BOTTLE SHOW November 2002

For thirty years bottle collectors and dealers have been meeting in the Springfield area to buy, sell and swap bottles.  The show was originally organized by a number of teachers and others interested in antique bottles in the 1970s.  While there are no monthly club meetings any longer, many of the original club members still attend the annual show.  In the world of bottle shows, the Springfield is small but this year drew a good crowd with people coming from many surrounding states including West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and even South Carolina. Here's a pictorial walk through this year's fun.

The show is held at the Heart of Ohio Antique Mall one exit down I-70 from the Springfield Fairgrounds where a large antique show is held several times a year.  The Interstate exits in this area house 3-4 huge antique malls which provide before or after show browsing. 

Many of Ohio's well know collectors and dealers attended.  In the background, pharmacy collector Paul Wherry of Columbus is looking for change.

Two original club members chat during the slow times.  At left is Mary Ballentine whose husband Paul collected blown Ohio glass.  At the right sits Bob Gilbert, who runs the Bottle Works, a shop in Waynesville, Ohio which deal primarily in antique bottles and related items. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop in if for nothing else other than to chat and swap bottle stories.

Dave Mercker who for years has been chasing down early Ohio aqua and black glass ale bottles displays a number of his treasures. while Dave had some good bottles for sale, he was hoping someone would walk in with a new ale bottle for him. Shown above, Dave, who never tires of talking about bottles, chats with another dealer.

Jim Hall (left) is a regular at most Ohio shows.  He travels extensively and offers the public a selection of quality bottles.  This year was no exception.  He had scarce and rare bitters, inks, medicines and flasks for sale. In the background Chuck Henningen and Don Dzuro browse tables.

Shown above are some of Jim's recent acquisitions. 

A good crowd kept the dealers busy most of the morning.  Bottles of all price range could be had and from what I saw  everyone went home happy including me.  Springfield is an annual event, like most shows, plan a stop in the middle of Ohio next November.