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Many collectors are actively seeking antique bottles for their collections. Find out in the ads below what old bottles are wanted by the country's top bottle collectors. You can post your want ad for antique bottles for free. See details at the bottom of this page.

WANTED: Looking for top shelf STODDARD MEDICINES...SWETT'S, HOLMAN'S, STONE and PIKE & OSGOOD. I am also looking for good COLORED HISTORICAL FLASKS. Please email me! Thanks, Mike mgeorge@metro2000.net WANTED INKS: Embossed or labeled Cones & Umbrellas, I need the tough ones you rarely see. Also looking for rare colors. Also want ink related items before 1920. Tim Buda: tbuda@shianet.org
WANTED: American Poison Bottles. I'm trying to complete sets and after 29 years of searching, still need sizes in both common and rare bottles. Joan jjcab@b2xonline.com WANTED: Quality bottles and pottery from Ga. and Ala. including blob top sodas,1880's or earlier medicines especially pontiled, mineral waters, Hutchinson Cokes, etc. 65wareagle@bellsouth.net
WANTED: BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS. 1850-1890 Any Beers, Ales, Sodas and Patent Medicines. Especially Pontiled versions. Thanks. Anthony greens@cdelph.com Wanted - INDIAN BOTTLES! Looking for the Indian Bitters, Sarsaparillas, Cures and rare Medicines, but, will settle for a good Sagwa every now and then! http://www.WeLoveOldBottles.com Mike Smith
WANTED: Bottles embossed with the word "Blood". Including: Dr. Bixler's Blood & Liver Regulator, Greencastle PA, DR. WILSON'S BLOOD RENEWER, DR LAWRENCE'S BLOOD RENOVATOR NORFOLK VA, DR. SYKES' SPECIFIC BLOOD MEDICINE CHICAGO ILL, DR. HENRY'S WORLD'S TONIC BLOOD PURIFIER, KENYON'S BLOOD AND NERVE TONIC BOTTLE OWEGO NY, KELLER'S CATARRH REMEDY & BLOOD PURIFIER, DR. MACLAIRD'S SCOTCH BLOOD RENEWER, COLORED LINSEY'S BLOOD SEARCHER BOTTLES and many others, Contact: jaok20@bottlebooks.com WANTED READERS AND COLLECTORS: I would like to call attention to my Literature (and other things) of Interest to Collectors and Historians. FREE!
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WANTED: Harrison Ohio Rupp Pottery, milks, meds, squats, hutches, whiskeys, Druggists, Advertising, M.L.Thomas or J.P. Marvins Cincinnati meds. -Eddie ebrater@cinci.rr.com Date: 2008-09-24 WANTED: Large, big and huge American demijohn(s)! No cylinders unless the color is unusual. In wicker is always welcome. CHESTNUT bottles too! Glad to have a chance to buy. thank you! Tony abostondog@aol.com
WANTED DAMAGED OR RESTORED BITTERS :KELLYS DRAKES, LIGHT AND WILD COLORED LADIES LEGS, BARRELS, YELLOW OLIVE PROFESSOR BYRNES!! #941-922-7004 THANK YOU! JONATHAN MELNICK. aquamole@comcast.net WANTED! Bottles base-embossed 'HALE & PARSHALL, LYONS, N.Y.", look like master inks in blue, etc. TOP PRICES PAID! Also, similar bottles embossed "HOTCHKISS" from Phelps, NY. Contact: Chris Davis, 522 Woodhill, Newark, NY 14513, 315-331-4078, cdavis016@rochester.rr.com. I will be at the Keene, NH show.
