HORNE'S" parallel to base embossed lettering says "2 FL. OZ. " Bottom of bottle says " 6 " "RD. " "1934" on the lower3/4" of the bottle the glass is pebbled Would have s upported a screw top lid (not found) condition is very good: no chips cracks bruises Here is my question. What did "horn's" bottle? My guess is perfume or vanilla. Please advise Thank you very much. Nancy D.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 4:59 Palmolive Glass Bottles Hi, I have a small collection of Palmolive bottles. Here is what I know about dating the Palmolive products I have: 1864 - 1916 - The B. J. Johnson Soap Company Then they changed the company name in 1916 to The Palmolive Co. because Palmolive soap was doing so well. 1916 - 1926 - The Palmolive Company The first bottle is Palmolive Shampoo. Label is still attached with some damage to the label. The label is olive green & off white with a palm tree design. It has the original frosted glass stopper which has a tiny nick on one corner for the stopper. . . . not very noticeable. Parts of the cork, that was at one time attached to the stopper, is stuck in place at the top of the bottle. From the base of the bottle to the stopper it's 8" high. The bottle is thinner at top & flares at the base. There is no damage to the bottle which is clear glass. The words on the bottom are embossed in a circle pattern. It's says: The Palm Olive Co Milwaukee, U. S. A. The second bottle is Palmolive Vanishing Cream. Label is still attached with some damage to the label. The label is olive green & off white with a palm tree design on it. It has the original glass stopper. No damage to the bottle or stopper. The bottle & stopper are frosted glass. From the base of the bottle to the stopper it's 3 1/2" high. The jar is thinner at top & flares at the base. The w ords on the bottom are embossed in a circle pattern. It's says: The Palm Olive Co Milwaukee, U. S. A. The third bottle is a Palmolive Cold Cream Jar. . . . . . which is milk glass. It has the original tin lid. Lid has a couple of dents in it. The label is unattached & rather delicate. . . . . which I put inside the jar to protect it. The label is olive green in color with a border of gold on the top & bottom. The words on the front of the label are in gold & read like this: Palm Olive Cold Cream The P & the M on the word Palm are connected. . . . . creating a cloud like box design. . . . with the words Olive Cold Cream in the middle. Hope you can understand that?The jar itself is in perfect condition. The bottom is embossed with the word Palmolive. Lastly I have an old square Palmolive Shampoo Bottle. This bottle contains bubbles in the clear glass. The bottle is 7" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4". On the front top part of the bottle the embossed words read: PALMOLIVE SHAMPOO On the front bottom of the bottle the embossed words read: B. J. JOHNSON SOAP CO. On the back top part of the bottle the embossed words read: MILWAUKEE, WIS. U. S. A. On the back bottom of the bottle the embossed words read: TORONTO, ONT CANADA The middle of the bottle looks as if there had been a label that would have been wrapped around it. . . . which is no longer there. Well that's it!I'm looking for any other information on these bottles & possible values. Thanks a bunch!Any information you can give to me would be much appreciated. Eileen Hochstein

:15: Art Deco Listerine Bottle Attachments:

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 4:28 Art Deco Listerine Bottle Hi, I bought a Listerine bottle. . . . . only it's differen t than any Listerine bottle that I've seen before. It's about 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1 1/2" wide. The bottle is colored a pale yellow. . . .

pleted around the bottle except the bottom is clear glass. It has a black screw top lip. Bottle is in mint condition. The embossed words on the front say Listerine. The words are in an arc over 3 arcs. . . . . an art deco design. The font on the front also looks art deco. On the back the embossed words say: FOR BOUDOIR AND TRAVEL The bottom of the bottle loo ks like this: 4 LAMBERT PHARMACAL CO. ST LOUIS, MO. 2 MADE IN U. S. A. 7 OZ. Do you have any information about this bottle?Any idea on what it is worth? Thank you for any help that you can give to me!! Eileen Hochstein

: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 2 PM I am trying to find information about a bottle and the company that is on it. The bottle is marked Wayner Whiskey, distilled in Troy Ohio. The bottle is clear and approx. 10 inches tall. Thanks, Kere Cawley

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 4:37 AM Subject: Id like to chang to an ezyer question 4you do you have Kankakee,coke-cola bott,co listed in you're books,I e-mailed coke to see if they couldfind anything outbeings that it was from there co. but I hear there was a lota lost an berried records ~~ I appreciate you're help but you'revery busy personso if you rather give me pointers on how to edit an research and answer my ownquestions my problems are not knowing the bottles and time areatheproblem is knowingwhy there is a Patten number when you canttype in the Patten number on thecomputer an get an answer ofthe model make an year of the bottle and the other problem I have is typing in the name of the bottle if it I sent coke,Pepsi , famous person or product I will get no search realize,it is possible in at the end of my information gathering or in just not l ooking in the writeplaces like there issecret web searchthat is invisible to me~~ well thanks alot Dig youreaverry helpfull person an keep up the good work (waya nudatuna)crazywolf

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 3:26 Little brown jug Dear Digger: I've perused your web site and must first say "Congrats" on such nice "digs" - heh heh - excuse the pun. I've attempted to ascertain the "age" of what I refer to as a 'little brown jug', however it's really not quite so "little", being of a one gallon size. My grandmother worked at the Hovaka Hotel in Hobart, Oklahoma and found the bottle/jug in question in 1946 in the basement. I am assuming that it was originally a "wine jug" as there is a grape motif. When she rescued it the poor thing has been used to store and dispense floor wax and a bit of residue remains inside to this day. She converted it to a lamp (good choice) and it has served as such since it's conversion in 1948. Now, for further description and markings: Amber glass wine jug, 12 inches in height, 7 inches wide (22 inches in circumference), with grape/grape-leaf motif on one side, and "ONE GALLON" embossed on the other side where a la bel had no doubt once been. It IS a molded piece (2-mold, pressed blown with an applied handle and bottom, and a single thread, screw-type top)  The only marks on the battle reside on the bottom: "PATENT No 107541-107542" A search using the US Patent Office web site provides no information other than "The Query ( 107541-107542 ) was unparseable (Invalid Patent Number Search ). " Although it might be nice to know what the 'little brown jug' is worth, my primary questions are; when was it manufactured, and where might it have originated, as well as the name of the wine. Was it really a wine jug, or merely wine flavored wax?haha - just kidding! Pictures attached. Thanking you in advance. Respectfully, Jim Isham Port St. Lucie, FL

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 9:59 A Duraglas medicine bottle Hi I am from Louisiana, I found a Duraglas medicine bottle made by Owens-Illinois, Inc, as I have read from previous questions you have answered. I was wondering if you can tell me if it's worth anything, probably not but worth a shot. It's is a clear bottle,4 1/2" tall with rounded back and flat front with a 3(looks kinda like) then iii and Duraglas in script on the bottom of the front, it has measurements on the sides one side has the same kinda 3 shape and a 1 and 2, the other side has the CC's 20,40,60. On the bottom it has Duraglas in script under that it has 9 then I inside an O then 4 with a W on the other side of that. Thank You, Laura

