Bols Bottles

I have a Bols Bottle... One of the companies that produced bottles and collectibles that garner the most questions is the Lucas Bols Company of Amsterdam, Holland. Typically the answer is they are not especially valuable. However, occassionally the questioner has one of the 1880-1910 era pottery or clay bottles which may have some value to Bottle Collectors. Most of the Bols bottles are too new to be of interest in Antique Bottle Collectors. The majority of the Bols bottles about which I get questions were produced in the 1950-1980 period. Most of the questions are about one of the four types of bottles listed below. Because these bottles may have a date of 1575, some people assume they are old, they are not.


Ballerina Bottles

Bols Ballerina BottleThese are extremely common found all over the world. They were made in the 1950-1960 period. those without contents have a trouble finding a buyer. Bottles with the original box and contents are rare. Those with labels and contents are plentiful but collectible and usually sell under $39.00. These bottles come in several flavors of liqueurs. Some have the gold specks in the liquid.




Delft Decanters

These "hand-painted" collectibles have been made by the Bols company for a long time. Older ones are valuable, but not always rare. It is beyond the scope of this web site to detail these bottles. Those show in pictures are relatively new and sell for under $25.





Bols Gin Pottery Bottles

Stamped Erven (sometime Ervan) Lucas Bols Amsterdam These pottery bottles are very common. the 1880-1910 bottles are wheel thrown and more highly collectible than the molded later bottles.  Many of the older ones are collectible and might sell for $30-40. The bottle shown is new.


Four Compartment Bottles

In the 1960s, I presume, Bols began making their four compartment bottle. Each compartment held a different liqueur. Being somewhat unusual in their shape makes them standout, but they like the other bottles above tend to not be valuable.


The Ervan Lucas Bols company has been operating in this country since 1947 when they opened their first plant in Englewood, New Jersey. They distributed their products all around the world as early as the 1870s.