WANTED: West Virginia Bottles: milk, beer, soda pop, stoneware, druggist, etc. contact Charlie Perry 39304 Bradbury rd. Middleport, OH 45760 740-992-5088 perrycola@suddenlink.net WANTED: Old Drink bottles Coca Cola Pepsi Royal Crown and all unusual names. I am interested in Tennessee and Mississippi Soda Bottles. BottleBob EMAIL bcb62@charter.net
WANTED: Early Blown-Three-Mold Glass... Pitchers, creamers, vases, bowls, etc. Email me for a quick response! earlyglass@gmail.com WANTED QUEBEC BOTTLES! Sodas, Ales & beers, must be pre 1920, labeled or embossed. Also Quebec ginger beer bottles & assorted pottery (crocks, jugs, etc). Can you help? Frederic. canadian_stoneware@yahoo.com
WANTED: Inks: especially Harrison's Columbian or LH Thomas. Keith Leeders thinkink9@sbcglobal.net WANTED: Pontil New Brunswick, NJ bottles including How's Liniment, Dr. Nicholl's Sarsaparilla, Bell & Bennett, A.A. Buchanan, SW Bell and dug slip decorated redware pie plates whole or in pieces. botlman@msn.com
WANTED: All Early Baltimore bottles including Sodas, Medicines, Foods, Inks, Early Stoneware Bottles, and utility forms, in color attributable to a Baltimore Glass House. Chris Rowell baltimorebottles@gmail.com WANTED: Frederick Maryland bottles (no milks), Dr Fahrney bottles from Maryland, early Dr Hartshorn bottles. Contact info at
WANTED: Early fancy colognes, scents and smelling bottles, smelling salts, and central Virginia - VA bottles, including 'Home Brewing' and 'Stumpf'. Thank you! Flaschenjager@aol.com WANTED: St Louis Colored Blob Top Soda's in green, cobalt, robin egg blue, yellow's, black glass, and etc. Top Dollar Paid for ones I need. TA stlouissoda@aol.com
WANTED: Looking for London Ky sodas, milks or medicine bottles thanks Greg grime55@yahoo.com WANTED: Jamaica Ginger bottles, Western AND Eastern, labeled and/or embossed. Also, Northern California hutches, blob tops. Bottles or "go-withs" from Suisun, Cal., Fairfield, Cal., and Rio Vista, Cal. western.bottles@gmail.com
WANTED: "LONDON / JOCKEY / GIN" embossed horse & rider. maxbitters@comcast.net WANTED: HISTORICAL FLASKS. Interested in purchasing both rare molds and colored examples. Entire collections purchased for single items desired. Immediate payment. Mark Vuono neaa@sbcglobal.net
WANTED: Steubenville Ohio bottles and collectables and Bloomingdale Ohio Milk Bottles ohioblobs@hotmail.com WANTED: Freeblown Clevenger glass Pitchers , vases , mugs , jugs and misc. Freeblown glass Thanks Bill sergeant thesarge@owc.net
WANTED: Looking for Guckenheimer Whiskey bottles and related items. Joe naturebee@yahoo.com WANTED: St Louis Colored Pontil Soda's. Looking for Cobalt, Robin Egg, Green's and Yellow's. Minor damage acceptable. Top Dollar Paid! Theo stlouissoda@aol.com
WANTED: Oregon bottles from all towns except Portland - especially bottles from Klamath Falls. http://www.historicbottles.com Email: bill@historicbottles.com WANTED: American Glass Gallery is accepting quality consignments of early bottles & flasks. Whether you have a single item or an entire collection, please visit us at: www.americanglassgallery.com  email:  jpastor@americanglassgallery.com