Monday, September 23, 2002 10:05 BottleQuestion Hello, I recently found threeliquor bottles (still corked and with liquor inside minus some leakage or evaporation) that are quite old. I have been trying to find out more about them with little success. I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction to find more information. All three have labels on the back that read "Purchased November 19 43 from the estate of Mrs. Henry Walters by Greig, Lawrence & Hoyt Ltd. , Importers and Wholesalers of Wines and Spirits. Apparently they were resold by Greig, Lawrence and Hoyt. Bottle 1: deep olive green, indented base with pontil scar, iron residue, applied tapered double collar, no embossing on bottle, paper label reads " V. O. P. , Superior Pale Brandy, Otard, Dupuy & Co. , Vintage 1831" Bottle 2: dark olive green/ almost black, indented base with pontil scar,applied tapered double collar, no embo ssing on bottle, paper label reads "Baker's, 1847, Pure Rye Whiskey" Bottle 3: Amber (some lighter colored flaws in the neck of the bottle), smooth bottom, slightly indented, bottle has a definite lean/ curve to one side, Bottle embossed "Walters & Co. , Baltimore", appliedstraight double collar (I think), Paper label reads " Murdoch Whiskey, Distilled from two-thirds rye, one-third corn, 1863, Bottled 1872" All have seems on 2 sides of bottle. Iknow little about old bottles, but I have bee n looking over your site and trying to learn a bit. Thanks for providing this site as well as any information you can offer. Paul Krebs

To: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 8:39 PM I am currently not a bottle collector but have found this one while diggi ng in my backyard. It has a blob top & is marked Cowdy's Beverages, Brooklyn, NY. on one side with a street address. Below that it says "this bottle not to be sold". On the other side is the date 1889 with the word "trademark" below, then in large letters L & S below that and finally the word "registered" below that. L & S and "trademark" are repeated on the bottle bottom. Thanks for any info you can give me on this bottle.

Any idea what this amber olive Gilka bottle is? thanks Stephen Blank Linwood,New Jersey

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 6:15 Bitters Digger I just bought a Bitters bottle that I had never seen before. It is a clear abm 6" bottle embossed in big letters on both side panels. Have you ever seen this bottle with a label and if you have what was it for. Chuck Wood

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 3:58 amber coke Dear Digger, I have a coca cola bottle I feel might be special. It is a really beautiful amber color and is darker at the top and bottom and lighter in the middle. I would describe the color as dark honey. It is identical to the one on the hall of fame page that has coca cola in script in the middle with an arrow around the coca cola. It was made in Jackson Tennessee also. On the hall of fame page it says that the bottle is usually only seen in aqua. I thought it might be irradiated but the color is so pretty that I doubted that. I have written you a c ouple of times before. I have looked at MANY coke bottles on the web and have never seen one with as pretty of coloring as mine. Please, I know you are busy but any information would be greatly appreciated. I wish I could send a picture but don’t have a digital camera yet. Thank you, Theresa

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 11 AM Subject: charles e hires co hi I found a old root beer extract bottle with a blue tint on glassthe spelling is wrong on the sde of bottle it says for making rootreer at home the other side says hires household extract the next side says phi ladelphia, pa usa the next side says manufactured by the charles e hires co the bottom of the bottle has the number 27 is this a factory fluke or have i found something rare??? sincerelyARMANDthe word rootbeer is spelt wrong on sideit says rootreer

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 1:08 well im off hunting but will be back soon the milk bottle iscollier brothers creameryiwas tierd last night anforgot the i , inverry impressed with your work an proud of the knowlage yougained, ivehuntedbottle's on an off4 years a justgot my wifehooked on it . well youprobleknow that mistake(LOL) well i be lookinforword to hearing from e you

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 12:10 Bottle Value Dear DiggerI have a wine bottle made by Garett & Co. est. 1835. this information is embossed on the bottle as well as "St. Louis Mo. and Norfolk Va. . " The picture is of an eagle sitting upon a crest or coat of arms. There is lettering embossed on the bottom, "O. D. " It is 12 1/2" tall and slender and it is turning purple. The seam stops at 12 inches and the bottle is quite crooked and full of bubbles. Thank You for such a great website!! Kathy PhelpsNorthport, Washington

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 9:52 AM Subject: BottleQuestion I have bottle labeled "Mampe Halb und Halb Extra". This is a German dessert sauce still sealed with its original contents contained within. Other markings on the label are as follows: "Carl Mampe A-G", " Hamburg Berlin Danzig", "Berlin 1896", "St. Louis 1904 Grand Prix", "Alcoholic strength not over 12%". The seal around the cork says, "Dos Originalhaus Fur Mampe Halb und Halb". On the back of the bottle there is a raised picture of an elephant and raised letteres which say "Carl Mampe A-G Berlin". We have found several German websites involving this name (Mampe) but cannot communicate .

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 5 AM Subject: milk bottle i do know that milk bottle's have become real trand lately i do have onethat is all imbosed lettering annot a crack or chip on it~~ one quortliquid this bottle property of an filled by coller brothers creamery taylorville ill,~~~~sealed bb 48 ~~~i seen a loota painted onesbuthavent yet found imbossed ~~~~well i thankyou ifyou can help or not

To: Friday, January 01, 1999 3:35 AM Subject: Austin Nichols Wild Turkey Bottles. Hello, I've recently been handed down two Austin Nichols Wild Turkey bottles. One is a limited edition ceramic #6, and the other one is 1971 "first addit ion". Both are in good shape with labels and they have both been opened. What would the value be on these. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 1 AM Subject: here is a question an short answer you ever heard of SPRACUE WARNER @ CO'S CATSUP BOTTEL , it was a new find to me an just wondering if you know anything about it ~~paten number 82937~~~thnks 4 hearing me ~~~ as far as purexgosethe newbottels are imbossed the old ones are debossed an the realy old oned are debossed an with a cork top

Monday, September 23, 2002 10 Chianti Wine Bottle Dear Digger: My uncle recently passed away and in his garage I found a box of old Jim Beam Bottles and others. The one that really caught my eye, is a Chianti Wine Bottle that looks exactly like a kersone lamp. It says that glass is hand made, Italy is on the label, the bottom ofthis kersone shaped bottle is green glass, top is shaped like a kersone lamp chimney and it is brown glass. It still has all the labeling on it but I did not think you would need that information. If you can help me with any information, I would appreciate it. Thank You, Marcy

Monday, September 23, 2002 9:05 BottleQuestion Hello, I recently found three liquor bottles (still corked and with liquor inside minus some leakage or evaporation) that are quite old. I have been trying to find out more about them with little success. I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction to find more information. All three have labels on the back that read "Purchased November 1943 from the estate of Mrs. Henry Walters by Greig, Lawrence & Hoyt Ltd. , Importers and Wholesalers of Wines and Spirits. Apparently they were resold by Greig, Lawrence and Hoyt. Bottle 1: deep olive green, indented base with pontil scar, iron residue, applied tapered double collar, no embossing on bottle, paper label reads " V. O. P. , Superior Pale Brandy, Otard, Dupuy & Co. , Vintage 1831" Bottle 2: dark olive green/ almost black, indented base with pontil scar,applied tapered double collar, no embossing on bottle, paper label reads "Bake r's, 1847, Pure Rye Whiskey" Bottle 3: Amber (some lighter colored flaws in the neck of the bottle), smooth bottom, slightly indented, bottle has a definite lean/ curve to one side, Bottle embossed "Walters & Co. , Baltimore", applied straight double collar (I think), Paper label reads " Murdoch Whiskey, Distilled from two-thirds rye, one-third corn, 1863, Bottled 1872" All have seems on 2 sides of bottle. Iknow little about old bottles, but I have been looking over your site and trying to l earn a bit. Thanks for providing this site as well as any information you can offer. Paul Krebs

