August 2002 Questions

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Hi digger thank you so much for your help I hope, I found this bottle in a dump, i know its 1933 -1979, I think its a whiskey bottle, federal law Forbids  sale or re-use of this bottle, then has a beautiful sailing ship on the ocean embossed raised on the front and a label opening on the back, on the bottom it says d 9 56 (o inside a diamond, with an I inside the diamond) 40 m-32 b-41 I know its not that old and worth nothing, but if you could send me in the right direction or i.d. This thing id really appreciate you trying, , thanks so much, don sutton, las vegas nn,

Don, that is one of the nicest looking modern whiskey bottles I have seen.   Judging from the base, I'd guess a date of 1940. I found no record the bottle design in the patent office records. That makes me think it might not be American.  I check the Candian Patent Office and found two candidates, Navy Rum and Cutty Sark Scots Whisky.  I lean towards the Cutty Sark idea.  The word mark CUTTY SARK Goods and Services registered in the U.S. Patent Office for [ SPIRITS-NAMELY, ] WHISKY [ AND OTHER POTABLE DISTILLED LIQUORS ]. FIRST USE: 1923. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1923.  BERRY BROS. & RUDD LIMITED COMPANY ASSIGNEE OF UNITED KINGDOM 3 ST.JAMES'S STREET LONDON, S.W. ENGLAND.  The ship in question on the bottle...In November, 1869, clipper ship was launched at Dumbarton her name, the Cutty Sark.

Dear sir: I don't have a picture, at this time, but, I was just wondering if you have any idea about this jar. It is a 4/5 quart liquor bottle. It looks a great deal like a canning jar. It is clear. Here is what is on the bottom of the bottle. 1099 at the top. The number 8 on the left hand side. "liquor bottle", underneath that. Then, at the bottom, underneath "liquor bottle", it has 123 * (a star), 74. Not on the bottom, but, the base of the jar says, "4/5 quart". I hope you can help in some way. Thank you for your time,

I am afraid I can't tell you much without a look.  Digger.

revonda cook
you have been clear that wheaton village made > > reproductions of a bottle commonly seen called > "chief wahoo electric tonic." if this bottle was a > > "reproduction, " was there in fact an original > chief wahoo electric tonic made in dunsmuir, calif. > which wheaton copied, or was this wheaton "reproduction" a fanciful creation of a bottle that never existed?

Never existed.  Digger.

Hi! I have just began bottle collecting and have been lucky enough to score some nice finds. I would like to know the best way to clean them. I would appreciate any time you could lend in answering.

Soap and water and a good brush will remove much of the dirt.  The stain must be professional removed by tumbling.  The problem is it is not worth the effort on inexpensive bottles.  Digger.  Check out my plans for building your own bottle cleaning machine to do your own tumbling.


Dear digger,
I am hoping you can shed some light on the bottles that was turned up under the covering of an old well when it was opened for repairs. It is made of very the very dark amber has several small air bubbles throughout the glass with a very large embossed area of what looks like semi nude angel holding up a cocktail glass...(pic attached) the letters say Indianapolis brewing co. above her and Indianapolis , ind below with u.s.a. Straight across the bottom small numbers on the left bottom is 111 and on the right bottom 14 could this possibly be mold numbers and dates the bottle stands 9 and ¼ inches tall the mold seams stop 1 ½ inches below the top of the bottle and the inside of the lip is not quite smooth....base of the bottle is round with a mold mark and a double stamp (mis-stamp ??) Root - possibly root glass company Terre haute Indiana ????I have done several searches for Indianapolis brewing company( which is how I found you) but haven't turned up anything on and have asked everyone I could think of to ask and no one has heard of it or ever seen a bottle like the 7 that was found....anything you could tell me, age, rarity, value, or anymore of the history, would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely Aleska

Your bottle is well known but I am not clear on which of the three companies doing business in Indianapolis and calling themselves the Indianapolis Brewing Co. produced the bottle.  It was made between about 1900-1918.

We have a 2 quart mason's jar. It is green in color. The markings on the jar read "the Marion jar" next line reads mason's, third line reads patent, fourth line reads nov. 30th. Fifth line reads 1858. I didn't see one of these jars on your pictures. The jar is round with a seam running up both sides. It has a screw on lid that is intact. The jar tapers just a little at the top. On the base it has the symbol 3* could you please tell me what the jar is worth. Thank you, d. Conaway

$12-15 for the quart and up to $20 if it is a pint.  Digger

I am attaching a jpg of a lovely bluish teal colored bottle with jps or spj on it. I dug it up in Springfield, ma. Looks bim with an attached top. Thanks for any info.

These are very pretty bottles.  For many years, I wondered myself what they contained.  Here is an 1890 ad which gives the details.  According to the ad, the product was first put on the market in this country in 1866 and sold as Hoff's Malt Extract by one Leopold Hoff.  In 1868 the business was "transferred" to Joseph S. Pedersen, hence the JSP monogram.  Apparently the next year the product became property of Tarrant & Company.  Digger

Dear digger, I have a ginger colored bottle dated 1850 from Rogers bros Salem N.J. The bottom of the bottle reads: Nuline N.J. The word "Wheaton" is not on the bottle at all. Is this a reproduction or the real thing? Thanks for any help that you can offer!

It is new.  Digger

I have a bottle that is 8 ¼".it is also clear with a seam that goes all the way to the top of the lip. there are numbers on the bottom. one number is 43916, the other is between the 2 numbers is the letter m in a hexagon. there are no designs except on the sides there are straight lines that stick out and the straight lines are surrounded by ovals. the sides are also curved and the base is a square. the lip looks like it had a lid that you could screw on. so could you try to find out what kind of bottle it is? thank you!
Hello, I found a bottle approx. 10 ½" high and 5 ½" at base. From all the info I've read it is probably a liquor bottle because it says "federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle" it has an embossed horses head and a des. Pat. On the bottom-d337 underneath that is 114368 55-9 and a symbol that appears to be a diamond with an oval entwined in it. I don't think it's valuable but curiosity is getting the better of me and I'd love to know what was sold in it and when it was made. Could you help me? Thanks a mill.... I never thought I could become so entranced by all this!!! K


Dear sir my husband found this bottle it is a John Wyeth and bro. It was patented in 1899 it has a letter d in the middle of the bottom it is a blue colored square bottle with a cap. The cap is also the same colored blue glass and has numbers around the lip and on the very top is writing it says this cup holds a heaping desert spoonful, the writing around the lower neck has an arrow and says take next dose as you can tell this bottle is in I think excellent condition I was wondering if you might know the value of this bottle. Thank you for your time dot in Ohio


Hi, when I replaced my front cement steps we found a small bottle approx. 4" high and it looks like what could have been some sort of a tonic bottle that had a cork in it? On the bottom it reads the number 5 and under that number is the word carbona.. Any clue what this is or it's value if any? Thank you!!

These bottles are very common.  Here's the Trademark information

Filing Date October 6, 1905
Registration Date November 6, 1906
Renewal 4TH RENEWAL 19861106
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

I found a milk looking jar with krank on the bottom. Any idea or info
Hi, you bring beck memories of my youth! I used to listen to the radio, you know tv without pictures, when a youngster. That wasn't too long ago. I'm only 66 years old. What fun it was to listen & use one's imagination! Especially when you heard the green hornet, superman, the shadow - "the shadow knows what lurks in the hearts of man", & others. Do you remember "digby o'dell the friendly undertaker"? Since I'm a rabbinical biblical scribe & calligrapher, owning & collecting inkwells is part of my life. A friend sent me your website. Therefore, when I saw digger Odell, I just had to email you. We'll definitely be in touch, as I'd like to determine what i've got & it's value. Thanx for arousing the memories! Yeah, I know, almost "thanx for the memories" from the broadway show. Sincerely, yosef lipson

Hello; my name is jan. my scanner is not hooked up yet , or I would have sent a pic. What I have is a , i believe pewter goblet, 3.5 in. High, 2.25 in. Mouth, 1.65 in base, and has a dragon embossed on it, that wraps all the way around. The embossment stands out .125in. Or a little more. I found it deep in an old city dump dating back at least 100 years. It is well detailed and, was wondering if you could tell me more about it. Thank you ; jan
Dear digger: I have an e. G. Booz's old cabin whiskey bottle and would like to know how I can find out how much it is worth. I have looked at your site about determining if it is the original or not. I believe it is a repro, but still may be worth something. Here are the stats:

Amber color No periods after "whiskey" "1840" on back Slanted corners on roof On bottom base is a sunken circle with the words "booze bottle" Thanks a bunch! Debra

There are thousands of these repros in dozens of colors.  Most sell in the $5-8 range these days.


I have a delft blue spirits bottle no. 1140 12 labeled blankenheym's disty rotterdam made in holland scr. Handpainted. Could you tell me if this is worth anything. Thanks, alan
Hi, I don't know if you can be of help to me, but I would like any info you can give me. While my son and his friends were digging in the woods, my son dug up a dairy bottle. It is clear glass. It has no cracks, or chips. The name on the front , dyer's dairy is embossed, and on the back of the bottle is an embossed cow's head. Around the bottom of the bottle it says one quart liquid, and right below that is 1 d 11 pa. On the other side around the bottom of the bottle it says registered in bristol pa, and below that is mtc. Every person that I have asked have never heard of this dairy or the name. Hope you can help. Thanks, sincerely cheryl

I am needing help with a brown fish shaped bottle - dark brown glass, that can be seen through. It is about 10 inches high, a number 3 on the bottle's bottom is the only engravement. It can sit on its fins-horizontal, or vertical, on its tail the bottle is shaped like a fish, has fish head, gills, tail.scales, its about 70 years old, maybe older could possibly be a liquor bottle. It's in perfect condition, although the cork top has been replaced. The new fish bottles that look like this are reproduction bottles, but this is an original. Thank you, diana

I have another bottle of interest, if you have some information on. A brown bottle 10 in. High, 3.5 by 3in. Rec. Base with 1in corners, making it 8 sided. On the face in script the name j. A.gilka is embossed, on one side, embossed is the name j.a.gilka berlin. The other side, embossed is. Schutzen str. No.9. On two of the corners embossed is, this bottle u , not to be sold. On the bottom is an embossment with two guards, one on ether side of a man size crowned and crested shield. This bottle I also dug up at an old city dump. If you have any infor, well , thank you; jan

These are commonly found in shades of amber and green often made quite crudely.  They are or were foreign made.  I have seen several with complete labels.  They are commonly priced around $20-30

See Trademark Information below

Wordmark GILKA
Filing Date April 10, 1975
Registration Date June 29, 1976
Renewal 2ND RENEWAL 20060313
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

I have a whiskey bottle with the pic of john wayne on it it says national cowboy hall of fame.
From Kentucky straight bourbon 23k 750 ml Could you give me a price on this? Dear digger, my father-in-law just received the above whiskey as a gift from his brother-in-law who states it is probably about 50 years old. It is a 18 year old whiskey. I have been searching the internet but not coming up with much information. Wondered if you might be able to direct to a site where I could possible find out more information. I do not have bottle in front of me, still was in cellophane and in velvet bag, so can not tell you what is on the bottle itself. Thank you for whatever information you might be able to pass on to me. Sincerely, jan naumes

Sorry I can't say much other than check on Ebay.