WANTED: Pre-1910 embossed beer, soda and medicine bottles from Lewistown, PA. Especially seeking Soult & Zerbe iron pontil soda bottles and Bossinger beer bottles. Jim Morrison, housesparrow1@aim.com WANTED: Lionstone hockey players and NFL, OBR and colonial football player, email:
WANTED: MILK GLASS BOTTLES, NOT GLASS MILK BOTTLES! Must be mouth blown and embossed. Top dollar paid for those I don't have. Mail particulars to: MILKGLASSBOTTLES@COMCAST.NET  Thank you for helping my collection grow. Gary


WANTED: Lewistown, Milroy, Belleville Reedsville, Pa. Bottles!! Any Bottle! Thank You! Charlie! genno62@aol.com WANTED: Kellys old cabin bitters R - 21 Amber , must have good , legible embossing , can have small flaws . Thanks and good collecting Don dkelly@tricityrentals.com
WANTED: OLD GLASS TOILET CISTERN WATER CLOSET FLOATS! I Know Strange thing to Collect! Thanks!!! TDSTRICKLER@AOL.COM WANTED: Baltimore stoneware beer bottles. Used for Weiss and other flavored beers. Have one and don't know if it's from Maryland? email me grfranklin@yahoo.com
WANTED: Lewistown, Milroy, Belleville Reedsville, Pa. Bottles!! Any Bottle! Thank You! Charlie! genno62@aol.com WANTED: BRUNKER BALSAM medicine bottle. PRE 1900. The name will be embossed on this clear bottle. 4 to 6 inches in height. Thank you Judi finn6768@yahoo.com
Baltimore Pontiled Medicine/Druggists bottles. Cracked/Damaged ok. Thanks. Marc Turner mkrenrut@verizon.net WANTED: Baltimore Pontiled Medicine / Druggist bottles. Interested even if damaged. Marc Turner http://mysite.verizon.net/mkrenrut/mybaltimorebottlecollection/
WANTED: Buffalo Lithia Water, Buffalo Lithia Springs Water and Buffalo Mineral Water. All colors especially cobalt blue. slimwilberger@verizon.net WANTED: Soft drink bottles, Whiskey Flasks ,ginger ale bottles from Ottawa, Canada. Any other bottle or can that's old bradpaquette@sympatico.ca
WANTED: James J Fox, Columbia Wine & Liquor Company and California Wine & Liquors Company --- all with Hudson, NY addresses. Thank you! Allan AJEJudge@aol.com WANTED: London KY bottles. Other towns in Kentucky, such as Corbin, Barbourville, and East Bernstadt. Ones I already have are on my website at http://www.bottlesbottlesbottles.com grime55@yahoo.com
WANTED: Embossed blackglass ales, embossed cathedral sauces, pontilled medicines embossed Griswold & pontilled Troupe & Fickardt Circleville,Oh. bottles.Thank you dasmith1@wowway.com WANTED:Bixby & Whittemore shoe polish bottles in colors. Also Bixby & Whittemore go-withs like boxes, advertising items. Thank you! Paul Bata idigjars@comcast.net Date: 2009-04-21
WANTED: H&K stomach bitters, Stoneware Painesville water, Pontil Cook's Eye Water or Vermifuge, Ashtabula OH bottles: Stoneware Fargo beer bottles, A. Dalin bottles, and all Ashtabula Ohio bottles! mlacy28@yahoo.com WANTED: Piso cure bottles in unusual colors like: Black, pure yellow, cobalt blue. Also any Piso remedy bottles. Also any Piso bottles with labels, especially larger sizes and colored. Paul Bata idigjars@comcast.net
WANTED: Any bottles with embossing of Mykrantz name from Mykrantz Pharmacies Co., Columbus, Ohio jkmcamyk@verizon.net WANTED: Antique Medical ( & QUACK medicine) Stuff...medicine/cure/poison bottles, tins, boxes, ads, etc., doctor's supplies, medical instruments, medical or nursing books/manuals/journals poodlemamax2@aol.com