:26: stitzel weller hillbilly bottle Attachments:

Monday, September 23, 2002 8:26 AM Subject: stitzel weller hillbilly bottle hi. i have a bottle that is of a hillbilly sitting on a wooden whiskey barrel. he is barefoot hol ding a shotgun with one hand between his legs and a pottery looking whiskey jug in his lap with the other. on the bottle is written 'cabin still'. it still has the thin leather strap around his neck and the paper information regarding the bottle attached. he has a hat on. all of the original stickers are still on it. the top of the hat pulls off and the cork is in perfect condition still. it still smells of bourbon!he has on blue overalls with a long sleeved white shirt underneath them. he is blonde with a long blonde beard down to his stomach with a white tip at the end of his beard. the bottle is 11 inches tall and 4 inches across at the base. it says geniune porcelain on it. it is in 'perfect' condition. there is not a marr. the following info is what it says on the stickers; old cabin still kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, 90 proof, 4/5 quart, distilled for and bottled by stitzel-weller distillers louisville kentucky, this whiskey is 6 years old, the old style sour mash bourbon in this whimsical HILL BILLY BOTTLE is identical in quality to our world famous brand in its conventional package, on the bottom of the bottle it reads- original design from the cabin still collector's gallery 1969, stitzel weller distillery. any idea if it is of any value? please advise. thanks - lisa kirby

Monday, September 23, 2002 7:21 AM Subject: BOTTLE OF PERFUME My mother has a bottle of perfume from 1945called an Evening in Paris, any idea how much this would cost now. Thanks

Monday, September 23, 2002 7:20 AM Subject: TOMATION Can you please give me a value for a small casket of Tomation Single Highland Malt Whisky, aged 19 years. 1980 1074196. 2% CASK STRENGTH Thanks

Sunday, September 22, 2002 5 PM we've got an old whiskey bottle with the number 0616 the name is ex porters white horse distillers ltd glasgow, scotland k8 printed on the bottom it has a hand painted horse on the front bottom and another molded into the backside at the base of the neck the color is brown and it is a 1/5 bottle it is round the neck bulges in the center it has the #1 on it it has a cork top we would like to know the age of it and the value

Sunday, September 22, 2002 3 Pet Milk Bottle I must tell you your website has been invaluable to my husband and myself who are new collectors. We found a 2 quart PET MILK COMPANY bottle in good shape with Orange lettering on the front. I contacted Pet Milk to see if they could give me any information on whe n bottles were used for their milk. They said to check the internet as it is a better source for this type of information. Can you help?

Sunday, September 22, 2002 2:02 info o n Codd bottle. . . I bought a 9" Codd bottle at a yard sale. it has bubbles and a seam line that stops at the lip, very thick light green glass, round green marble. it has no markings except on the bottom it says M facing outwards T and B facing inwards it has a crack line around the lip but it is inside and can not be felt. can you tell me anything about it and what it may be worth? thank you[Image]

Sunday, September 22, 2002 3:27 Old Bottle Hey Digger, I have a bottle that says"Houston Ice and Bluing Co and #5 on bottom. No pic. Is it worth anything and what is it?Thanx CJ

Sunday, September 22, 2002 70 yr. old bottle of comfort I have a bottle of 100 proof 70 yr. old southern comfort. in great conduction, still in the box it came in. the box is torn but the bottle still is sealed. please I have been trying to see how much it's worth. if you have know clue please tell me where I could go to find the price. Thank you Rosie

]Digger Sunday, September 22, 2002 Re: SUFFOLK BITTERS PIG BOTTLE BLUE-OLD EX. Thanks for the info Jack, I had no idea the extent of the email avalanche you are under. I feel honored. I guess I shouldn't even be thanking you:) Don

]Don Sutherland Wednesday, September 18, 2002 5:39 Re: SUFFOLK BITTERS PIG BOTTLE BLUE-OLD EX. [ http://www. myitem. co m/myimages/76/541072276. jpeg ] The Item No such bottle exists that was made in the 1800s. A good bitters book like my price guide or Bill Ham's book would have kept someone from being fleeced for $128 I will publish this on my site. Hopefully I won't in any trouble. Digger

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 1 SUFFOLK BITTERS P IG BOTTLE BLUE-OLD EX. Hi Jack, I found this interesting auction on Ebay and would like to hear your comments. I am aware of a blue repro of this bottle but was unaware that it was originally manufactured in blue. When was the repro made and by whom. Is it collectable and what might it's value be. Do you think this is an original?I don't collect bitters but I love all bottles and enjoy keeping up with them. Thanks for your input. I will be away form my computer till next week.

I asked the seller about this auction and this is the reply: Sorry for the delay. Let me explain our position. While I am not an expert on bottles, I can tell you this came from an estate where the house was boarded up for the last thirty years. The person who lived there was 90 years old when he died. It was represent to everyone as a bottle from the late 1800's or very ea rly 1900's. When looking at the bottle with a black light, you can see air bubbles in the glass. It was definitely made in a mold. While we have no written proof, we believe it is a very old bottle. I will also state that if you are the high bidder and you are not satisfied with the purchase, we will allow you to return it for full refund. Thanks for your inquiry. Pete Godfredson Don Sutherland

Saturday, September 21, 2002 9:08 "Super Javel Bleach" bottle with label - 1950's or earlier - from New Westminster, B. C. Canada Hi, I was wondering how much this bottle would be worth. It has a telephone number of 8716-L. Four digit phone numbers dissappeared in the 1950's in New Westminster. The bottle has side seams. I have attached scanned pictures of the bottle. The first is of the label. The second is the bottom of the bottle. The third is the lower back (volume). Thanks for your time! Sharon Richmond, B. C. Canada


To: Saturday, September 21, 2002 9:26 Soda Bottle Manufactured by Palmetto Bottling Company, Charleston, S. C. <PRE>The soda bottle is clear glass with a baseball player risen in the glass (clear) and is the size of a glass bottle you used to purchase chocolate milk in. There is no date and at the bottom of the bottle is Palmetto Bottling Company, Charleston S. C. Is this bottle worth any thing?

Saturday, September 21, 2002 6 Found Bottle Hello, I found a bottle a Robinson Dairy milk bottle while excavating on the south side of Chicago. The bottle says: Robinson Dairy Pasturized 1659 Washburn Ave. Chicago, ILL T he seams do not go to the top of the bottle. Is this worth anything? Thanks, Kevin Miller

Saturday, September 21, 2002 4:17 Royal Palm bottle We found while cleaning our fireplace, what appears to be a soda bottle. It's clear glass with "Royal Palm" painted on in white. It was bottled in Daytona Florida by Florida Coca Cola Bottling. We searched the web for both "Royal Palm Soda" and Florida Cocoa Cola Bottling in Daytona - found nothing. Any ideas? Thank you, Ann

Friday, September 20, 2002 9:29 Kickapoo Whiskey Bottle Digger, I'm tossing this neat little pint-bottle of Kickapoo Whiskey up on Ebay tonight. Screw cap, clear glass, great labels considering my guess on the age is 50+ years old. . . again, strictly a guess. I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to its age and history? I could find nothing on the distillery - "Ye Olde Kentucky Distillery" nor on "Kickapoo Whiskey" anywhere on the internet. I'm not asking you to place a value, it will be what it will be. However, I'm always interested in any history o r background on the neat items I sell. Hopefully, you can offer that. By the way. . . great site. I'll be keeping my eyes open for some of the stuff you have featured there. Sincerely, Anthony

