1. Never, NEVER,NEVER buy damaged bottles because you think you'll never see another one.

  2. Never buy damaged bottles period.

  3. There is no such thing as a one-of-a- kind. Unless you own it.

  4. Learn to recognize cleaned bottles, repaired bottles and those that have been altered. Pay less than market value for them. It is often better to wait for one in better condition.

  5. Bottles are not an investment.

  6. Keep your perspective. Remember you are just a custodian. Unless you're buried with them or break them someone else will own them a hundred years from now.

  7. Know when you are paying too much and why.

  8. Don't pay too much if it says "Wheaton" on the base.

  9. Bottles are worth more when you are trying to buy them than when you're trying to sell them.

  10. Don't spend the kid's lunch money on bottles.

  11. When you buy bottles buy the best you can afford. Quality always is easier to resell.

  12. Ignorance is expensive. Educate yourself about what you want to collect. Read everything you can get your hands on. Talk to the "experts", attend shows, subscribe to the bottle magazine.


Have fun and remember its the people you meet along the way, not the bottles that are most important.