WANTED: milk bottles from Martinsville va. or Bassett va. or Stuart va. or Stewart va. gebullins@yahoo.com WANTED: brewery bottles that have BRASHEAR embossed on them. bugos7@yahoo.com
WANTED: Medicines by Thomas McClintock/ M'Clintock, etc.,Waterloo,NY or Pa. Made nipple balm & papillary lotion. Do any exist? Any info or sitings welcome. Thanks~ jlpontius@hotmail.com WANTED: Frederick Maryland and surrounding areas Knoxville,Brunswick,Hagerstown,Burkittsville. Sodas, Beers and Medicines, Looking for Ones to add to my collection, Email me Thanks Allan abkman317@aol.com
WANTED: Antique bottle with Rocco Ferrante and a Philadelphia address embossed on the side. Premium paid for the right bottle. Contact Chas, at chd083@aol.com WANTED: EMBOSSED TENNESSEE SODA BOTTLES . HUTCHINSONS, BLOBS AND CROWNS . THANKS- DON COX VOLSFOOTBALL@PEOPLEPC.COM
WANTED: Schwartz ginger ale bottle from san Francisco late 1800s to about 1940 mccannrox@aol.com WANTED: "Voigt's Nurish Malt" beer bottle from - Voigt's Brewery, Detroit, MI foglestone@gmail.com
WANTED: W.VA soda pop bottles both embossed and ACL. Top dollar paid for ACL Princess Beverages from Logan W.VA. Also need Bluestone Beverages and Greenbrier bottleaddict@yahoo.com WANTED: I am looking for patent medicines from Texas. cures, liniments, purifiers, antiseptics, tooth care, remedies, medical mfg. companies or any other Texas medicine bottles. nightshade818@sbcglobal.net
WANTED: Sunnyside Dairy, Frank Cabo, Clarksburg WV Milk Bottles. Please email or call 304-627-1001 and leave a message. djbinegar@gmail.com WANTED: ANY BOTTLES WITH THE "WM A. SELSER" MARK. JASELSER@HOTMAIL.COM Date: 2009-11-20
WANTED: Hodnett Springs bottles; Coates and Millner milk bottles; Moses Brothers milk bottles. lynnadams1@cox.net WANTED: Any soda bottles, beer bottles, or dairy bottles from Bloomington or Normal, Illinois. dlmoss1@verizon.net
WANTED: Information about a 12 sided bottle, marked J.Craft on the bottom. mamarose7251@yahoo.com WANTED: Eldridge milk bottle from somewhere in west virginia 1920's sml1divo@yahoo.com
WANTED: WANTED: AUBURN NEW YORK BEER ITEMS. BOTTLES, TRAYS, PAPER ADVERTISING, OPENERS, CRATES, ETC. ANYTHING WITH THE BREWERY'S NAME. THANKS!!! scottiedvc@yahoo.com WANTED: Any bottles from Steubenville, Ohio. This includes, but is not limited to: dairy, soda, beer, medicine, whiskey, etc. New collector looking to expand my collection. brunotegano@gmail.com
WANTED: MRS. F. BOSSINGER or J.H. BOSSINGER bottles from Lewistown, PA, c. 1870-1895. Any condition. Jim Morrison housesparrow1@aim.com Date: 08-10-14 WANTED: Centlivre and Old Crown bottles from Fort Wayne Indiana blob to labeled.Need most for my collection. centlivrebottles@yahoo.com
WANTED: Hutch and blob sodas from Nebraska. I'm also interested in drugstores from Lincoln, NE. timclements@netzero.com WANTED: BRUNKER BALSAM MEDICINE BOTTLE the name will be embossed on the 4 or 8 oz bottle  judifinn@gmail.com
WANTED: Blob and hutch sodas from Northeast Iowa. Premium paid for MacGregor, Lansing or New Vienna. Jeff K krapflj@mchsi.com WANTED: Milk bottles from Clark's Dairy Meredith, NH. jen.mcc@gmail.com