Saturday, September 21, 2002 2:01 Lea& Perrins Bottle Dear DIGGER! My Husband and I just returned from our garagesale-weekend and bought several old bottles. But the one bottle that we really would like to find out more about is a aqua blue "LEA & PERRINS WORCESTERSHIRE". The bottle is round and about 7. 5 inch es tall with raised letters-LEA & PERRINS- from bottom to top and -WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE- close around the neck (all letters in Uppercase). There are two seams along the side all the way to the top. On the bottom it reads JDS 5. No chips or cracks. We would greatly appreciate if you could tell us the value on our new find. Thank you . Chatina & Marvin

To: Saturday, September 21, 2002 1:39 Bitters and Elixir Research Dear Mr. Odell: My direct descendant, Dr. Solon Osmond Richardson, out of Wakefield, MA, manufactured not only the Sherry Wine Bitters (listed on your website), but a medicine known as Bood-Root Elixir (for which I have an old advertisement-very colorful). I would be interested in purchasing the bitters and medicine books if I knew that pictures of the bottles for both these items were listed/ described and if the books indicate where such old bottles might be acquired. Can you assist me in this inquiry?I'd be most grateful for any feedback you provide. Sincerely, Kimberly Richards

Saturday, September 21, 2002 9:53 AM Subject: Re: Kickapoo Whiskey Bottle WOW!I don't know what all of that means, but it sure looks impressive. I'll add it to the auction. I will find a way to "creatively" point people to your website since Ebay searches for and closes auctions with "advertisements" to other websites. Thanks again! >From: "Digger" >To: "A. MORELLI" <

>Subject: Re: Kickapoo Whiskey Bottle >Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 09:25:14 -0400 >Okay Anthony since this will increase the value of your auction. You owe >me. (at least a mention in th listing with a link). Here's the trademark >and age info. Word Mark KICKAPOO Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 033. US 049. G & S: BLENDED WHISKEY >AND BOURBON LIQUEUR. FIRST USE: 19600930. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19600930 Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Serial Number 72106898 Filing Date October 21, 1960 Registration Number 0728074 Registration Date February 27, 1962 Owner (REGISTRANT) GENERAL DISTILLERS CORPORATION OF KENTUCKY INC. >DOING BUSINESS AS YE OLD KENTUCKY DISTILLERY UNKNOWN 1726 MELLWOOD A VE. >LOUISVILLE 6, KY. Assignment Recorded ASSIGNMENT RECORDED Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit Text SECT 15. Live/Dead Indicator DEAD >>

Friday, September 20, 2002 10:29 PM >Subject: Kickapoo Whiskey Bottle Digger, I'm tossing this neat little pint-bottle of Kickapoo Whiskey u p on Ebay tonight. Screw cap, clear glass, great labels considering my guess on >the age is 50+ years old. . . again, strictly a guess. I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to its age and >history? I could find nothing on the distillery - "Ye Olde Kentucky Distillery" >nor on "Kickapoo Whiskey" anywhere on the internet. I'm not asking you to place a value, it will be what it will be. >However, I'm always interested in any history or background on the neat items I >sell. Hopefully, you can offer that. By the way. . . great site. I'll be >keeping my eyes open for some of the stuff you have featured there. Sincerely, Anthony

Saturday, September 21, 2002 9:07 AM Subject: doct or fischs bitters bottle Hi,My Name is Bonnie Agretto and I am from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I have acquired an antique fish bottle that has "Doctor Fisch's Bitters" on one side and on the other side it has "W H Ware Patented 1866" , excellent condition, no scratches or cracks. It looks exactly like the one you have in your first photo in "fish tales" - that yourred caption said one sold for $ 2500-$3500, but more common ones sell for$150-200. How would I know the difference? I would appreciate any information you could forward me. Thank you for your time. Bonnie Agretto

Friday, September 20, 2002 9:24 hunt's/Simmons Hey digger, I have an advertising thermometer for "HUNT'S LIGHTNING OIL" and "SIMMONS SARSAPARILLA". I wondered if you have heard of either of these medicines. I am trying to find out who manufactured them, what town and an approximate date. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have ran into a brick wall on this one Thanks Dan Moser

Friday, September 20, 2002 10:10 AM Subject: coca cola bottle Hello,Mr. Digger just call me rolo. Q: I found a coca-cola bottle in a old 1800's dumpsite some-time back ago and would like some information on the bottle. [2Q]: the bottle looks just like a straight-side coca-colabut in the front of the bottle it reads like this. [ PROPERTYOF THE COCA'COLABOTTLING COMPANY. just under all that is a slug-plate[square in width] and on the bottom of the bottle,reads TRADE MARK REGISTERED, no town or city is on the bottle. height 7 5/8 width 2 1/4. IT has an applied crown top[i think]. just a couple of more words on the bottom of the bottle is a number 1, well that's all for now. thanks. rolo

To: Thursday, September 19, 2002 3:38 bottle identification Dear Sir, I found you name on the web site, Antique Bottles. I am having a difficult time identifying these bottles and am wondering if you could help. Both bottles appear to have had cork stoppers as there are no screw rings at the top. The larger bottle has the word "WHITEHURST" written vertically down the front. It is 31/2 " tall and about 1/2" wide at the widest part. The smaller bottle is 1 1/2" tall and 3/4"wide at widest. It has four distinct sides and it does say "Nail Polish". Thank you for any help you can give me in this search. Linda Wetzel

Thursday, September 19, 2002 11 JEYPE REFERENCE:The second bottle is some type of cognac bottle from Spain. It is 14 1/2" high including the cap and is covered with leather. It is very intricately carved with very nice designs including a man on a horse waving his arm and carrying a l ong pole in his other hand. There is a metal chain around the base of the neck with a leather tag which says CONAC one one side and ESPANA on the other. The chain is attached to the cap which bears more elaborate carvings. Its a striking bottle and in excellent condition. The bottom of the bottle has "Genuine Leather 'JEYPE' Made in Spain" stamped into the leather. Any ideas on this one? I have not seen anything like this before. Maybe a reader can help. For starters, I couldn't believe t hat I stumbled onto your website. I have been trying for several years to track down the information of a Spanish made leather whiskey decanter and another item I received from my step-father. Back in the mid-70's my step-father was a pilot in the Air Force and we were stationed in England. I was taking Spanish in junior high and when he had a flight to Spain one year he picked up two items for me. The decoration on the leather has to do with Don Quixote. The bottom of the decanter has the JEYPE name. The other item I have is, I think, some type of desk organizer. It is covered in leather and has a pretty intricate design on the top of a man and dog at a desk in some type of library. Don Quijote is shown at the bottom of the illustration. The inside of this box is wooden and has some slots. At first I thought it might be some type of cigarette/cigar box, but probably not. Who knows! If you have found out any information from other readers, I would appreciate any feedback. I'm just thrilled that I actually saw a picture of an item that looks so much like mine. Thanks! Karen