Digger odell Hello, I have what looks like one of the earliest refillable Windex bottles. It is about 6-7" tall including the metal spray nozzle. It is pressed (raised grid-like texture) clear glass in an inverted light bulb shape. The black cap appears to be bakelite and has the word Windex in raised letters. It is in excellent condition and I am curious to know it's value as a collectable.
thanks very much for your time. -frank snyder

There are more and more collectors of this type of collectible but prices are not strong.

Trademark indicates it cannot be earlier than 1932

Word Mark WINDEX
Filing Date August 1, 1932
Registration Date January 31, 1933
Renewal 4TH RENEWAL 20030315
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

I would like to know about a green flask with general Macarthur and keep them fighting on one side and the v, 1942, and god bless America on the other. It is 6 inches high and has the pontil on the bottom. I think it is Clevenger glass works. I would like to know the value and any other history you might have. Thank you, shelley axtell

These were part of a series of flasks produced in the 1970s.  values under $20.

I have a bottle that is from Nottingham England. It is blue glass and the printing on the front of the bottle reads, "Woodward chemist Nottingham." I don't know very much about bottle except that I brought it into an antique dealer and he said it was in perfect condition he couldn't find a chip on it, and was quite impressed. I would very much like your opinion as I am interested in selling it. Thank you. Cc cossarini

The Brits have been sending bottles to Antique sotres in this country since the 1970s.  With the advent of Ebay the British invasion is on wholesale.  The bottle is common and worth in the neighborhood of $10.  Oddly, English bottles are often much more highly colored than American bottles...greens and blue are very common in English bottles. 

From searching web-sites, I think that is the name of the bottle that I just recently purchased. It's round and has a blue tint with the coca-cola emblem below the neck and directly underneath that text is trade mark registered. On the bottom edge it has 'property of the coca cola company Canada'. On the very bottom is the coca cola logo. Any information you can provide about the bottle, its history and value would be appreciated. P.s: i've attached a picture that I took from another web-site of the bottle. Mine is dirty compared to this one. Dean
I have an old whiskey bottle. Here are the stats: Modern masters Collectors edition Volume iv Liquor bottle Can you tell me what it might be worth? Thanks, Debra

Hi I have a bottle that was found in a barn in Quebec. is thia a coke bottle in French? its green in color light green as is the same as all the green coke bottles ive seen. the only thing written on it is on the very bottom of the bottle cantrell cochrane?any thing you can tell me would be nice. we found 1 bottle dated 1928. Thank you rbeancan

They were a highly successful English (Irish actually) company making dozens of types of soda...Here is some of the trademark information:

- Alcohol bottle labels; Bottles, labels for alcohol bottles; Labels, alcohol bottles
26.11.12 - Rectangles with bars, bands and lines
Filing Date October 11, 1901
Registration Date November 26, 1901
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Renewal 3RD RENEWAL 19711126
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD

Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 032. US 045. G & S: SODA-WATER. FIRST USE: 18770900. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1877
 Alcohol bottle labels; Bottles, labels for alcohol bottles; Labels, alcohol bottles
Filing Date September 1, 1905
Registration Date June 5, 1906
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Renewal 3RD RENEWAL 19660605
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD

Goods and Services (CANCELLED) IC 032. US 045 046 048. G & S: carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks, fruit juices, mineral water; aerated water, seltzer water, club soda, tonic water, cocktail mixes (non-alcoholic), and concentrates, syrups or powders used for making same. FIRST USE: 1995. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1995
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Design Search Code
Serial Number 75082611
Filing Date April 2, 1996

As you can see they are still making soda.


Hi digger they where digging in my yard and found this bottle and I got coriuse and would like to know anything you can tell me if anything it is amber in color and 7 inches tall it has a press cap of about 5/8 inch 0pening on the front it has the word certo reg.u.s.a.pat. Off. on the back it is indented and on the inside it has arrows pointing in both directions the odd thing is the writing is up side down and says for half bottle pour to here and that's where an arrow points to half way up the bottle on the bottom it has a 5 made in the u.s.a. Under that an 8 and a 47 thank you for your time will wait for your reply dottie+++

Common common common in 1930-50 dumps.  I used to haul them home by the dozens.  No wonder the product was used to gel jelly and jams.  No real collector value.

Word Mark CERTO
G & S: Concentrated Fruit Pectin. FIRST USE: 19210325. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19210325
Filing Date June 18, 1921
Registration Date February 28, 1922
Renewal 3RD RENEWAL 20020916
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE



Hello digger, I have 2 small medicine bottles that I can't seem to find anything about. I know they are old, but have no idea what year or anything. They are both from the luyties pharmacal co., one contained cimicifuga, and the other contained conit. On the bottom of the conit bottle is the number 1 inside of a circle. On the bottom of the cimicifuga is the number 2 and the number 94 within a circle. Here is a picture of them: and here is a picture of the bottom of them: I would appreciate any info at all that you could give me on these. Thanks very much! Karen in west virginia

They are common, come in amber and clear and worth $3-5.  With labels probably $12-20.



Here's a list of the products they trademarked.


By far their Sanitol was the biggest seller.


Dear digger:
I was hoping to find out if Owens-Illinois ever produced any "hobble-skirt" coca-cola bottles bearing the"duraglas" logo? If so, where can I find one? Thanks!

I do not.

Dear digger, I have a beautiful amber bottle with etchings of a spider web with a spider and some wheat grass. The label on the back reads whiskey "antique" one pint 100 proof bottled at the Frankfort distillery - no 33 dist. Of ky. Permit ky. P-2 produced spring 1913 by john b. Thompson distillery no.63 dist.of Kentucky for medicinal purposes only sale or use for any other purposes will cause heavy penalties to be inflicted. There is another label on the back that states caution.. This bottle has been filled and stamped under the provisions of the act of congress approved march 3, 1897 entitled "an act to allow the bottling of distilled spirits in bond". Any person who shall reuse this bottle for the purpose of containing distilled spirits without removing and destroying the stamp affixed to this bottle, or who shall reuse the stamp affixed to this bottle, will be liable for each such offense to a fine of not less than 100.00 nor more than 1000.00 dollars, and to imprisonment for not more than two years. The label on the front reads "antique" spiritus frumenti 100 proof an alcoholic stimulant made from the fermented mash of grain. The label at the bottom of the front says aged in wood. Markings on the bottom.. Tm reg us.pat. Off pat. And a 3 the bottle also has remnants of the liquor stamp at the top. It comes with a partial box that is not in the best of conditions. My question is not to the age but to the value of this unusual bottle. Thank you melanie james melanie l. James

I have a bottle with a handle at the top spout the opening is ¾" (cork) it flares out into a bunch of grapes shape it is 81/2 tall it is marked on bottom with a ve (together as in one letter} a on the left, 3 on the right and 500cc under the ve, it also has a rope border circling the base of the bottle. It is tinted a light aqua. 2nd) I have a hand painted ceramic bottle with a boy leaning on a large wine bottle in a basket. The base is green and so is the wine bottle the boy has a mauve floppy hat, knickers and buckle shoes. It is 6 ¾" tall 3 ½ @ base, 10029. Is on the bottom with a hand scratched 63 (the 63 was before glazed and firing). 3rd question) is there a glass company that used a hand or the pallm s a symbol ? I appreciate your help. I have had these for years and would love more info and values if possible. Thank you annetta

I have a wine glass bottle named "armagnac castagnon extra". Its sharp likes a knight riding a horse with a sword on his hand. On its pack, there're words "green class". Please let me know its price. Is it from $30-100?
Pix? Hi, my name is tom nelson I originally collect insulators, however at an auction I acquired a few Bottles and was wondering who would be interested in them and what they are worth?? Can you help with this I have a description of them attached Thanks tom nelson

Digger, I have two old 1920s -30s vernors bottles. They are similar yet different. Can't find any information. Can you help me?

Joe higgs Digger, I am in possession of 2 Jim beam decanter 1963 corvette stingrays... Gray and red. They are both in their original boxes, full of liquer with the seal unbroken. They are in excellent shape. How much could each of these be worth? They were purchased around 1985. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you action Jackson

I found an old scent or perfume bottle beautiful cut brillant glass (small) 3" tops; it has a yardley of london screw (could be brass) top But cannot find anything, even went to the archives for yardley of london.....any ideas? Thanks much...Chris Magee

I found an old scent or perfume bottle beautiful cut brilliant glass (small) 3" tops; it has a Yardley of London screw (could be brass) top But cannot find anything, even went to the archives for Yardley of London.....any ideas? Thanks much...chris magee

Mr. Digger, We found a bottle turned up by a bulldozer. Small, about 4 or 5 oz. The words royal purple around the middle. The letter f on the bottom. The number 605 on the bottom edge. Two seams up the sides so must be abm. Can you help us find out where this came from. Thanks, Chris harwood Oakboro, nc

Hi digger, I know your busy so i'll get to it. My bottle is 11" high to the glass cork, it is pink in color, no cracks, it is attractive and embossed w/ a bust of a man on one side and the word courage above him. On the other side is a clipper ship w/ three masts, on the bottom it has l-9526, d-126 and federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle. Does this mean anything to you? Or can you tell me where to go to find out about this bottle. Your help is appreciated. Lisa

Hello there, I am in need of some information on a glass shampoo bottle I found in an old dump site on my uncles property. The print on the bottle in worn but I can still read it. It is a "waldorf special formula castile shampoo with hair conditioning lanolin $1.00 size." the back of the bottle has print on it that is barely visible and can partly be seen by holding the bottle against the light, but it gives a description of the shampoo and also the name of a company, "general products Chicago 16 Illinois. it is a clear bottle with white print, smooth all around, about 61/2 inches tall, tall with a rectangular shape, the lip is ½ inch high and ¾ inches wide with groves for a screw cap. Across the top the bottle is 3 inches and across the bottom it is 2 ¾ inches wide. The bottom of the glass has the number 4 towards the front of the bottle and two cursive f's in the middle with a circle around it such as a trademark would look. I would just like to know the value if any of this bottle. If not it is still an interesting piece and I will keep it any way. Thank you for your help, I hope to hear from you soon.