WANTED: Any Bottles ( ie. Beer, Soda, Medicine, Whiskey, Etc.) from PATTERSON, PA., MIFFLINTOWN, PA., MIFFLIN, PA., PORT-ROYAL, PA., McALISTERVILLE, PA., MILLCREEK, Pa., GLENIRON, PA., Thank You! CHARLIE! genno62@aol.com WANTED: Bottles from Paris IL, Brocton IL, or Elbridge IL. I have PLENTY from Heischmidt Dairy already. Milks include Whitesell, Moss, Graceland, Perisho, Swain, Boyer, Equity, Huffman, See, Means. bottleman1961@verizon.net
WANTED: PRINCETON ILLINOIS Leafy Lane Dairy items. Wanting a cream top bottle but interested in any and all other LEAFY LANE DAIRY products. ratmwood@yahoo.com WANTED: WANTED ACL BOTTLES FROM RATHDRUM IDAHO NAMED (WINGS N COLA)MUST BE IN GREAT SHAPE. G.LANE@SBCGLOBAL.NET  Date: 2010-04-03
WANTED: BottleAuction.com accepting consignments for auction. To sell or consign a single item or an entire collection  www.BottleAuction.com / free appraisals. randy@bottleauction.com WANTED: Looking for old early Maysville Ky Bottles. I collect Milk, Soda, Whiskey Bottles. Will pay good for something nice!! dale_thor@yahoo.com
WANTED: 40 oz beer and malt liquor bottles, from the 1960's thru the early 2000's. Will pay $$$, referrals appreciated too! bruz@40ozmaltliquor.com WANTED: Port Costa J C Casey soda works and Crockett soda works (with a star), both Calif. hutches ..thanks robgarb@live.com
WANTED: Gannon Brothers Milk Bottle(s). This company was based in NJ and operated from the 1930's -1950's. kenneym@franklin.edu WANTED: Antique bottle with the name Rocco Ferrante and a Philadelphia address embossed on the side. Premium paid for the right bottle. Contact Chas, at chd083@aol.
WANTED: KEISEL DAIRY OCEANGATE NJ MILK BOTTLES. I AM NOT A COLLECTOR. JUST TRYING TO FIND SOME FAMILY HISTORY. THANKS IN ADVANCE athomehealth@verizon.net WANTED: JACOB PABST PATTERSON, PA early porter/beer bottle. Any condition will be considered. Serious collector, top $$$. Thank you. Jim Morrison housesparrow1@aim.com
WANTED: york pa hutch soda bottles .otto snyder, edward ebner, casper louck,henry huth jr, also blob beer john l. Zinck bosleysbottles@aol.com WANTED: C. Nollenberger or Carl Nollenberger Leadville, Colorado, Whiskey Flasks any size and/or jugs. ldowney@lps.k12.co.us
WANTED: Milk Bottle with the name of Jake or Jacob Van Duyne. ajbulls23@cox.net WANTED: Milk Bottles from any dairy in Sycamore Illinois. hudinspector@comcast.net
WANTED: BAYET & WILLIAMS O'FALLON ILL. BLOB TOP AMBER OR AQUA. TOP DOLLAR PAID!!! ANY CONDITION. Also top dollar paid for Alton ILL Belleville ILL Highland ILL blob soda's email stlouissoda@aol.com WANTED: looking for any size or shape embossed or pyro milk bottles from new brunswick, n.j. and other dairy related items also looking for milk bottles from highland park, n.j. any size or shape. call bob at (732)470-6975 or email me at newbrunswickbot@optonline.net
WANTED: any new jersey AMBER blob beers. will pay top dollar for any and all. Also applied lip whiskeys from new York city. thanks  LENNY_CIUFO247@comcast.net Date: 2010-06-03 WANTED: wanted old wheeling W VA bottles and crocks ,milks, sodas, beers, whiskeys, medicines, and also advertising for my collection e-mail me thank you. tbok39@aol.com