Thursday, September 19, 2002 11 AM Subject: BottleQuestion Hi, I'm researching this for a friend who doesn't have access to the web. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Bottle details follow: Found in Alberene, Virginia (about 18 miles south of Charlottesville, VA). There is an old soapstone quarry nearby so over the years there have been people from elsewhere, therefore this is not necessarily a "Virginia bottle". I've searched the net thoroughly, searched the Kovel site and searched the ebay past sales site. . . absolutely no reference to this company at all. . . Here are the bottle details: 1. "Necto" 2. "Yeast You'll Like" Note: the two above phrases meet in the middle of the bottle with the "t" in Necto the same as the "t" in yeast. It's repeated on the opposite side of the bottle. 3. Bottle is 7 3/4" tall and favors older Dr. Pepper bottles 4. Bottle is colorless 5. The section of the bottle where the writing is, is clear glass in a "cross" design 6. All other areas are "textured" raised bumps (sorry, don't know the technical name for this) 7. Around the outside rim of t he bottom of the bottle are the words: "Trademark Registered" 8. In the center of the bottom of the bottle is a small symbol. . . appears to be a circle w/in a diamond shape 9. There could be a "Y" in that symbol but not sure 10. Beneath the symbol are the words "Min. Contents 6 OZS" That's it, the bottle has us baffled. Though it appears to be soda bottle, the word "Yeast" throws us. thanks for any help you can provide, chuck taylor

Thursday, September 19, 2002 11:28 AM I'm new to the 'White Pine Valley' in Nevada and have found a few neat bottles/jars in some old dumping sites. I have a brown glass Vicks 'Va Tro Nol' jar that still has the glass dropper inside, wlthought the rubber squeeze apparatus at the top is missing. The bottle is 3 inches tall to the top of the metal twisty cap and the words are on the base of the bottle with a triangle in the center. Any idea of age?? I also have Bayer bottle, clear glass, 3 3/4 inches tall. Bayer Co Inc etched on either side. Lastly is a tall, cylindrical shaped clear glass bottle that looks to hold a very old garlic clove. It's stands 6 inches tall and is a 50 cent piece diameter. The bot tom reads A-S on the top 12 on the left a circle with a diamond going thru it and 7 on the right. The bottom hasthe # 32. Age agin on that one as well? Thank you if you can help!!!

Thursday, September 1 9, 2002 7 AM Subject: liquor bottle Hi, I have a bottle which I obtained over 20 years ago, and not sure how old it was before I received it. It is a clear glass, bulb shaped bottle, which is divided into four seperate sections. Each containing a different liquor as stated below: Cherry Brandy - 40% proof Creme De Menthe - 47% proof Apricot Brandy - 56% proof Fraise Des Bois - 35% proof. The bottle itself was made in France. The contents were distilled in Strasbourg, France. The label on the neck of the Bottle says," DOLFIGRANDE DISTILLERIE STRASBOURGEOISE - SOCIETE ANONYME -PRODUCE OF FRANCE. The bottle is sealed with red wax, and has never been opened. I have the four original corks which go into the bottle when any section has been opened, and the original cork screw for it. It is in original condition, with no chips on the glass. I would appreciate any information on this bottle. Thanking you. Lynne Bagnall.

Thursday, September 19, 2002 6:12 AM Subject: Ice cream maker Digger, I recently found a jar exactly as the one an other person has described to you (see below). Am wondering if you have found out what the jar is yet. The only difference between my jar and the one this person described is that mine has a wooden stick in the jar that is the length of the jars height. I will paste the previous message so you know what I am referring to. Thank you, Cathy Benedict Hi! Hope you can help us. We found a old bottle of some kind and don't even know what is would be used for. This is on the top lid "THE "SANITARY" FR EEZER". On the side of the bottle is in raised letters is "MFG RD BY CONSOLIDATED MFG CO. HARTFORD. CONN. " On the bottom of the jar is in slightly raised letters the following: "PATENTED FEB 14 1899 JULY 15 1302 CHFOX" The jar is round with 8 raised rings around it and looks to have a line that goes up on 2 sides, which do not go all the way to the top of jar. The top is domed a little bit and the bottom has 4 glass legs. The bottom above the legs slopes inward a little bit also. It has a hole in the bottom with a white ceramic stopper. There is a hole thru the stopper that has a wire (about old coat hanger size and weight) that goes thru it and up around the top of the jar. about and inch from the top the wire goes out a small amount and straight up to allow for the lid, across the top of the lid and is twisted a couple of times and makes a loop, and down other side of bottle. The bottle or jar is about 9" tall and 4 1/2" wide. There is also a very thin piece of shiny silver colored round metal that fits in t he bottom of the jar. It does have a few bubbles in the glass they are very small except for 1 bubble a little bigger on a leg. It is clear in color. Any info on this or what is was used for would be great. Thanks for your help. Verla Verla,I could find no listing in any jar resources. I am going to guess your item was an ice cream maker. I would love to see a picture of it. Digger

Thursday, September 19, 2002 12:37 AM Subject: Wheaton Salt Shakers I have begun collecting all things Wheaton, including flasks, minis, and plates. I am fairly knowledgeable on most Whaeton Glass but have lately seen several salt shakers of various types marked Wheaton. I can find no reference material regarding these. Are they truly Wheaton, when were they produced, etc? Any info would be appreciated.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002 9 (no subject) I have an old advertising thermometer that I do not know anything about and am trying to find some information. I can't find any information about the medicines that are on it. Do you have any information on Hunt's Lightening Oil or Millans Sarsaparilla? Any information you have would be appreciated. . . . Thanks, Christy

Wednesday, September 18, 2002 8:16 AM Subject: Wilken Whiskey Dear Digger, I have a pictureof two older gentlemen drinking Wilkens whiskey. One of the men is playing a violin, They are in an old office. The picture has the title "Presented to THE WILKENS FAMILY" at the top. At the bottom it reads "SWEET MUSIC " by Harold Anderson, and its sign by Harold Anderson, 1938. In the left bottom corner is"blender whiskey 86. 8 proof,75% grain neutral spirits. THE WILKENS FAMILY INC. ALADDIN, PA. If you could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it very much.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:03 Need bottle info. . . Jack,I am interested in finding out the value of a certain bottle I own. It's a 9" Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil With Lime And Soda bottle. Aqua in color, with bottle cap attached. Some leftover contents still in bottle. Pictures man with large fish thrown over his back. Bottom has a circle within a square within another circle. Seam appears to go to the b ottom of the cap. Have noticed a 7" similiar bottle with lid values at approximately $225. Is that value too high? What is my bottle worth?

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 10:28 What can you tell me about this bottle? Hi Digger, I have a pretty 8" brown bottle with "Webb's English Stone Ginger Beer"on it. The bottle is covered in bricks and spider webs (including one on the bottom). The base of the bottle has "design registered 1931" and min. con. 6 oz". I'd appreciate any information aboutyou could pass on to me. Thanks Cheers, Carole REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE but RESPOND Amy, Carole, Dwayne, Gracie Myers 642 Ski Club Road North Bay, OntarioCANADAP1B 7R4

Digger,   Could you give me any info on this bottle. I believe it is an Olive Oil bottle. It is blown glass, no seams and has a glass pressed label that reads HUILE D'OLIVE  S C DORTIC BORDEAUX.  The lip is has a ring around it but it is very crude, the neck almost looks twisted and the ring is very uneven and has a string of excess glass trailing from it. The bottom is deeply indented and has a pontil mark where the it looks like it was broken off from the punty rod. There is even a swirl pattern in the pontil mark that looks like it came from spinning the bottle when it was made. It doesn't have any chips or cracks and is pale green in color. I saw one that looks just  like it in the Bottle Haven Site that says it was from the 1830's but it was sold and a value not given. Thanks!   Susan