Colleen Hello! I have a glass fish exactly like the one that is pictured on your site. It is , as you have described, an old world method with the mouth being hand tooled. I am trying to find who made it and how much it is worth. Danny Williams

Hi. I have a decanter here in mint condition which is clear in some places and milky glass in others. It has an embossed design on the front and the milk glass stopper seems to be in perfect condition. Bottom reads, "Federal Law Forbids Sale or re-use of this bottle" and numbered d-334 and then 119 7 57under that. The seams go all the way to the lip on both sides. It is 8" high with the stopper in place. There are no labels or other markings... What is this? There's a picture attached if that helps.

Pixmrg8/9 Please see attached pictures (i hope you have the ability to unzip - if not please let me know --- hopefully you can tell me about this-I've tried to read your articles - but a disability does not allow me to spend too much time at the computer-but I have to tell you I love your site-and have learned alot!!! Also - I know that there is some date that relate to the finding of seams in glass - can you tell me about that? Thanks sooooooooo much-marge g. We found an old whiskey bottle, labeled three feathers blended whiskey reserve. State it was bottled for three feathers distributors, inc, new York, ny. It is size one pint. On the bottle is printed in the glass "federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle". The label on the back states pre-war whiskey (a word we cannot make out) with grain neutral spirits. There is a picture of three feathers with inscription "three feathers (cannot make out word) pre-war best. ________ and bottled by schenley distilleries, inc. Lawrenceburg, ind. Blended whiskey 80 proof. The straight whiskies in this product are 5 years or more of 40% straight whiskey, 60% grain neutral spirits. 12% straight whiskey, 5 years old, (cannot read the rest. The bottom of the bottle has a d 9 in the middle with a 45 in lower right corner, 13 in lower left corner, and like an h with an anchor through it in the upper right corner. The glass color is brown. What can you tell me about this bottle as cannot find a whole lot on the internet. Thanks for the help. We have a collection of convention bottles. Some have liquor in them and some don't. The collection is not complete. How would we find out the value of each bottle?

Hello, digger I have three bottles that I was wondering if you can tell me anything about. The 1st. Is aqua in color, is about 4" tall, and about 1" round. It has new london conn t dr Thompson's eye water on it. 2nd. Is also aqua about 41/2" tall and about 1 ¾" round it has the words hall's catarrh cure on it. 3rd. A small brown bottle cork top with hoppe's no.9 on it thanks for any help you can give me. Bob Mathews

I have a brown bottle approximately 2 ½ inches tall. One side has the original paper label saying catarrh hay fever and cold in head, below that it gives directions on how to apply. The back of the bottle says Ely's cream balm Ely bros oweco n.y. One side says hay fever and the other side says catarrah. Can you tell me anything about this bottle. Thank you sherry

Digger , what can you tell me about a decanter made in the 1940's called the cock n bull ? It has a rooster and a bull on the bottle ? I have not seen the bottle yet ... Ny mom and dad have it and I am going to see it today and then will know more about it . They said it has the dura glass name on it and that he bought it many years ago in a local bar . Thank you for your time .

Jerrie I have an amber glass bottle, about 10" tall, has a white glass stopper with a black rubber gasket. Is marked "Millville bottle works" 1888, and also says "this bottle not to be sold". It is a slender bottle with a slimly tapered neck. What is it? Jon and marsha cook, kirksville, mo marsha cook

Hi my name is carlos I have one bottle "anniversary Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey 90 proof 12 year 4/5 quart bottled by marita spirits ltd. Clifton, new jersey. Massachusetts custodian of the nations heritage. Registracion 6202 . A. 1972. Collection of authentic Liverpool porcelain. Thans.

Digger, though I am not a bottle collector, I do enjoy visiting your site regularly. recently I came across a bottle or jar I have never seen before and would appreciate anything you may be able to tell me about it. It is a clear emerald green color, no label, round, 4-5 inches tall, it has a smooth body with etching all the way around the upper and lower part. It has a very short neck, and does have seams on both sides. On top both sides are the words big mouth, the o is larger than the other letters. On the bottom there is a 3 on one side, a l one side, and the mark lll on one side. Can you give me any information about this bottle? Thank you, terri

Dear mr. Digger, several years ago I received a fish shaped wine bottle as a white elephant gift from a work Christmas party. It is 11 inches tall and still has wine in it. The red foil is torn on top. The cork leaks a little wine out, if the bottle is tipped upside down. The bottle is 11 inches tall. It is clear glass with fish scale bumps on it. The eyes are blue with black pupils. The bottle neck label reads, "rose table wine contents 1pt.and 9 fl. Oz. Alcohol 12% by volume. Serve chilled imported by dobson international co. Inc. Philadelphia, pa." the bottom labels read, "dobson's original shad-roe-say rose table wine. Vintage 1969. Good with all seafood particularly shad and shad roe. Produced, bottled, and shipped by a. Henriques. Lda anadia-portugal." it looks very similar to the third bottle in a picture in the fish tale section of your website. The caption reads, "two lilly cod liver oils the pint sized and the 4oz size shown above at left. Wheat fish in milk glass at the far right." the top is separate and is shaped like a fin. It is clear glass, lines going down it. The topper measures a little over 3 inches. The glass on both the topper and the bottle appear to be fine with no scratches or chips. The labels look a little marred on the edges in some places. Is this worth anything? Should I pass this along at the next white elephant gift exchange? I enjoyed your website. It was interesting and fun

Just surfing the web, and found your page. could you tell me if this is a old coke bottle?it say's property of coca cola bottling co. Nov. 8 1923 it has never been opened, but the lid is rusted very bad , and most of the contents has either evaporated or leaked out and what would it be worth? Greg h p s great site

I have a bottle that is about 7 inches tall, it is aqua in color has a pontil scar on the bottom, it is coffin shaped. On one side it says genl taylor never surrenders. In a circle around a cannon with a stack of cannon balls. And a small cabin. On the other side it has grapes on vines and it says, a little more grape capt bragg. It has a cork in the top, and some air bubbles in the body. Some of the research that ive done, has told me that the term a little more grape was a term used that meant fire the cannons. Dropping cannon balls like grapes on the enemy. Any other info and values off my bottle would be nice.. Thank you rob turner...

I have a hj Heinz bottle that is a lavender/purple color, on the bottom it has hj Heinz co. 93 pat June 17, 1890....missing top. On the side hj Heinz trademark Pittsburgh....worth anything? I found an old milk bottle, that was manufactured by Aberdeen dairy, in aberdeen, md. Any info that you could share with me would be greatly appreciated. It is in mint condition. Sincerely, dawn l.

Hi digger, I have a couple ques. In regards to a few dug bottles and would appreciate some quality insight &info.1, I have what appears to be a sauce or condiment bottle that was made of a 3 piece vertical mold. looks to be bim type approx5 in. Tall with 72 ribs on the bottom up 1 inch, ring going around, 36 ribs swirling to left , then toward right in middle , 2 rings, then neck 1 more ring under old style screw top. bulbous shaped mid to bottom , smooth base reads c502.very light blue -aqua in color. any help on what or worth? 2. Eastman-Kodak bottle light amber bim 1880, s.1284 on smooth base. Have read price guides and searched the internet for info and value and come up with nothing. just one more quest, I remember reading a quest you ans. On ques. I get you mention something about a relation in or around troy n.y.? I only ask because that is where I live. Thank you for any help . Scott d.

Digger, when I was a child I was given an aged medicinal whiskey bottle. It says that it was bottled under the supervision of the u.s. Government. Would you know how to determine it's value and history. It is in a metal jacket and made by schenley. Thanks, barry

Hi, do you know anything about this bottle? I dug it up last week. I even recall drinking this drink as a kid in the 60's or 70's. What do you think? Thanks, mark


Hello, I recently discovered a remote and abandoned mining town, and found two bottles after a very brief search of the town's dump. In trying to identify the bottles, I have found that I don't even know what category each of the two bottles I found belong to. Hoping you can help me identify the basic category of these two items. Attached are three small photos. And, here is some basic information about each of the two bottles. Bottle 1 [] clear [] 10 ½ inches tall [] 3 ¼ inches wide [] steel, screw-on cap; black [] raised wording: "federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle" [] markings on the base: see photo. Bottle 2 [] 5 inches tall [] 1 ½ inches wide [] plasic screw-on cap; brown [] see photo thanks for anything you can offer. Scott
Found a bottle in Canada, on the shore of lake Windermere, in Ontario. It is clear glass, on the sides it says vegetable pain killer., on the front it says davis. No dates or anything else. How do I find out how old it is and is is worth anything? Thanks in advance.

Dear sir, I have recently dug up a shard of a bottle with a Pepsi logo embossed on it. I am inquiring out of a curiosity to know when this bottle was made. It's a white logo located at the base of the neck and seems to be a conglomeration of the Pepsi logo where the tail of the p loop, connects and underlines the "epsi" in Pepsi, but unlike the other old pepsi logos I have seen, the top curvy part of the p doesn't pierce the vertical part of the p. Or you could send some sort of website about the history of logos (with pictures). Thank you conor dale

My dad found a liquor bottle under the porch of my grandmothers house while he was replacing the porch. The bottle is brown and is a old Mr. Boston........ Has all the presidents listed on it until 1953. Can you tell me anything about it. I would appreciate any help you can give. It will soon be 50 years old. Thanks! Susan jones
Sir: I have seen your answer to the (march 2001) query by mrs. G. Clinton concerning the figural ceramic bottle she has. I also have three of such bottles which appear to be part of a series featuring heads of men from different countries. The bottom of the bottles are marked: made in Italy, collectors item, vento wine, Cleveland Ohio. Is there a catalog showing the bottles produced in this series? I would love to find more! Can you help? Also, can you put me in contact with mrs. Clinton? Thanks! Allison lendman
Hi digger,
I was hoping you could shed some light on 2 bottles I have gotten recently. The first is a 7 oz rolling rock beer bottle... I believe it is from the late 60's to early 70's. It is in mint condition, empty without cap. The bottom of the bottle is embossed: "l-746d" at 12:00 o'clock, "71" at 3:00 o'clock, "i98" at 6:00 and "5" at 9:00
Am I correct in assuming the marks indicate that the bottle was made in 5/71?