WANTED: Red Rock Cola bottle. Bottled in Freeport, ME in late 1940's. digoldrup@aol.com WANTED: Milk bottles from dairies that were located in Erie County, Pennsylvania. I am especially looking for bottles from the H.E. Rose Dairy in McKean,PA. drose10182@aol.com Date: 2010-08-16
WANTED: Ann Arbor, Michigan, bottles: remedies, bitters, tonics, etc. from Dr. Kellogg medical works. Wystan Stevens, Ann Arbor historian. wystans@yahoo.com  Date: 2010-07-14 WANTED: RARE 1870 STYLE OHIO BLOB TOP BEERS. QT. SIZE ONLY. PREMIUM PAID FOR MINT BEERS WITH STOPPER, drjohnoi@aol.com  Date: 2010-07-18
WANTED: Keyser WV Milk bottles, Soda, Beer, or medicine, also collect Cumberland Md and Surrounding areas frostburg, Westernport Md, New Creek Wv, Romney, Moorefield, and etc 304-813-3145 dougwolfe_63@yahoo.com Date: 2010-07-30 WANTED: Milk bottles from Texas and New Mexico. War slogans, nursery rhymes, airplane bottles, bordens, ect... email me and thx. John jmauf16@peoplepc.com Date: 2010-08-03
WANTED: Pekin, Bloomington, or Normal IL bottles. Looking for all types: soda, milk and medicine. c3oltman@yahoo.com Date: 2010-08-20 WANTED: Stedt Dairy Bottle(s). Stedt Dairy was located in Beecher, Illinois in the early 1900s. Please contact me. Thank you, Pete 5831usmc@gmail.com Date: 2010-08-26
WANTED: old Huntingdon pa bottles, round stricklers quarts and pints, fouses dairy quarts and pints, bl snare of Huntingdon, or any other old Huntingdon bottles. darrelldeedle@yahoo.com Date: 2010-09-02 WANTED: old Huntingdon, pa bottles/round stricklers pints and half pints reeds of Alexandria pa/or mount union pa bottles please contact me asap thank u bottleman@yahoo.com
WANTED: Wyoming crock jugs , whiskey , hutch soda , and drugstore bottles. $100 for a drugstore from a Wyoming town I do not have. wcborton@msn.com Date: 2010-09-19 WANTED: Pennsylvania pontiled sodas, no Philadelphia or Pittsburgh please. Bug powder bottles and hinge mold patent medicines. l.grotz@verizon.net
WANTED: CHARLESTON, SC Medicine / Druggist Bottles = Especially Items from G.W. Aimar brownleg@bellsouth.net WANTED: I am looking for a milk bottle from Shughart's Dairy, Monmouth Illinois. It has a baby on the front of it. wsell@provied.net  Date: 2010-10-03
WANTED: STARS AND STRIPES BEER bottle, (flag logo) circa 1903 from WILLOW SPRINGS DISTILLING CO/WILLOW SPRINGS BOTTLING CO/WILLOW SPRINGS BREWING CO in Omaha NE. Thanks so very much.  lanamarlece@gmail.com  Date: 2010-10-14 WANTED: Milk bottles from Union Bridge, Maryland. Any examples / sizes considered. Also seeking any Pre prohibition Maryland town strap whiskey flasks. I am only looking to add to my collection. holdenrock@aol.com
WANTED: Fancy designs, unique shapes, embossed soda pop bottles from the 1920-30s. rogerhillusa@yahoo.com WANTED: Cumberland bottles of all kinds top dollar paid 301 724 0230 victorfew@yahoo.com
WANTED: Kreiss Brewery, beer bottle from Redwood City, California (comes in amber and green) - has a goat embossed on it. rogerhillusa@yahoo.com Date: 2010-10-30 WANTED: BOTTLES from the LINEVILLE BOTTLING COMPANY in LINEVILLE ALABAMA.Especially D D MITCHELL LINEVILLE ALABAMA. Top dollar paid. THANKS. cchsfans@aim.com Date: 2010-11-21