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 10:25 BottleQuestion have 3 canada dry clear pint, 12 ounce glasses and want to know how old they might be, uhm no label, just clear with wording encased in the crown symbol of 1 bottle, and the other two do not have anything but canada dry half way on the neck of those, these were all dug glasses, look like wine bottles, are they older when they are not labeled? 2 seem to be re al old, uhm have squigly design all over the clear glass and that is it nothing else? hope it was okay to ask about these

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 10:21 BottleQuestion have 1 windsor canadian whiskey bottle supreme brown bottle, with numbe rs d-1 55 69 l 104 3 on the bottom? just want to know about it the age of it and all

To: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 4:00 PM Subj ect: BottleQuestion I have a small bottle, square amber colored with a hand applied top. It looks like a medicine bottle of some kind. it is about 2" or so tall and about 1" square. The odd thing about this bottle is on one panel there appears to be braille writing, just on one panel. Have you ever encountered a bottle like this? I can't find any info on this bottle and I have seen alot of bottles over the years. Thank you for any info on this. Steve Godfrey

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:37 AM Subject: Pepsi Bottles I have recently purchased an 8 pack of full pepsi bottles, that were bottled in 1976 by a Tuscon Arizona bo ttler. I have had no luck in locating any kind of value for these bottles, they came with the cardboard carrying case.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 10:14 AM Subject: Ed Pinaud Bottle Hello, I have an old bottle of Ed Pinaud from Paris. It stands about 7 inches tall and is round based. There is not cap, however, it is in excellent condition. There is a raised flower basket on the top face of the bottle then the name Ed Pinaud with an empty circle raised following the name Paris with a small capital T centered below. My husband found this while doing a plumbing site. Please advise the nature of this bottle and possibly the value. Also if these are collector items and if so, how I can go about selling it and for what price it should be sold. I nearly placed a $. 25 sticker on it for the yardsale until I decided to visit altavista with it and foundyour site. Thank You, Lynne Hazzard[

Monday, September 16, 2002 8 PM Hi John, Hope this finds you well. I have a question but will get to that in a minute. I was trying to find out some info on a small bottle I found today in an old 1880s "ghost" mining camp in Colorado (Manhattan). Yes, I've moved to Colorado , moved from Columbus in June. I'd been considering it for several years and finally decided it was time to make the move. Sure wasn't the wisest decision I've made, but I am enjoying it. Bottles out here are as scares as virgins in a women's penitentiary. Nothing old but then that stands to reason since Colorado isn't that old. Anyway, the bottle in question is a small oval aqua bottle, tooled lip, about 3 inches tall. It has "WHITEHURST" embossed on it vertically on one side of the bottle and not hing else. I haven't been able to find any information on it. I thought at first it might be a "bluing" bottle, but then after thinking about it for a while, I don't think so. What would a bluing bottle be doing in a small dump beside an old mine?There is no value to the bottle except to me (first dug bottle in Colorado) but I would like to know what it was. If you can help, I'd sure appreciate it. Going to take it to the "prospector's" club meeting the first Wednesday in October. They have a catego ry for "bottles found. " Take care "Digger" and tell any of those Columbus people I said hello if you see any of them. Also, do you happen to have a current address for Bill Dudley?One of the guys out here would like to contact him about a fruit jar lid they need. John M. Robb 621 Chestnut [Image] #33 Windsor,

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:16 AM Subject: SUFFOLK BITTERS PIG BOTTLE BLUE-OLD EX. Hi Jack, I found this interesting auction on Ebay and would like to hear your comments. I am aware of a blue repro of this bottle but was unaware that it was originally manufactured in blue. When was the repro made and by who m. Is it collectable and what might it's value be. Do you think this is an original?I don't collect bitters but I love all bottles and enjoy keeping up with them. Thanks for your input. I will be away form my computer till next week. [ http://cgi. ebay

/ws/eBayISAPI. dll?ViewItem&amp;item=2052724865 ]http://cgi. ebay

/ws/eBayISAPI. dll?ViewItem &item=2052724865 I asked the seller about this auction and this is the reply: Sorry for the delay. Let me explain our position. While I am not an expert on bottles, I can tell you this came from an estate where the house was boarded up for the last thirty years. The person who lived there was 90 years old when he died. It was represent to everyone as a bottle from the late 1800's or very early 1900's. When looking at the bottle with a black light, you can see air bubbles in the glass. It was definitely made in a mold. While we have no written proof, we believe it is a very old bottle. I will also state that if you are the high bidd er and you are not satisfied with the purchase, we will allow you to return it for full refund. Thanks for your inquiry. Pete Godfredson Don Sutherland

Monday, September 16, 2002 10:26 bottle i found a bottle at the san Joaquin river in California. It's a nine and a half inch blob top amber bottle. It has two seams down the sides of the bottle and one around the middle. The base has H H 223 embossed. It is round. The raised embossing on the front says MIRRASOUL BROS S. F. In an embossed circle. The condition is good. what is the history and value of this bottle.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 1 AM Subject: blue apothecary jar I have a blue apothecary jar #8634 Grecian collection made by the Indiana glass company. It is in its original box. The jar is five and one half inches tall . I have looked every place I know to look about the Indiana glass companies products and cannot find anything about this product. Can you help me? Thanks very much.

Monday, September 16, 2002 9:20 how do I clean old bottles Can you tell me how to clean river silt off a cobalt blue bottle? I have tried soaking it in soapy water, but don't want to get too rough on it, until I know what I am doing won't harm it.


Monday, September 02, 2002 7:Subject: Re: bottle identification thank you for your reply on my bottle question. we appreciate sites like yours where we can go for educated answers and receive personal replies. again thank you Jim Hofffman Monday, September 16, 2002 7:10 coca wine bottle the bottle is about 10 in tall brown paper label  it said Theodore Metcalf & co. ,s coca wine39 tremont st boston massi have haft the date 18? it is a sqaure bottle i would like to know date and $ thank you t. m. l

Monday, September 16, 2002 5:58 Re: Dicket Half Gallon Powder Horn Whiskey Bottle Jeff, I received an email with an attachment without an explanation of what was in it. I did not open it and I do want to get offers on these bottles as an auctioneer has given me a bid on them. The entire contents of one of my storage buildings is to go to auction and these bottles are included. I was my understanding that only five of the gallon size were ever made. If you would like to call to ask about the bottles I will send my phone number. Thank you. Pat Berel

Monday, September 16, 2002 5:08 Dicket Half Gallon Powder Horn Whiskey Bottle I worked for and retired from Dickel Brewery. While employed there I purchased several whiskey powder horn bottles in different sizes. I have two of the powder horn's in the half gallon size and would like to know their value as I am about to sell all of my bottles. I have two in the fifth size and also two in the quart size that I want to sell. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You. Paul Baker

Sunday, September 15, 2002 8:08 Sprite Bottle Hello Digger, I have been holding on to a sprite bottle for a long time now, as a few people have told me that it is worth about 250. 00. I would like your opinion!! The pics can better describe it than what I can. I have sent a view of the front & of the back. The bottom of the bottle is embossed with Acadia National Park,. Any clues?? Thank you for your time!! Christine Heckman  [

Monday, September 16, 2002 1:21 Wyckoff & Cos Union Bluing Digger - I just wondered whether you knew anything about this company, since Wyckoff is my maiden name. I was curious as to where it was located, when, is this laundry bluing rather than gun bluing?Why is it called to "Union" bluing? Thanks Joanne[