The second bottle is a "schenley" whiskey bottle - it has a crown shaped stopper with cork, and heavily tarnished foil wrapper around the neck (very green - I assume it has bronze in it)

While I am curious if there is any value to it (it is in pristine shape... I am most interested in deciphering the embossment on the bottom which reads: "13 d-9 53 2" Thanks! tom Thomas f. Kolf

Hi m. Odell, I will try to make my message clear because I don't speak English very well. My friend Donald has a plastic Pepsi "crate" of 6 full crush orange soda bottles dated 1965. I remember that crush orange soda was then sold by Pepsi in Canada, but I don't know if it was the same in u.s. Donald want to know if it's worth advertising these bottles for sale as antiques. I asked him to provide me photos of these bottles, I can send them to you if you wish as soon as I have them. Thanks, Robert dufort

Hello, I have found a coca-cola bottle. It is aqua in color. Underneath coca-cola it has trademark registered. Underneath this it has bottle pat d dec 25, 1923. The bottle on opposite side under trade mark registered has min contents 6-fl ozs. The bottom of bottle is embossed with st. Louis, mo. Bottle is appx. 8 inches tall. I would greatly appreciate any info you have on this bottle and the value of this old bottle. Thank you michael

Hello, I have just found a couple of bottles in a surprising spot. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as I don't know the function of style. These two bottles were laying on the ground in amongst cans and broken purple bottles with no screw tops. The bottle says whittemore boston u.s.a. 5 fluid oz. Definitely mold lines and on the bottom one has an 8 and the other has a 10 otherwise identical. The mouth is about the size of a quarter. Thanks, Diane

Great site, lots of info. Here goes with my try to describe accurately my curious bottle. It is small coffin shaped, 3 3/10 high. Dark amethyst (deep purple), square applied lip (the mold line does not go up over the edge) very shiny great condition. There is a snap like mark on the lower side (where it was held?) Bottom possibly a key mold, but very smoothly done. ½ oz with a second oz partially legible embossed on bottom. When laid on back it is 6 sided, coffin with the two larger "side/top" panels embossed with x's. Top is embossed not to be taken. Back bottom of bottle has rdno334871 any clues? It's a beautiful bottle and one of my favorites, but I know so little about it. Thanks for any leads or clues. Cynthia

Hello, I would like any information you might have about an old brown stoneware jug. It has patent aug 7th 1894 imprinted on the bottom. It stands about twelve inch high. It has an applied handle and the top has two openings the first is about a half inch wide and open the second is about two inches wide and sealed. I thought this might be for stacking. Thank you. N. Bliss

I have a bottle of 'special very old bl blended scotch whisky' bullock lade & co ltd Glasgow and London appears to have a cork top with the letters bl in red. It is contained in a straw cover and I have owned it for over 20 years. Can you give me any info on it Calum laurie

Dear digger, they are renovating forest park, st. Louis, mo this, as you know was the sight for the world's fair. My husband has found numerous bottles. I need info on 2 in particular. I've read the previous questions and answers and saw the photo regarding georg kreuzberg bottles. Mine are similar, but different. My bottles are 8 ½ inches tall. The front of bottle has apollinaris brunnen m w 8 in a circle. Underneath this it has georgkreuzberg ahrweiler rheinpreussen on back of bottle, underneath handle, in fancy script, has no. 9 underneath this, looks like a fancy q the bottles are earthenware and orange-tan in color. I would greatly appreciate any information and value of this bottle. Thank you, patti

Digger, I have a bottle that is clear, round, flat and has a star on one side and a clock face with good night on the other side. On the bottom are the letters clf.

Toni Ive, been looking for some info on this whiskey bottle and found your name under some of the bottles, it is about 20 inches tall seal in tact and has a music boxes attached to the bottom, w/ elvis on top in one of his jump suites w/a yellow scarf, if you can give me any info on it or maybe an idea of where to look for the value of it I would appreciate it. Thank you

Dear sir, I am writing in regards to an old bottle I have obtained from birmingham alabama. It is a blob top bottle with the words houppert & worcester, birmingham ala. On the face. In small print on the reverse side it has d.d.c 71. On the base is h&w. It has an aqua green tint to it. I have been unable to find any information regarding this bottle, and was curious if you might know anything about it. I am not sure what it's use was. Thank you for any assistance. I have enclosed a photograph of it for you to examine. Thank you.
Tom nelson

Hi, I have a bottle of cognac from 1858 it is a j.g. Monnet & co. From united vineyard proprietors. It has a salamander trademark. I was wondering if you knew the value of it. Thank you, deborah

Mr. Odell my mother and father found a very unique handblown glass bottle about thirty years ago and have never been able to find out any information about it. The bottle is pale green/blue handblown glass measuring about 11 inches tall with codd's #90 patented april 29th, 1873 embossed on the bottom. The most unique feature is that the bottle has a pinched neck with a pale green/blue glass marble stopper inside of it. The bottle was found in southampton massachusetts. The bottle is also in perfect condition, with no scratches or deffects, and the glass shows tons of air bubbles in the glass from being handblown. Can you tell me anything about this bottle, usage & value?

hi I have a small brass(i think) bottle with a push button that opens on the top neck of the bottle and inside is a little glass insert for ink. This bottle has a label that is in german and very worn but the word "extract" can be made out. Just below the neck on the bottle is the name johann hoff and berlin. On the bottom of the bottle is a reg #41-443 made in austria.. My folks have had this bottle forever saying that it belonged to someone's father or grandfather. Maybe you can give me some sort of history on this little bottle and if it has any value. Thank you, linda

Hello I was doing some searching on the internet and found you hope that you can help me with a whisky bottle that I has a painting on the front of it called the sunflowers painted by vincent van also has on the back of the bottle written moder masters collectors edition volume 5 and the numbers are in roman also has a serial number I think that is on a label still attached on the bottle and they are as follows has another tag on it that is torn that says beams choice and it is 4/5 quarts.also on the bottom of the bottle it has these letters and numbers as follows dry-drb-230-69 that is what is on the bottom of the bottle.the bottle is not round it has a different shape to it and it is brown in color and has a gold tint to it also, the texture of the bottle is rough. Or if you know anyone in the missouri area that could help me also.thank you again

I have several milkglass bourbon bottles. The label on the side says "americana collection of great moments in history" "j.w. Dant's" americana" "bottled by the dant distillery co. Louisville, ky and frankfort, ky." on the fronts of the bottles there are pictures of sceens during the revolutionary war. The bottles are different colors. The pictures are in color and within a raised decorative border. Can you tell me how much they are worth or where to look for that information? Helen

I was given by my grandfather a bottle he found in the woods while he was walking timber in or around camden, ar. This was in the 60's. The bottle is described as follows: 9" amber retangular screwtop good condition embossed base with a 6 at the bottom and 4's or 6's on either side of some kind of mark. Could be an a over a w. This bottle has a very detailed embossed 3 ½" man in a hat with a large 2 ½" fish flung over his shoulder on a rope. I would like to know the history and value of this bottle. And any other information you can find. Thank you, becky coursey

I just noticed a hires root beer bottle that has "middlebury, vt." embossed on the bottom. I haven't been able to find anything about vermont pertaining to hires - do you know anything about this? Thank you. Jackie brown
Hello! My name is amie-june brumble, and I recently stumbled upon your bottle website and had a question to ask about a find of my own. I recently dug up a partially buried bottle on an old ranch in the idaho backcountry. It is brown glass, 6" from the base to the shoulder, and 1 ½" from the shoulder to the lip. It's a sort of flattened round shape...elliptical if you look at it from above. There are no seams, and the opening at the top seems as if it was designed for a cork. The only words are on the front of the bottle in raised letters. "wyeth & bro" in an upward semicircle, and "p hil ad a" below that in a downward curving semicircle (i assume that refers to philadelphia). It was partially full of a thick, greasy white liquid when I found it. It had a strong menthol odor which makes me think it once contained some kind of horse liniment. Do you have any thoughts on the origin of this bottle, and how much it might be worth? Thanks! ~amie-june

I have two bottles , one is a central brewing co. Clear aqua color with the words trade mark inside of a circle and a horse head enblem the other is a blue anchor inn beer bottle with the words trade mark and an anchor embosed on it both have seems on each side the horse bottle has raised rings on the bottom and a ceramic topper or closure the other is an open top, please let me know any info about how old these bottles are and approximately what they are worth thank you mv

Hi! My husband and I were planting a tree yesterday and while he was digging he struck several pieces of glass. I began to dig around and found what seems to be the remains of an old chest everything was rusty and completely deteriorating but there were remnants of leather straps. Everywhere were broken bottles, plates, pottery, etc. I was able to dig out some whole pieces and there is plenty more where this came from. One bottle is tall and slender, clear glass, and embossed on the front is the j.r. Watkins co., the next is a clear jade green glass with scales embossed on the bottom and around the top and bottom of the glass are small embossed dots. Next is a clear container with a swab inside, around the over-turned lip is embossed 2 1/2oz. On the bottom is an anchor shape with an "h" in the center with l-375. Another one is very peculiar it is a clear glass with a rounded top and a bottom that looks like it should screw into something, on the bottom embossed cursive it appears to say collins memphis. I have a small clear jade green bottle with a stopper. On the bottom des.pat. 92148. And last but not least, a white (simular to milk glass) jar and on the bottom says mentholatum. Please help. I know nothing about this kind of thing. If anything they are neat to display in my kitchen. Thanks!

I have four liquor decanters or porcelain collectors items. The liberty bell, south carolina centinneal, Paul revere, and mecklenburg commerative. All still contain the liquor. The seal on two has become frayed over time. Are these worth much? Thanks, cary

Not sure if the first went through or not. I have 4 bottles that still have the contents in them. The liberty bell, the paul revere bottle, mecklenburg county reveloution, south carolina centennial. Can you tell me what their value may be? Thanks,

I'm trying to learn about an 'exide' square green jar; I believe it may be called a battery jar. Can you point me to any information. Thanks very much. Peggy

I have a luxardo wine bottle with a clock made into the center of it' I was told that it might be from world war two it was import to san fransisco to a pulse or rulse import company. If you know what it could be worth that would be a big help I have a mckesson liquor bottle that stands about two foot high with a silver stand and it has a metal spiket at the bottom. It has the words dilta miliane italy on it. I was just wondering if it is worth anything. I have a pig whiskey bottle my grandfather had that he got from his dad. It is a pig rye bottle from thr i.c.r.r. Is it worth anything?