WANTED: Colored sodas from Georgia and SC - Ells & Son (Macon), Jones & Co. (Atlanta), E. D. Meyer (Augusta), John F. Meyer (Augusta), Knechtle (Hilton Head), black Steincke & Kornahrens (Charleston) thenewm@aol.com WANTED: One quart milk bottle from Ashtabula, Ohio W.E. Metcalf @ son thanks rsimon11@roadrunner.com Date: 2010-11-24
WANTED: Milk bottle from Willow Dairy, Seaford, NY. Thanks. herbybubble@aol.com Date: 2010-12-05 WANTED: Ellicott City, Maryland Bottles for personal collection!!! Also Oak Stock Farm-E.R. Dennis milk and Appleridge Farm Dairy-G.H.Wehland milk. h.waskey31@hotmail.com Date: 2010-12-08
WANTED: JACOB PABST PATTERSON, PA. or MIFFLIN, PA. Beer, Ale or Porter style bottle! GREEN or COBALT! GUARANTEED HIGHEST $$$$$ PRICE PAID $$$$$ SEE ME BEFORE U SELL!!!!! Thank You!! Charlie! genno62@aol.com Date: 2010-12-12 WANTED:Worth, IL Dairy Bottle Worth Dairy for the Worth Museum. Please email or call 708 448 7080 x 107 if you have one! Thanks cmcelroy@worthparkdistrict.org Date: 2010-12-13
WANTED: Milk bottle from Willow Springs Dairy, Ashtabula, Ohio thanks. rsimon11@roadrunner.com WANTED: Gary Owens strengthening bitters from new Orleans, LA in any condition as long as in one piece. Also O31 R/H old hickory celebrated stomach bitters /j. Grossman new Orleans, la & b70 r/h ben-hur celebrated stomach new Orleans, la in good cond thanks and happy digging please call 205-456-0563 joshuamd1981@hotmail.com
WANTED: Any information about a bottle marked Towle Maple Products Co. St Paul Minnesota St. Johnsbury, VT. smileyem12@aol.com  Date: 2010-12-31 WANTED: New Mexico crocks and jugs. Highest cash paid. Can have minor damage. vsmith@arc-a.org Date: 2011-01-07
WANTED: Bottles JACOB PABST PATTERSON, PA. Bottles from LEWISTOWN, PA. BOSSINGER beer bottles. Don't get taken! Talk to me for the VERY BEST price GUARANTEED!!! DON~T GET CROOKED OR TAKEN! genno62@aol.com Date: 2011-01-12 WANTED: Crocks Bottles Milk Medicine Soda Distiller Beer Adv. Allegany County Maryland Cumberland MD Westernport Frostburg Lonaconing Barton, Oldtown, Mt. Savage Luke or Piedmont WV 3017079399 mespoker68@yahoo.com 
Centlivre brewery bottles/cans Fort Wayne Indiana from blobs to crown tops and labeled bottles. French Lager, Excelsior, etc Centlivrebottles@yahoo.com Date: 2011-01-13 WANTED: St Louis and Illinois Bottles. Check out my wanted page thanks. http://www.intertek.net/~pmurfe/hutchsoda/THEO.html

hutchsoda@aol.com Date: 2011-01-17

WANTED: Durigg Milk Bottles from Bucyrus, Ohio. Contact me at josh.witherell@gmail.com Date: 2011-01-21 WANTED: Wm. Clouse Bellaire, Ohio; Geo. Reasbeck Bellaire, Ohio; Wheeling Blob top beers and sodas, Bellaire Ohio Hutchinson bottles. Steubenville, Ohio blob top beers and Hutchinson's. tchick52@netscape.net Date: 2011-02-15
WANTED: Milk bottles from Foley Lakes Ranch Dairy The Dalles,OR jsfoley2@yahoo.com WANTED: Lineville al hobbleskirt coke and d.d. Mitchell Lineville AL bottles. I need these 2 bottles to complete my collection. I will buy other lineville bootles and pay top dollar. I will also trade. worthydan@yahoo.com 2011-03-05

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