I'm also wondering if you can help us locate a bottle?It comes from Howard, S Dakota. A co-worker's grandfather owned a pharmacy there and we think this is his bottle. We'd like to surprise him wit it. Rafferty & Arneson Drugs and Jewelry bottle. May 1, 1899; 5. 5"T; clear glass. His grandfather's name was Rafferty Robins. The only place it was listed tom harris auctions on May 24th. I've e-mailed him, with no results. Thanks, Kathy Morgan

Monday, September 16, 2002 12:55 Bols Ball erina I have this Lucas Bols bottle . It has several labels on it. From the top down they read The lip label reads:Brown-Forman Import Company Louisville, KY. #134167747, Contents 17 Fl. Ozs. It has a round labelaround the neck attached to a string that reads:ERVEN LUCAS BOLS ANNO 1575. Another reads: Sole Distributors for the U. S. A BROWN-FORMAN IMPORT COMPANY New York 16, New York. The label on the bottom reads: Lucas Bols Ao1575; BOLS BALLERINA; Apricot Liqueur;;17/32 Quart 62 Proof, Produce of Ho lland there some other writting in some other language but it has the date of AMSTERDAM den 1 Januarij 1868. That's all for the label s. Now the intresting thing about this bottle is the Ballerina in the bottle. It has a mechanism that winds, then she will dance and plays music. There is a sticker on the bottom of the mechanism that reads: Le blue Danube, I'm guessing that would be the name of the tune it plays. The bottle is clear, the liqueur inside is an amber color. The seal has notbeen broken, everyt hing is intact. I can't tell if it's a cork top or a screw top. The bottle's shaped is thin on top flared out neck, then thin again, then it flares out to a rather large bottom. ( kind of like the shape of an Aunt Jemima bottle but wider on the bottom)The main label has a picture of a man with red hair, white beard and a frilly collar. Please respond, I would love to know any othe info. on this bottle. Thank You Maggie

Monday, September 16, 2002 3:21 hhhmmmm? hi there digger. . :) i have two bottles that i can not find info on,price age etc. . . . one is tealblue 10 in embossed on the bottom is coldens liquid beef tonic cn crittenton ny and the other is I am guessing a th ree part molddark olive glass 9 1/2 in embossed on the bottom is hulstkamp&zoon&molijn rotterdam,oops one more. . this one is 2 3/4 in amber two sided bottle with a crisscross pattern on one side,and sharp & dohme baltimore on the bottom, do these hold any value? thank you roby

Monday, September 16, 2002 9:07 AM Subject: Question I have 2 Bicentennial Hunt's ketchup bottles. Do you think hey are worth keeping? Thanks! Mara Cain

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Thursday, September 12, 2002 7:08 PM

With the pictures provided, can you give me an approximate value, or history of these bottles ? Thank you. Tom

Sunday, September 15, 2002 1:51 Pocket Flasks Have2 bottles Barney SchowWhole sale& retail wines & liquorsWillits. cal embossed in circle underneathp. c. g. w. flared neck and applied screw threads above. 61\4 tall Also A carol Rye a very light yellow amber. . Please help if you can. . Thanking you for your knowledge and willingness to help others. . . . .

Sunday, September 15, 2002 1 what a score ! hello digger my name is Kurt buckler and i am a digger who lives in central ca, which is in my opinion one of the best places in the world for scoring high dollar bottles on a consistent basis, but even a hand full of bromo's make's the back pain worth it,(42 and getting older) ok first i apologize for the lack of a photo i have them on disk but cant up load them using web tv. ok the bottle in question :Daniel Schaffer's Log Cabin Whiskey ,i believe there was only one type of bottle made but with the little bit of info i have located its hard to be certain, it a 11 1\2 inch cylinder ,med amber, tooled top, internal screw threads, embossed with the name above, good bubbles and seeds that don't break the surface, great condition except for a two inch square blemish below the embossing that is hardly noticeable but looks like a piece of scotch tape stuck on it, it could possibly even be a typical characteristic for this bottle and a hint of the skill level of the glassmaker working on a low budget, no? well it sounds better then a 2" blemish and if the glass maker made it that way then he should take the hit not the bottle ,thats how it was made and is but another clue of a time sadly long gone, hey im getting good at this , please digger any info at all would be appreciated, an appraisal a god send, and your opinion should i put a price tag on it or auction it, is it western ?,and finally how rare is the bottle? from what i have found i think extremely rare, and it was nice to finally get the chance to introduce myself and to thank you for your hard workand great web site ,your the king of commode,s kurt

Sunday, September 15, 2002 10 AM Subject: i found this bottle. . . . . I found this bottle in the harbor of St. Thomas U. S Virgin islands, it was dug up by a crane bucket, could you please give me more information of this bottle, all we know is it is a seltzer water bottle, and underneath the bottle says W Num 93, an di also would like t o know what village in germany it was made in, and the age of the bottle. [Image]

Sunday, September 15, 2002 11:37 AM Subject: 1945 wiser's deluxe canadian whiskey I have a b ottle still corked and stored on its side all seals intact. Is it still drinkable? Do you have any idea what it is worth? Thank you for your help. .

Sunday, September 15, 2002 10 AM Subject: Coca-Cola bottle I found a Coca-Cola bottle that is a 10 oz. , I believe it is a ABM. It reads No Refill, No Deposit, it is clear. The Coca-Cola fancy writing has under it trademark 10 fl. oz. the Coke print has under it she same thing written. The bottom reads 7 then 30 (underlined) then 77 then a anchor. Any idea how old it is? Thanks-Karen

Saturday, September 14, 2002 10 PM When i bought a royal crown (copyright 1936 nehi corporation 12oz. on the painted label) at a store,the cashier looked at the bottom and commented that he never saw a soda bottle with the trademark name BALL embossed on the bottom. Other numbers 33-12 top/8 bottom/and 46 on the side of the heel. On the back it states it was bottled in Jackson,Michigan. I can't find any info on the computer aboutBall(signature underlined) even making soda bottles back then. What's up?ZZ

Saturday, September 14, 2002 6:14 PM Sub ject: Bottles Hello there. We have a few Taka-Kola bottles. One good condition and one with the name ground down. Newport News, VAbottling company. We have heard a few stories about them being sued by Coke Cola. It is aqua green in color 6 1/2 ozs. Can't find it anywhere in any books or on line. Any infowould be great. Thanks Brendain Williamsburg, VA

Saturday, September 14, 2002 4:11 Question Hello, I would like to know the history and anything else you could tell me about the, I'm assuming, "whiskey" bottle that I have. I have attached a picture of that I borrowed from ebay (hope they don't mind). Mine is the same bottle just without the stopper. I'm sure it really isn't wort h much, however, I would love to know its age and history. Tree pattern on both sides with the words "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle" printed on one side. On the other side is an oval area possibly for a label. Printed on the bottom is D-9 13 (shape) 51 4. Shape looks similar to an anchor or possibly a crest of some sort. Thank you, Char

Saturday, September 14, 2002 4:50 BOTTLE APPRAISEL metaxa figurine Dear sir. I have anever been opened Metaxa Figurine alcohol container. It is the Greek soldier. Approx. 15" high and containing 1 pint 7 oz. ofmetaxa. All stamps and seals attached. How much is it worth?Is it worth more or less if I open the bottle? Thank You. Paul

Saturday, September 14, 2002 4:50 metaxa figurine Dear sir. I have anever been opene d Metaxa Figurine alcohol container. It is the Greek soldier. Approx. 15" high and containing 1 pint 7 oz. ofmetaxa. All stamps and seals attached. How much is it worth?Is it worth more or less if I open the bottle? Thank You. Paul