Pixcarol8/15 I've been looking everywhere for some info on an owl drug bottle. It's a bottle of glycerine never opened. Has cork. The labels are all in tact. A-1 condition. Would you have any idea how much it's worth. I hope the image does some good. If possible can you answer me by email directly? Thanks so much. Carol blessings, carol

I recently found a small clear round bottle, approx 3.75" tall and 1.5" dia w/ an applied collar flared and flat. The markings on the bottom are It looks like it is possibly a perfume or apothecary or medicine bottle. I have not been able to find anything about the markings. Do you have an info on the markings so I might be able to date it. Thanx. Lenny marraffino bottle diver

Hi, We found this milk bottle, clear glass, 6 ½" tall with 1/3qt. Liquid written on it, as well as, a bottle of milk is a bottle of health. On the bottom there is a number 41 in a circle on one side and an l on the other side. At the base of the bottle are the letters mtc., and sealed 1-11-14. If you can help us with this information, we'd appreciate it or maybe you can direct us to where we could find out more about this. We appreciate your help, betty walling

Neighbor has old hand painted kahula bottle, its atlease 50 yrs old, im send 3 photos of it, if u can help determine value and originality of it. Would be appreciated ty by the way, where is mason Ohio, I live in Mansfield ohio. Thank you in advance tom say Beverly hills bottlers on label by the way hope to hear from u soon
Hi, my uncle has a case of coke soda pop from around 1960, (i think) their full, green glass bottles in one of the original wooden cases, they were never opened. He wanted to know if they were worth anything, could you please let me know? He also has 2 cases of opened glass bottles in the original box.

Pixkandy8/15 I bought this bottle at a yard sale for $ 0.15. Can you tell me what kind it is And if it's worth any thing. On the bottom it reads federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle can you help.

Dear digger, this email is going to be a little long, since I have never done anything like this before and am wanting to do this right. I need to find out about an old whiskey bottle and I was looking through different websites at trying to find info about an old bottle my grandfather used to own. He passed away back in 1978 and my grandmother kept this bottle and two others. One was a donkey dressed like a clown and the other was a racing horse standing atop a gold podium.. Or so it looked. It also had the name of the horse which I cant remember exactly what it was. Anyways, I found a question from one of your other writers and found that he had written to you about an identical bottle as the one I have. He wrote: I have a 1969 cabin still Kentucky bourbon decanter shaped like a hillbilly with a shotgun and jug. Can you tell me how much it is worth. The bottle I have is an old man wearing blue overalls and a white long john shirt with a straw hat and he had a long red beard and hair down to his ears which stick out. He is sitting on a barrel and is bare foot. In his right hand he is holding the end of a shotgun which the but of it is resting on the ground and in his left hand is holding a jug that is stamped "cabin still". There is also green grass around the bottom of the barrel. At the bottom of the jug is a yellow and black sticker that says "old cabin still Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey" in the center. To the left in a small box it says 90 proof and left of that is small writing that says something then "porcelain" in red letters. Below that it says in black letter "the old style sour mash bourbon in this whimsical hill billy bottle is identical to our world famous brand in its conventional package." then to the right of the center is another small box that says "4/5 quart" in red letters and to the right of that is black lettering that says "distilled for and bottled by stitzel-weller distillery Louisville Kentucky. Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey" and below that in red lettering is "90 proof" and "this whiskey is 6 years old" the bottom of the jug is round and is stamped in the center with the words" original design from the cabin still collectors gallery 1969" in a circle and in the center is a stamp saying "stitzel-weller distillery". Unfortunately, the bottle was opened and the cork is inside it, but I also found what looks to the the receipt from this bottle. Its a white tag with a two row red checker effect on the top with the # 06cat5221175 at the top and style number 4007.. It also has a hand written #38 on it and at the bottom says dept.06 and above price is $1.97. Any information about this bottle would be helpful, and if possible, a price? Thanks for your time and sorry this email was so long, but like I said, I wanted to make sure I got all the details about this bottle right.

Thanks again! ~jamielee Dear sir, I recently came across a bottle that is about 7-7/8" tall by aprox. 3-3/8" wide and 2-13/16" deep. It has a label on the front saying " black berry " with " liquer" underneath it. the label is in a foreign language , perhaps german, and it states "printed in holland". The little that I can understand is amsterdam den 1 januarij 1868. it also has a texas state liquor tax stamp on it. It states that 35.2 cents was paid. I have included some pictures of it and I would like to know what I have and what if anything it may be worth?
pixfranklin816 Thank you for your help and time, Sandie stevenson

I just recently purchased a bottle light green in color showing wear. It stands 81/4" tall with no markings or writings on it anywhere. It is 51/2" around and has six sides. Each side has three little church shaped windows that have what looks like teardrops and round dots that are bumped up. Top looks like it had either a cork or a fitted top. I don't have the right type of camera to do this bottle justice, however it scanned except for the color..any information on it would be helpful to me, I am interested in its past. It was suppose to be found in an excavation in texas. Thank you. Janeane young

Recently found a bottle and am trying to research the company that produced it to no avail. Wondering if you may have any leads. Clear glass bottle, approx. 7" tall, looks like a soda bottle, but does not specify if it is beer or soda company. Embossing on bottle reads: "registered john mccormick & co bottlers, north & fleet sts, boston, this bottle to be returned" looks to be a number 55 embossed on the bottle as well. Also appears to be a bim as the side seams stop below the lip. Thanks for any help.

Digger, I have a bottle that has the name, schenley in the middle of it. It is about 10"1/2 high, 5"1/2 long, and 2" wide. Around the name schenley there is a what looks to be, flower like design. There is a glass knob with slashes in it in the top of the bottle that is about 7"3/8 around, and the bottom of the knob is made of cork covering plastic covering glass. The neck of the bottle is about 4"3/8 too. Also on the bottom of the bottle it says, 40 d-9 53 7 federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle if you have an estimated price of what this is worth or any information on this bottle, will you please send it to me. Thank you, ryan

Pixrhonda817 I have a set of wine bottles that I believe were from casa vento, vento wine import, inc. In Cleveland, ohio. They were made as a reproduction of a 19th century gas-lamp, produced by skilled florentine glass-blowers. They are green in color. They can be used for candle holders. I was wondering when they were made and why? Were they a promotional thing for the company? Are they intended to be used as christmas decorations? I don't feel there is any worth in them, but wanted to know a little bit about them. If you can find any information like age, reason they were made and if they are worth anything, please let me know. I am attaching a picture of them. Thanks for your help. Rhonda

I have a metal pitcher shaped vacuum bottle, green paint that is marked on the bottom as follows: the american thermos bottle co, genuine thermos reg. Us pat. Office no. 548 vacuum bottle norwich, conn. U.s.a. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, jill king

I have several bottles embossed with the words mellin's infant's food. There are some other words also they all have small glass tops. What can you tell me about them also I have a louden & co. Indian expectorant bottle. Thanks, corie neumayer

Hi my name is mia and I want to know if you heard of (hot licks malted milk bottle)
Because I have a 3in to 4in bottles and I will like more info on this bottle so Thank you for your time, Mia
Hello: I have picked up a bols 4 in one bottle. My question is how far back do these bottles date and some idea of worth. I do know that it is not that old, but I don't think they use them any more.

Hi there, I stumbled upon your site in my travels and hope you might be able to help me. We have a collection of antique liquor bottles (the kind shaped into various figures & painted), probably 30-40 years of age. I still have yet to dig them up and take pictures, etc, but I was hoping you might be able to point me to a person or site that specializes in these type of bottles. Without much information, do you suppose these bottles might be worth anything?
Thank you,

bryan I have a bottle, triangular in shape with the scottish dancer in the bottom. It is covered with a glass dome, to protect the dancer. It plays the tune annie lauris. How do I tell the age of the bottle in question. It plays beautifully. I am 40 years old and remember watching it play as a child. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -michelle

Hello digger, can you tell me what you know about the waterbury battery co. Waterbury conn. (waterbury battery oil bottle) is the e on bottom thomas edison patent mark , bottom has a shape like bean pot with the letter e in it, (7 e 40) I believe used in thomas edison crow foot battery's . Is the oil whale oil? What is the date of this bottle, and value? One more thing I have a franco brand lamp coloring bottle with cork ,

I have a bottle of unopened bols gold liqueur from lucas fabriek. The bottle says amsterdam den 1 january 1868.
All labels are on bottle and it is still sealed. Do you have any information on this type of liqueur, or what a bottle in this condition would be worth? Thank you for any information you can give me...

Hello digger, I recently purchaced three old wooden boxes full of old corkstopper bottles at yard sale , I was told they were from a pharmacy long ago from a 70 year old man. He had cleaned someone cellar that had died in his lifetime, after closer look at what I had in boxes, I discovered all the different bottles, test tubes, decanter's, pourer's, the glass of a hand blown light bulb not completed, all bottles with white little sticker , red border with chemical signs written for excample: fe for iron. I now new I actually had someones old chemistry set, my question is am I foolish to think in could belong or some how be related to someone famous like thomas edison? There are also waterbury battery oil bottles being used to store other chemicals. What do think ? What kind of value does a collection like this have? Thank you, dennis

Hello, my dad had a bottle of bols ballerina gold liqueur, half full. It was accidentally dumped out during it's storage in our home. I have some questions, and it would help alot if you can answer them. First we still have the bottle great condition, but I was hoping you can help me find a bottle of this liqueur that is still particially full. I understand that it is not very likely that the alchol is worth anything. Personally, I don't care if the liqueur was worth anything. The reason I am asking is because as I said the contents of the bottle was accidently poured out of the bottle. Everything including the bottle ment something to my dad, my grampa which passed away some 17 years ago gave that to my father when he first started going out with my mom, 34 years ago. It meant alot to him and even though I didn't pour it out I would like to try and make him feel better. Can you please try and help my search for this liqueur a little easier? I would very much appreciate it. Thanx. And please don't put this on your site I want it to be a surprise to my dad .thank you very much. Lisa

My kids found an old coca cola bottle in an old dump. It is straight sided, textured, 10 0z, non refillable, with a diamond on front and back , one diamond says coke over a contoured bottle, the other diamond says coca cola over a contoured bottle. Do you have any idea as to the age and value of such a bottle? Thank you, laura b., new york

Hi digger, I have really enjoyed your web site so much information!! Although i'm not a bottle collector I can see how easy it would be to get caught up into collecting. I have a bottle I would like to know if it has any value? It is cobalt blue measures 3 inches h. And 4.6 inches around middle of bottle.the shape is odd sort of oval as it will not stand on its'own it has to lay flat and it fits well in the palm of your hand. It has embossed Across and in a raised circle p.p. But one p is reversed. The seam line goes all the way around the bottle and stops at top the lip has a flat surface with a ¾ in. Opening . Thank you for your time and interest. James

Please let me know if my bottles are worth anything? First is a green bottle with fat body it says dr.chandlers jamaica ginger root bitter. Also at the top it says lowell mass.on the bottom sayswheaton nj. The bottle has a barrel like imprint in it. Second botttle is brown and says webbs stubby registeredbeverages12 oz double drink on the bottom it says des&reg2.1939 and the third bottle says grolsch on four sidesit has a white pull lid that tightens with grolsch on it also has an upraised design on all sides, it is brown also the man said its from switserland and is 80 years old

Jim beam train decantors: I have 11 pieces plus track (no boxes) what is the going value on these?
Hello digger, I am researching a play at the new wolsey theatre in ipswich, uk. The play is 'family affair' and it is set in russia in the late 1850's. The characters drink vodka and I can't seem to find any references to labels or bottle shapes for this period. If you could help it would be much appreciated.

