Ted should have listened. For years, Ted has been my digging partner. He knows something about bottles from his great digging experiences, but hasn’t really mastered the finer details of prices. When I first came out with this price guide series, I offered a set to Ted at a bargain price. I kept telling him how handy the set would be since he was always going to auctions, flea markets and antique shops and shows. One day he returned from an auction to tell me he had bid on a bottle he had seen. He told me it was a barrel bitters. He said, "I bid it up to two hundred dollars. I was afraid to bid more. It went for $205." I asked him which barrel bitters it was. I about flipped when he told me. He said he knew it was good bottle, but he didn’t know how good. I just shook my head and told him to look it up in my Bitters Price Guide. When he did, he found out it last sold for $1200.00. My only comment was to him was he could have bought six sets of my bottle price guides for the amount of that bottle he let get away and that the guy who got the bottle must have been very happy. Needless to say, Ted now has the whole set.
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