Saturday, September 14, 2002 3:31 Jumbo Peanut Butter Jars We recently purchased a colbalt blue Jumbo Peanut Butter Jar at a local flea market. The price was low so we took a chance. Do they reproduce Jumbo Jars? And if so, do you have any pictures availabel  for viewing? Thanks for you help. Barb

Saturday, September 14, 2002 3:10 BottleQuestion Hello, I'm looking for a little help! I found a 7. 0z Rolling Rock beer bottle. On one side of the bottle ( in glass) it says: ROLLING ROCK PREMIUM BEER 7 FL . OZ . LATROBE,PA. NO DEPOSIT * NO RETURN O n the other side of the bottle it says: ROLLING ROCK PREMIUM BEER 7FL . OZ. LATROBE BREWING CO. NOT TO BE REFILLED - I was wondering how to get more info onthis bottle. It is in excellent condition. Thank you for your time. Janene Caldwell

To: Saturday, September 14, 2002 11 AM Subject: The right name for it. This is in reference to the article that you commented on given herin: This is probably going to be an easy one for you. My wife and I frequent estate sales here in our locale, and we recently found this piece (photo included. )We actually only bought it because it was an attractive piece, but I would like to know what, if any, Hist ory or value it might possess. Your milkglass jug is clearly an alcohol container since the picture of the base you sent clearly shows the "Federal Law Prohibits the Reuse or Resale of this Item. "As stated numerous time before in Ask Digger months, this means the item was made between 1932 and 1964. The picture of the base also suggests you bottle might have been made in 1957. The glass is beautiful in the opalescent coloration. Maybe a reader can help. I'd suggest it wo uld have a value of $40-50. Digger. This Bottle is a Jim Beam Bottle and can be found in the Evergreen JIm Bem club site. Here's the addy: http://www. jimbeamclub/pictorials/jimbeam/glass/glass. html This bottle is called the 1957 Royal Opal. Thanks, Al Kuehne =====

Saturday, September 14, 2002 2:59 AM Subject: 4-gallon Mason Hi Jack, Thank you for your website and your answers to our many questions. We couldn’t find a reference on your website (or any other) for the “jar” described below. We would be grateful if you could tell us something about it. . I’m sorry I don’t have a picture, but will figure out how to provide one if you need it. Description:Four-gallon (plus a quart?) jar. Embossing: Front:“Mason’s (star) Patent Nov 30th 1858” Back:Army eagle Size: 18 inches high 10” diameter 4+ gallon capacity Mouth:Metal screw lid diameter is 4-1/2 inches:mold seam goes to top of jar opening Base of bottle (jar):There is cracked glass design on bottom (base) of jar Shape of bottle:same overall shape as a regular canning jar with small lid Label: No. Color:Clear Condition:Perfect Could you tell us how old this bottle is, and if it has any value other than a holder of pennies or match books?If it has any history, we’d love to hear about it. This jar was in the estate of my stepfather who passed away last year. I’ve kept it because it has sent imental value to me. I’ll keep a watch on your website for any information you might have. Again, thank you. Judy Thomson PO Box 1113 Goldendale WA 98620 509/773-6783

Saturday, September 14, 2002 12:11 AM Subject: : Beer/Soda Bottle?

Saturday, September 14, 2002 9:58 AM Subject: Question about Ballantines bottle I have a Ballantines Scotch bottle with the following markings - Federal Law prohibits sale or resale of this bottle over top of the word Ballantine. The bottom of the bottle has geo Ballantine & son unlimited, s688 a 6 ug8, Glasgow, Scotland The bottle brown, square, and has a sort neck. It was made around prohibition. The Limited Walkerville Canada Bottle The second bottle looks like a small wine bottle that says 4/5 quart at the bottom edge,bottled by Hircm Walker, numbered 7 with a picture of a stamp, and a diamond symbol. _ Are the bottles worth anything? Greg Gordon [

Friday, September 13, 2002 8:52 antique bottle My name is Seegers. I found a bottle and this is what the label says: "The Genuine Label Bears This Signature" The Whiskey Without Regrets Green River Oldetyme Distillers Inc. Can you tell me anything about this bottle? Thanks for your help. Seegers

Friday, September 13, 2002 5:56 PM Dear digger, I have a lot of coca-cola bottles and i would like to know what the going price is for collectable coke bottles. Please get back to me A. S. A. P. Thank you Cindy


To: Friday, September 13, 2002 5 Schweppes bottle I have a question on a Schweppes bottle I found at the site of a fire at least 30 years ago. I don't know approximately what year this bottle was from, That is what I want to know. This is a clear white bottle, with Schweppes painted not embossed, there is no slogan or anything, just Schweppes. It holds 6 oz and the glass is very thick compared to the bottles now. Also this was found in Quebec Canada. I hope you can help Thanks

Friday, September 13, 2002 5:16 bottle dear sir, I found a bottle across the street to my friend's house. It says "Dr. S. B. H & Co. PR on the base. It is pretty tall and is cylinder- shaped. It is green. I have not cleaned it yet. Also, it has a cork top. I would like to know the age, value, and history. thanks, Steve.

Thursday, September 12, 2002 10:29 Bottles I have??? Hi- I have some bottles and know nothing about them and was wondering if you could help? 1) Clear bottle- 10-1/2" tall, and 9-1/2" around. It's triangular shaped for 6-1/2" then up the neck it's rounded. The triangles are not pointed, but ar e 1/2" flat. On one of them, the glass is embossed and says "Frederick Stearns & CO Detroit , Mich. " There's nothing on the bottom or anywhere else on the bottle. It is a cork-type top bottle. Good Cond. 2) Lydia E Pinkhams Medicine- 14-1/2 oz I have one clear, cork top bottle. And one green (pale) bottle screw cap top. Both good cond. 3) Dark Amber bottle- Rectangular shaped. Still has cap on it, with appx 3" of oil inside bottle. On the front of a bottle, inset i n a vertical rectangle, is a fish, which is pointed up vertical. Covering most of the bottle are embossed fish scales, except for around the neck at the top. The bottle is out in a storage shed, but is appx 10 or 11" tall. Appx 4" wide and appx 3" in depth. Anything you can tell me about these would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Terrie Fisher Arizona

Thursday, September 12, 2002 7 Bottle found in a barn I have found a bottle in an old barn with "P. Moller" and on the next line "Ol Jecor" and a third line "Gador Ver Christiania"Can you tell me if this is valuable?Our bottle is clear, not colored and it is clearly a medici ne bottle. Upon research, we see that this is pre Civil War. Is this a valuable find?  Thanks Marci

To: Thursday, September 12, 2002 2:36 Nehi bottle Hi Digger: I have a Clear NEHI bottle dated Mar. 3 , 1924. Through some researching I have found this to be the company's first year, but I cannot find our how much my bottle might even be worth. I have seen a few bottles for sale, but they are all dated 1925. Monday, September 30, 2002 10 AM Dear Digger, we found a bottle of old MR. BOSTON orange flavored gin. . dated 1936 and it is still sealed. We are trying to find any info on it. . Is it worth anything or not???. . . . . It has a few design's on the bottle in the front it looks like a capital building and in the back it has a guy's head with a top hat on. Also on the cap it ha s a building on it. . . . so any help would be appreciated. . We thank you for your help in this. . here are a few pics we have taken of it.

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