Dear digger, as a scuba diver in new york state I conduct most of my dives in the st. Lawrence river, 1000 islands areas. This area is rich in old bottles due the area being a popular resort area dating back to the 1800s. I have found hundreds of old bottles during my dives. One bottle of interest that I discovered last year was a milk bottle. This milk bottle is a clear glass one quart bottle, it is embossed on the front with the words, "may irwin farms, inspected jersey milk, clayton, ny" on the bottom of the bottle is the letter d. I did some research into may irwin, attached is what I found, the virtual gramophone-may irwin, christian chefs fellowship - culinary articles - thousand island dressing, northern stars - may irwin . I was hopeful that the history of may irwin may bring some value the this fine milk bottle.

Hello, I have two pink iridescent decanters with cut glass stoppers. They are rectangular with an elongated- diamond cut pattern on all sides. I suspect they are wheaton. Familiar? Value? Thank you!
C. Denunzio Digger, I recently purchased a clear glass jar ( 10 in. Tall, 7 ½ in. Across the front and 6 in. Wide at the sides). Embossed across front and back is philco and the words: water line. Any idea what this is, how old, how rare....etc.? Thanks, jeff

Hi... I have purchased some antique bottles that have been filled with very small pellets of styrafoam (so it looks like milk). They are about the size of a piece of grapenut cereal or very, very small pearl. Would you have any idea where I could purchase these to fill other bottles I have? Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, jerry
This bottle I found on the bottom basically looks like this under neath.also it looks like an old glass maple jar with a small 1 inch handle near the opening with a small hole in the middle 20 <o> 0 7a duraglas "is in cursive" 1892-e get back to me on this a.s.a.p.

Hey, digger! My husband and I collect coca cola items. We found a 1 liter bottle of coca cola at a flea market and it came with a sticker of authenticity and a letter. The letter states that this bottle is one of the first 100 one liter bottles for coca cola to be manufactured in the usa. It says it is being introduced in atlanta, ga in mid march 1976 and the letter is dated february 26, 1976. Do you have any idea how much this bottle is worth? Thanks!

I recently found an old vernors soda bottle . It has this on the outside genuine only when crown cork has the above design in red being which is a round circle the vernors ginger ale a crescent and detriot mich inside the circle. It is a 10 oz.clear bottle . Would like to know approximate age of this bottle. Thank u ray g

Cool sight so far going through your sight I have found 1 of my bottles, a mccormick corn whiskey bottle. I still have two bottles and one heinz bottle I think you can identify. the heinz bottle round at the top and turns into four large side with 4 sides for the corners. It has h. J heinz co, 157 on the bottom. It was found at an old mining camp in oregon. liquor bottle number 1 is a glenmore kentucky straight bourbon bottle. Cork on top, dark blown top with white base and with two handles, I believe to be 1947, what would the value be?

2nd bottle is made by govancroft co out of glasgow. It has a very nice label with an old lady actually imbedded into the jug. The label is grannie taylors liqueur whisky, taylor bothers co glasgo & london. Light brown top with cork and handle, off white base. Looks like it is ceramic, very nice bottle. any help you could give would be very appreciated. thank you Willy bethea Key west florida

Digger, I have a amber bottle 4" across/ 2" wide/~10" tall including the 2" neck. It has ballantines's across the front. On top is says "federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle. On the bottom goe.ballantine & son ltd. R circled on the left (bottom) and a 1 on the right. Glascow scotland. I take it from reading some of your other replies that it is possibly a liquor bottom. I found it in fla. Washed up on the beach. Any information you might have would be appreciated. Thanks, Would like to know the value of a bottle I have received recently. It is a hires cologne bottle philadelphia, usa. It's a small aqua color shaped like a triangle. Thanks Phyllis

Hello, I am in ri and I recentley dug up 2 old bottles, one is what seems to be a whiskey bottle of some type. It is from lip to base 8" tall, the lip is thick and looks to be rolled, please keep in mind that I am new at this, which is obvious, the base is pontil, the shape of the bottle is round at the top and tapers down toward the base, the base has a # 9, the description is it has side straps, and looking through the inside from lip to base it seems slightly off center. The color is clear, and has the words warranted flask on the front. It's condition is somewhat scratched and stained and it has what looks like a couple of air bubbles in the glass. I would like to know the age of this flask, if it is rare or is common, history and of course it's value. I cannot send a picture just yet. Thank you for any info that you can give. Louann

Hello. I am trying to find out the value, age, etc. Of the bitters bottle please. I have 2 more photos, side and bottom I will send right after this. Thank you. Nina jackson

I have found a ste pierre smirnoff bottle, it has the dates1877, 1886, 1882.1892 I think on it it hasa label at the top with premier and a bird on it. I looked at the library but couldn't find it and the web site for smirnoff is under constrction what is its value if any?

Hi digger! How are you? I'm hoping maybe you can help me out with a guess-timate on a price of an old container. I have an almost in perfect condition 1940's container of mexana still full of the heat powder. Plough inc, original price of .30 cents, with wm l dewoody signature across the front. Size is 2 ½ oz.

Digger, several years ago I was digging in our back yard and foud several bleach bottles. The clorox brand was common enough to me but I also found a bottle that looked similar to the clorox bottle without the embossed clorox name. It had the name roman bleach on it instead.... How popular was this company? How may states was it sold in? It must no longer be in business as I have never seen the company name again. (i live in florida) one of the bottles still had the original cap on it. It is white with red around the edge and a roman soldier picture in the center... Thank you for a date or other info you can provide,

I am in sc. I found a sc dispensary bottle today. It has scd interlocked on the front. It has sc dispensary below that. It has seams on the sides. Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help, Jeff mattox

I have a bitters bottle dated 1852. It is purple in color. The wording on it is col. Sam johnson proprietor richmond va. 1852 a. Lancaster's indian vegetable jaundice bitters is this bottle worth anything? Do uou know anything about this bottle? thank you, garry brooks

I have a small 4-inch clear glass embossed bottle. On the side it says Edison Battery oil Made in usa Thomas a edison Incorporated Bloomfield, n.j. Usa And a signature of thomas a edison On the bottom there is a 295, a 6, a 9, and a marking That looks like an anchor with an h on top of the shaft of the anchor. It is an applied round double band.

Do you have any information on it. Do you know how much it would be worth. Dear sir, I currently own about 50 antique chemistry bottles with glass stoppers. Most have raised lettering ie: con nitric acid, con acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonia hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and varying glass stopper bottles of several sizes which bear no markings as well as several large glass stopper amber bottles. The older bottles are wheaton. Could you please give me any information reguarding these items such as history and pricing, all are in excellent shape. Best regards

Linda wooley Several bottles- #1- coca cola, bottled- huntsville, al, has # 1069 on 1 side and #13 or #18 on other at base, believed to be early 1900's, amber colored, found exact bottle on famous site, determined to be rare, good shape, word- root on bottom, script in middle. How much is it possibly worth? #2- coca cola , bottled- chattanooga, tn, no numbers anywhere, has trademark registered in all caps under coca cola script at base, on bottom the letter j, have never seen another bottle like this, possibly early 1900's maybe late 1800's. Any info especially value would be nice and possibly age. #3- sears stampede bottle- date- 1886, flask type bottle, believed to be a cologne bottle, excellent shape, no cracks, fades, or chips, large eagle on 1 side, pocket watch on other side at bottom side of bottle and possibly some type of flower at top, amber in color. Value would be nice. #4 hoods sarsaprilla bottle- date unknown, rectangular in shape, 3 indented rectangular squares on front and back, clear in color. Date and value nice. #5- gay-ola bottle- amber in color, all that is known. Any info or possible value. Why is it so hard to find these particular bottles? We have searched bottle books and the interenet with no luck except a picture of #1. I cannot pay for an apprasial so I'm trying to do this on my own. These bottles are not for sale, they have serious sentimental value and could never be replaced even if the turned out to be worthless which I really don't believe they are. Please help. Any info on how to get some free info would be great. Your site has been wonderful. Thank you. Mrs. Miller

I have a bottle that I am having trouble finding any information on. The bottle is roughly 5" tall. It is is a clear bottle embossed with "wm c Gregory" and "marblehead mass." with "pure drugs" in the center. Any help would be appreciated. Phil johnson Brookline, nh Pixgreg8/23

Hi digger,
I recently found this bottle in the Kalamazoo river just north of Kalamazoo, mi. It has the letters whh stamped under a painted dark blue ribbon at the neck. I would like to know what it was used for and approx value. Thanks, Greg

I would like to know if an unopened collectable brandy bottle can be sold. In an antique store. What is the law on this. I was told you could and also you. Could not. What is the rule. Thank you pat

Hello, I have an old rye bottle, but can't find any information on it any help would be very much appreciated. It looks like stoneware to me but unsure, on the front it has a blue square border in the middle it has a scale. On one side of the square it says wm, Edwards & co, Cleveland, Ohio. On the other side it says full weight pure rye. Also in the middle on the top it has honest on the bottom full quart. On the back side of the bottle it has a small oval logo that looks like Sherwood bros, new Brighton, pa. As I said before any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kim hines

Digger purchased a bottle in northwest Arkansas off of table in front yard reads s.j.wolohan co.bottlers 514-516 high street Holyoke mass. Bubbles in glass seam stops well below top on bottom letter k. color is light amethyst purple. any help would be appreciated.i have just started this hobby. Have several bottlesthat I cant find in book store books. my wife says your site is the nicest on web

I have a whiskey bottle with three men's faces made in the glass on the back and wheat stems up the sides. It is not a cork top but screw top. Could you give me some info on this bottle? It is pint size. Bonnie
Found this bols ballerina musical bottle, screw top, empty now, but had crème de ment in it. It plays blue dan you. What is it worth? Thanks Lori short

Hi digger I have an empty haig scotch dimple bottle, it is encased in pewter made by royal Holland pewter, daalderopp. It has a kdm mark on the base with the stamp, plus scratched into the base are the numbers m935 and either a 4 or another 9. Here are some pics of it, my cam isnt too good, hope it is clear enough. any help on value you could give would be great.. Thanks lorna

Hello digger Blue green clear bottle with glass stopper Square 1.8 inches Glass pontil

No seams & lot of air bubbles

I found two bottles in my bck yard a clear 10 ¼ inch crown top fluted bottle in fine condition from wayne county produce co greenpoint long island it says"do not refill with cider or vinegar. Its trademark is wayne surrounded br cossing wreathes and it claims that it is registered with the u.s. Patent office it does appear to be a molded bottle. Next is a 8 ½ "clear roughened crown topped bottle marked sessllers beverages from glenwood ldg.l.i. 7oz cap registered. It appears to be molded it is in fine condition. Please help me with some information on these two bottle and their approximate value if possible thank you robert edelman m.d.

Hey digger I found your site to be very fascinating! My brother recently found some old bottles that were found underneath an old barn that was at least 100 years old . They say: 1). This one is about 3 ½ inches tall, kinda square with a round top, clear color with a blue- green tint that has writing sideways on it: this is major's rubber cement major's cement co new york u.s.a 2). This one is about 8 inches tall-like a coke bottle- clear with a blue green tint that says: registered Syracuse bottling wks 793 s goodman st Rochester ny contents l731 8 fl oz 3). This one is small, looks maybe to be a medicine bottle, maybe 2-1/2 inches, clear, looks like it had a screw - on top, no writing except on the bottom-has a sign looks like a little spaceship then a 5 to the right of it then a 10 under neath if you can tell me anything about any of these I would greatly appreciate it-thanks colleen

I have a brown bottle......cork top (cork inside bottle) ....mold seam goes over the lip....................9" tall....shoulder slopes from 6" to 7".........4" wide...2 ¾" thick.................3/4" groove up each side (for your fingers???) embossed with the hudson's bay coat of arms.........paper around the neck also has the coat of arms and says "hudson's bay company incorporated 2nd may 1670"..........on the bottom is "s458" .."wx" .."6" ...& .."ucb" in perfect physical condition...........i assume it is a liquor bottle...........can you tell me what came in it, ....vintage.......value......etc thanks pat

After moving my old homestead house to another location, I found a glass, amber colored gallon purex jar underneath. Can you tell me if it is of any value? Thank you, Pamstewart361

Hi, I have a what I believe is a green perfume bottle. it's 4 ½" tall, the foot is 1 ¾" around and the mouth is 1 ¼" around. it takes a stopper and that opening measures ¾" around. it has a m with a line through the middle part of the m. could you please give me some information on this bottle and the maker. thank you mitzie

Hi! -i am curious about the ears on grapette elephant bottles. Were there two different types, such as smooth-eared versus what? How do you tell the difference?
Thanks, Gloria

I found a nehi beverage bottle chero cola bott co Youngstown oh minimum contents 9 fluid ounces clear glass raised lettering and herringbone type design, and information or worth? Thanks

Any info on dr. Cronk's sasaparilla bottle it is some type of pottery bottle thanks

I have my grandfathers baby bottle with the word hygeia on the bottom it is 8 oz the pat is june 19th 1894 can you tel me anything about it, manufacture value etc?? Thanks so much. Cdp

I'm trying to find info on the miniature glass sample bottles of whiskey ect. Bottles . Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks ginger

Digger, I found this bottle in Smithfield , va. Its rectangular , clear, the mold seem stops at the base of the neck, the top is the applied square type, and the words read from top to bottom j&e mahoney, Portsmouth, Alexandria, and Norfolk, va . And in that order. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks, john.

Pixjose825 Hi , I am very glad to contact you. I am architect and live in panama city, panama. I have two bottles (as you can see in the picture) the big one is a clear glass, height of 10 ½ inches, good conditions, also has inscriptions at top like: " commissary branch supply department, the panama canal" at the bottom " one cent for return of bottle" and a number: "182". The small bottle is 8 inches tall and has a inscription: "grosvenor 31 Glasgow" I found both in a Caribbean place name isla colon in bocas del toro, located far west from panama city, Please I want to know more about this bottles, the history, its value, origin. Thank yo very much.

I have been checking on the internet and on ebay for a couple of years regarding the bottle that I have. It says fine old sam clay - julius kessler & co. Distillers. The lettering is in gold and the bottle is about 11 inches high. If you can help me, I certainly would appreciate it. Thank you....

I have come across 2 very large glass bottles. I would guess they are 7 to 10 gallons. I was told they are railroad bottles. Do you know where I can find any info on these type of bottles? Thank you, michael brennan

Good evening, when I was a kid twenty some years ago, I found a bottle stuck in the mud. I have not been able to find out what it is or if it worth anything. I thought maybe you could help.

Description: size: about 12-14" tall Color: green with a brass colored monkey wrapped around it. It doesn't have any crimp marks around the lip so I think it may have had a cork in it. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Or maybe you know who I can contact about it. thank you sandy Pennsylvania

We have an old bottle and we do not know what it is worth if anything... It has a roof on the top of the bottle and on one side it say's 1840 the other side say's e.g. Booz's old cabin whiskey. On one side it says 120 walnut st. Philadelphia and on the bottom it say's booze bottle. It has an amber color and a cork in the top of it. It has no whiskey in it. Could you let us know what you have on this? Thanks Kevin taff

Hello digger, I was wondering about the rarity and value of three bird-shaped bottles that I have been told held jack Daniel whiskey and are dated 1969. They were found in my grandmother things when she passed away and I don't actually have them to tell you the height or anything else. Can you help me? Thanks for your time! Jodie
We have found and old ½ pint bottle clear in color with the following imprinted on the bottom r-244 19[c] or [g] and then the number 633 on one end on the appears to have had a label at one time .... We found it in the basement of our old 1900 built victorian home we just purchased along with some old blue mason jars with glass lids . Could you please advise? Thank you sharon rucker southern Illinois

Hi, jaok, Hope you can help!!!!. This bottle was found at a yard sale. Thought it might be worth something but have been unable to find any info. Can you point us in the right direction of provide any information.

5 gallon bottle used for transporting wine . It looks like a old Alhambra bottle but has the following embossed on the bottle. The print is all upside down like it would sit on a water cooler. i'm Side 1 - (embossed)- "great bear springs Trade mark company This bottle is loaned and never sold Five gallons" Side 2 - (embossed) "illegal possession Or Refilling this bottle Punishment One year imprisonment $50 dollar reward For evidence leading to conviction" The bottle also has 4 $ .10 cent- stamps that state- " wines of 1934 United stated internal revenue" Paper label on bottle states: "serial # 311 Shipment federal tax paid Produced and packed by little Harry winery Bonded winery no. 4029 14th district, California Enrico mirogolio, st. Helena, napa co. Calif Kind of wine : california sauterne Contents in wine gal._________ Alcohol 13% by volume___________ Date of shipment_____________ Consignee: (hand written) a. F. Cooks 1422 vic???Te st san Francisco Bottom of bottle embossed with- "2 47 1929 (diamond shape center w/letter) l" Thank you for your time and help with this. S. Hayward

Dear mr. Digger,
I have got 35 pieces camus celebration , 50ml cognac at the moment. I'd like to learn average prices and possible buyers for these cognacs. And also will be happy if you can let me know the popularity of this camus, whether it is a limited production and a favourite for the buyers. Thanks & regards, Deniz bilici


Hello digger - we have found a set of political figure wine bottles, still with the wine in them. I am looking for more information about them, and was wondering if you had any suggestions for where to look. I am not a bottle collector... I doubt that the wine is worth anything, after being stored in a box in the attic for the past 37 years. The set is complete and appears to be fairly unblemished. A description and pictures of the wine bottles can be found at (not my site - someone else's). Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, shannon pipik

Dear sir, I am beginning to collect these bottles and have five so far. My mother and father played there when they were kids. Since I was raised one mile from there, I have strong ties to the "springs"..(water is still flowing there for free) do you know the different colors of the bottles, and which ones are more valuable? All of mine are aqua, but have heard of clear, pink, and amber colored. Thanks, sam

I found this bottle clear glass embossed smile in the center of the bottle at the bottom embossed 2 ½ ounce patient July 11, 1922 . The bottle is in good shape after the dirt was cleaned from it . Do you know what was in it ? Soda, mouthwash, medicine. I can't find anything about the bottle. Have any idea?

Hello mr. Digger, my son is a dock builder he found a 31/2 inch bottle with cork, no grooves for screw top.oil is still in the bottle, on both sides it reads three in one oil co. Can you give any information on this, or how to locate company. Thanks a whole lot . Bette mason

Have bottle, extra brooks 150 months old 1970 quail. Could you tell me a worth range. Still has seal although it is empty. Perfect condition. Thank you.

Hello, I have 1888 "Millville bottle works" blue glass bottle in mint condition and I was wondering the appraisal value on it. So please email me back. Thank you. Amanda Clark

I am an archaeological field tech and I have found several bottles, most of which are probably not historical but are interesting and wanted to know more about them. It's also nice to know just in case I run across any more during work, as we find them on a weekly basis. All have seams all the way up to the top: 1. Large 10 ¼" brown, straight smooth sides, bottle is a rounded rectangle shape (width), neck is smaller, with what looks to be a cork lid (flat sides), the neck also has an indent about ¾" down from the top. Back has a raised semi circle of broken pieces of textured blocks? And at the bottom says 4/5 quart. Front is raised 2" tall with a decorative "aa", and at bottom "federal law forbids resale or re-ude of this bottle". Bottom: "17 d-9 56 59 m-25b 2 c "des pat 128634". Could this be a seltzer bottle? 2. Aqua tinted 7 ¾. Straight sides, small neck with rusted metal cap. The front is 3 ½" wide, side 2" wide, bottle has 6 facets. Bottom says x m (with a circle around it) 2. This bottle has a white powdery substance in it, I am guessing it is the original liquid but dried. 3. Broken bottle, but interesting... "Pluto water, America's physic. Bottom has a primitive attempt at a human shape, and says Pluto. 4. "sun crest" painted. Rippled below neck and bottom. Back says' "sun crest soda. This bottle designed for your convenience clearly revealing its refreshing contents. Know what you drink" 5. 5 ¼" clear. Sloped neck is half the bottle. Bottom circled I tc-3 77 edge of bottom textured all the way around. Screw top. (i have two of these, they're quite common but I was told historic, the other says 80 w 15 and has a bull's eye pattern on the bottom) 6. 8 ¼" screw top, sides slope slightly outward from bottom up, then back in, neck is indented. Possibly clear, but bottle has a lot of white film inside and the bottle is slightly turquoise tinted. Says 500 ml (169 fl oz) and bottom says liquor bottle 155 14-80 thank you very much, if there's any info at all, or if these bottles really are just nice to look at, let me know! Congrats on a great site as well. =) "digging in georgia"

There is a bottle that was found and was wondering maybe if you could tell me if it was worth anything or not. It no longer has the lid to it. It is about 6 or 7 inches tall (12 fl oz). The picture on the bottle isnt a sticker but it is of a cowboy coming through saloon doors while on the back the glass is raised with that same picture. The mouth is circular and the mold seam goes all the way to the lip.I'm not sure how to describe the bottom of the base other than on the edges its ridged and the smooth with an indent on the bottom.the bottle is amber (brown) in color and round. Other than the lid missing it is in excellent shape. There is no damage to the picture or the bottle itself. I would like to know if you can tell me when this bottle was made and if it is worth anything. Thank you , marvin
I don't have the drawings here with me (at work) but i'll bring them in tomorrow and send email them to you. Thanks. Peter

Pixsusan828 Dear digger, I have found many old bottle pieces near where we are building a house in an historic area of jamaica. Some of them are very encrusted with a metallic patina. (see attached photo) Can you tell me why some glass turns to metallic surface appearance and what this means regarding age and origin? Your help is greatly appreciated. With thanks,

Hello, I'm sorry to intrude, however I have this old medicine bottle and I have spent a week online searching "everything & everywhere" and no where have I seen another one like it. I'm sending you a picture & I'm hoping, preying, that you may offer me any assistance on it, anything at all. Age, value, anything please. The bottle is about 9" tall & 8.4" around. The top is medal & screw off and still comes off & on easily. Very little rust inside cap. The front & back labels are perfectly intact! And there is still some original contents left in the bottle. Bottle reads; George Foster's magic fire. The original & only red hot wonder liniment. Sincerely, Debbie

Yes, the label says George foster, inc. St. Paul, minn. Usa. The bottle is in beautiful condition ! No chips or flaws at all. The front & back label perfectly in tact & a few drops left of original content. It is a "screw off cap" and comes on & off easily w/ very little rust at all. Thanks again for helping me. Debbie

Digger, I am looking for the value of a michter's whiskey bicentennial commemorative liberty bell decanter. It is ceramic and has a cork. Any that I have found online seem to be very shiny and this one is a rather flat, grayish color.

hi there sorry to bother you know you are busy by all the letters you get. My mom has a few old crown pickling jars blue in colors and dated in the 30 and early 40's she doesn't know what to do with them and was going to throw them out. Would this be wise?? They have the glass tops with them as well. Thank you ever so much

Hi, I recently stumbled across your site while researching my family history. By searching for websites mentioning my family name, I found that several people had written to you concerning bottles with the name "l. Pierre valligny". Consulting my father, I learned that the name on these bottles belonged to my great-grandfather, who came to the us from central France around 1906. My father believes that the bottles contained hair dyes that he mixed and sold in Manhattan. I assume that "la goutte-a-goutte" (translated "drop-by-drop"?), which was also mentioned, was the name of his product.

I am interested in perhaps obtaining one of these bottles, or at least seeing a photo of one. Is there a way I can get in contact, through you, with one of the people who have found these bottles?
Thank you,
Chris valligny

Yardley London on bottom, also on cap or lid appears to be gold, with a center of platinum with a flat map of world, the outer edge of this lid has the markings of a compass. In the yardly London it has things written such as ng.07.seems to be a date of 1705 or 1708, there a 37 drachmas of gold think that's what it means. The map seems to have some of the first routes used to get to America from England. What do you know of these sort of bottles it has the tip of a nasal spray bottle I believe the were coke snuff bottles, can you tell me any thing about it???????

Hello digger my dad has found a mineral water bottle. The bottle has a smooth surface and on it is d.j. Whelan troy new York and on the other side is 1881 mineral water . Please help us find out what the worth of this bottle is and send us a reply thanks

Its says when your heals hit hard and your head feels queer, and your thoughts foam up like the froth on beer, when your legs are weak, and your voice is strong, and you'll laugh like hell at some damn fool song, you're drunk, by gosh you're drunk! And has new York on the bottom, it looks old could you please email me back at greasemonkeyike

pixboysen829 I was asked by a friend in gill Massachusetts to see if I could find out anything about an ink bottle found in a local dig. I have attached all the information I have in a jpg diagram. Can you tell me what it is worth and any other info you may have?
Thank you Boysen hodgson

Could you tell me anything about a bottle I have. It looks old. It's rectangle shape, clear glass and is about 7" tall and has the following writing: California fig strkup co Califig Sterling products (inc.) Sucessor Thank you Have a great day Virginia

Greetings-the bottle is Vincent Hathaway ginger ale Boston-green/blue glass-looks like it had a stopper-the very bottom of the bottle is rounded as it will not set up like other bottles, which is the only reason we purchased the item-any info? And thanks George and Barbara Thomas

what is the value of my jar. One quart milk or buttermilk saids on it blossom dairy has Charleston wva and more has a cow all the pictures and writing is panted on durglas I believe is in the glass not panted its on the bottom there is more I can not see it is squear. Thank you auntie90

The value of old brown clorox round quart jar

Howdy digger. I realize you get hundreds of questions every month. I'm very patient, so no prob! Okay, I have two bottles I cannot find any info on. I am a collector so am familiar with most bottles but not these two. I have no way of sending a pic yet so I'll do my best to describe them. The first is a nice shade of aqua, about 7 to 7 ¼ inches tall, rectangular, very crude, chamfered corners, looks like it should be pontiled but isn't and reads on the front panel: boerhaves Holland bitters. The side panels read: b. Page jr & co and Pittsburgh, pa on the other. The lip is double rolled and applied and very 'dribbly' looking. Many stretch marks in the neck and bubbles throughout. The second bottle is the one I'm very interested in. It is rectangular and is the deepest aqua I've seen on a bottle, the bottom is smooth with a lot of little fleabite looking spots, but also looks as if it ought to be pontiled, it has the thickest bottom of any medical bottle I've seen, and is very heavy as well. It is approx 6 to 6 ½ inches tall, has the same double rolled applied lip as the bitters and just as crude, bottle is wider at the top than the bottom, lots of stretch marks in the neck area, and here's the weird part. Bottles, when you hold them up to read them, usually read from left to right on the front panels. This one reads from right to left! First bottle i've seen like this. The indented front panel reads: cough syrup. The indented side panels read: dr gw Phillips on one and Cincinnati o on the other. These have to be 1860's to 1870's bottles just by their crudeness. I would like to know the history as well as the worth and rarity of them if possible. The cough syrup bottle is just beautiful and I'm very fascinated by the weight and crudeness of it. The mold seams on both bottles only go up to the shoulder. They are a bit mineral stained, but no cracks, chips etc. Pretty mint for the age. If I get access to a digital, I will send pix. I think you'd appreciate these bottles very much, as I do! These came from the bannack, montana area, the first territorial capital (1862). I will look for your answer in the next few months on your great site. Thanks! Boone mcintyre in montana.
Hello! My name is sam and I have a 1970 regal china jim beam bottle that my great grandmother gave me before she passed away. It has a number on the bottom. The number is hard to read, but I believe it is ky-dbr-230. It has some blue flowers on the front and also alot of gold detailing. I was wondering what it might be worth and if it is rare or what I have, exactly

I recently found a bottle near an old railroad line in plumas county. The color is clear and has a metal screw top. There is a seam that runs along down the side of the bottle. On the bottom of the bottle, embossed numbers 2, 5, 1., and the word Douglas. On the side of the bottle, near the bottom 4/5 quart is embossed. Is this a bottle by Douglas laing & co. Ltd., possibly a whiskey bottle? Any help would be appreciated.
--- heather beecher

I have a small green glass bottle with a glass stopper in the top, the bottle says larkin soap co. Buffalo on the front and the back side is smooth. The handle on the glass stopper Has fancy initials lsc. I would like to know its value, thank you Whoops I forgot to mention that the bottle is in mint condition, no scratches or chips, thank you

Pre>digger I know from your e-mail you are very busy. This bottle I bought in nw ark.from front yard table is in excellent cond. Bottle reads s.j.wolohan bottlers Holyoke mass. 514&516 high st. Holyoke mass. Contacted holyoke & hampden county library. They said it was a saloon from 1899-1913 big saloon 2 st. Addresses. When I described the bottle light amethyst color seam ends about 2inches from top and used a stopper at top. They wanted me to send the bottle to them. Or pay a huge research fee for more info. This was a 14yr business and all they would say was saloon. I know there is more to it than that. I have ran up a phone bill no answers please any suggestions

I am looking for information concerning a bottle that we found with smile on the bottle. The bottom has a 9 then some symbol and then 48, so we think it was manufactured in 1948. The symbol looks like it has the letter I in the center, but not certain. Please e-mail me with any information you might have on this product. Thank you!

I am looking for any information on a bottle with smile on it. It has a 9 then a symbol and then 48 on the bottom, so we think it was manufactured in 1948. The symbol looks like it has an I in the center but we are not sure. Please e-mail us with any information you might have on this product. Thank you!

Hello. I found a clear glass jar about 4 inches high that has "gebhardt eagle" raised on one side of the glass and "chili powder" raised on the opposite side. On the front of the bottle there is an eagle with soe design around it. Under the eagle symbol is printed "trademark" below that there is also printed "e 1185". Can you tel me when and where this is from?? Thankyou very much

Hi digger, We recently dug up the following and wonder what you can tell us. We are not collectors, but would be interested in (i assume this is a labor of love, and we appreciate your service!):

1) paradise clib soda bottle, cammarano bros., tacoma, olympia. Bottle bottom says net contents 10 fl oz. The numbers below that are 5043 and below that a 5. At the very top (still on bottle bottom) are s a trademark then 3. All paint is well preserved excepting it took on a dulling from the soil it was in.

2) a pretty shaped soda-like bottle, vertical grooves top to bottom around the circumference, clear glass, no markings except on the bottom- packed by cal cons co. In the center of the bottom is a 6 followed by a trademark that looks like a smaller a within an h, followed by a 14.

3) a larger amber bottle, lots of pretty hatchmarks in most places. A circular area within which is a shield, banner and globe(?). The cap is still on and reads continental distilling corp. The bottom reads contintental distilling corp.; d-18; pat. D 91033; under that is 39-7; then philadelphia, pa.  Some other stuff like a square best food jar, but this interests us the most. Thank you again, Will Seattle

Digger I have found a bordens cream top milk bottle and was Wondering how collectable it is and its value. Thanks for any info. Lou

Hey mr. Digger. I have a 1950 bottle of mr. Robbins rock and rye. It is unopened and full intact. Can you tell me what it is worth?

I located a small (2 1/12" clear) square pineoleum bottle. One side reads pineoleum, then trial, then physicians and then again pineoleum. It is very twisted and deformed. Is it of any value? Mike

Very common. They sell for $1-2  You will find more in other months about this product introduced about 1900.  Digger


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